A fight against racism: The number one killer in Black America is self-defeating.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

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A fight against racism without addressing the number one killer in Black America is self-defeating.

Rochester, NY (July 6, 2020) – On July 4, 2020, The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York (FDFNY) in partnership with Students for Life of America painted the words: Black Preborn Lives Matter on the street in front of the entrance to PPH.

Peter Vazquez, President of the FDFNY says, “a fight against racism without addressing the number one killer in Black America is self-defeating. The pro-life community continues to be ignored by those in positions to effectuate change; for too long community and even some faith leaders have squandered

opportunities to focus on life, education and growth as a means to enrich our families and neighbors.”

In addition to painting, we paid tribute to Frederick Douglass as well as introduced the Emancipation Proclamation for the Pre-Born American - a call to action to community and faith leaders, asking them to include the Pre-Born American – especially the 3000/ per day Black Pre-Born Americans that lose their lives daily due to abortion – in their fight against racism.

Douglass said, in part (right here in Rochester), “God speed the hour, the glorious hour, When none on earth Shall exercise a lordly power, Nor in a tyrant's presence cower; But to all manhood's stature tower, By equal birth! That hour will come, to each, to all, And from his Prison-house, to thrall Go forth.”.

In the spirit of this great nation and all it stands for we at FDFNY have pledged to uphold the legacy of Frederick Douglass. We will leverage teachable moments whenever possible and work with the authorities and community leaders to help educate (and hold accountable when necessary). Our intent is to increase opportunities for conversation as we seek growth, understanding and unity.

For more information regarding FDFNY, please visit: www.fdfny.org. If you would like to know what we are doing nationally at FDF National, please visit: www.fdfnational.org



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