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Are these Vaxcines Trump’s Final Solution?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

For the last six years, we’ve heard the liberals call Donald Trump a Nazi at least a million times an hour. He’s blond haired, blue-eyed and German, and if he were a socialist gun-grabber and socialized wizard of medical tyranny like Hitler, he’d surely be the founder of the Fourth Reich. So, why not call Trump a Nazi?

Then, once the Democrats stole the election in the style of the Nazis or the communists, Pfizer and Moderna unleashed their vaxcines that were only allowed to be unleashed because Trump, like a Nazi, got rid of the FDA rules about approving a dangerous gene therapy without going through the three phases of FDA approval. He called it emergency-use-only approval.

Thing is, approval, due to emergency use only, is not anywhere near the same as FDA-approved. It just means the shot never made it to phase One trials because it never made it out of animal trials. Why? – because all the animals died.

So, the use of the vaxcines on humans under emergency use only rules is essentially phase One trials of FDA approval. Welcome to guinea pig status anyone who got vaxcinated. You might have gotten an ice cream cone or a cold piece of pizza, but you did not get the money normally afforded to those brave enough to subject themselves to the horrors and bodily upheaval caused by experimental gene therapy drugs.

Sure, most didn’t experience much, other than China-Virus symptoms for a few days after the shot, but because these vaxcinations never made it out of animal trials (the animals all died, in case you didn’t know), we have no idea what the long-term effects will be. Humans are likely able to fight the toxins longer than animals, but hey, the third shot is coming. If you can survive through the first two, let’s see what the third one does, then the fourth, the fifth… Eventually these shots will work, right? Pshaw.

So, let’s think about another aspect. When comrade Fauci funded the gain of function of the China Virus over in the Chinese bioweapons research facility, they added a spike protein to a SARS virus that would make the virus more easily able to communicate with the human cells. This spike protein made the SARS disease more communicable and more effective at infecting its victims. Its gain of function meant the bio-weapon was better at infecting and killing humans. That’s what Fauci wanted to make the SARS virus do – be better at killing us.

Essentially, they gave the SARS virus a cell phone that helped it to better connect itself to any human with which it came into contact. Consider the spike protein a cell phone.

Then they created a vaxcine to supposedly fight this newly man-created disease with its own cell phone. The first shot of this mRNA (messenger RNA) vaxcine injects into the body an artificial messenger RNA that tells the body to create spike proteins, the same spike protein they added to the virus to make it more effective.

No, they didn’t use the mRNA to get the body to create an actual part of the SARS disease that the antibodies from the immune response would learn to kill. Instead, they taught the body to create the spike protein that makes the virus more dangerous. Diabolical. Who would think that makes sense?

Now here’s where it gets absolutely sinister. They bought the patents for this vaxcine years ago. That would mean they bought the patents for a vaxcine that helps the body create an immune response to spike proteins instead of the disease itself, years before they’d perfected adding the spike proteins to the virus. Louder now: They bought the patent to the vaxcine before they even created the virus. In other words, they patented a vaxcine and then created the virus that would supposedly necessitate the use of the vaxcine. What kind of maniac finds it necessary to create diseases so he can make money off the already patented vaxcine? Fauci, the highest paid government employee is the kind of monster that does this. He did it. In order to make money off a vaxcine, he created a disease that was released to necessitate the use of the vaxcine while millions of humans in the world got sick or died. Your government at its best.

Then, let’s look at this gene therapy that the FDA has never approved. These mRNA shots do not come with a shut-off switch, meaning many people will continue to make the spike proteins until God knows when. These spike proteins are infesting themselves in ovaries, fat cells, testes, the brain and throughout the body. They are occasionally causing blood clots as well.

Now, what are the long-term effects on humans with bodies infested with dangerous spike proteins that viruses can use as communication devices? – I don’t know. But neither do the scientists.

Liberals love to say, they believe the science. What about when the science doesn’t have an answer? It has nothing to say other than lies without data to support these lies, but you believe the science. With that belief, you are out there mandating that intelligent people subject themselves voluntarily to the horrors and nightmares of Nazi poison in a syringe, even though we want nothing to do with these Nazi-like gene therapy experiments.

Since I’ve never obligated myself to pretend I’m stupid, you liberals are off your rockers. It is said that these spike proteins cause inflammation of the cells in the heart and the brain. In the heart, the cells do not get better and replace themselves. Instead, the inflammation leaves scar tissue, making the damage to the heart irreversible and thus death more imminent.

In the brain, it’s anyone’s guess, but from the way many of the vaxcinateds have become unthinking little totalitarian monsters demanding everyone else take the death shot with which they’ve dosed themselves, I’m thinking the damage to the brain isn’t fixable either. The inflammation is causing a “foggy headedness” in the vaxcinated that is similar to that experienced by those suffering from the China Virus. All the world needs now are a few billion foggy-headed lobster-in-the-pot totalitarian monsters. Call it Dawn of the Imminently Dead.

This brain-addled state also becomes evident in the form of the vaxcinateds’ complete inability to differentiate between the supposed artificial immunity from the vaxcine and the natural immunity from actually having had the disease. If these worshippers of the false god of science had learned anything about science, they’d know that natural immunity is better, superior and real. We never hear about people getting this disease twice – Natural immunity. Except those who got vaccinated after having survived the disease, weirdly enough, those people might get it twice. Either way, these vaccinated totalitarians with inflamed brain cells and damaged hearts are demanding those who’ve already had the disease take the Nazi-experiment in a syringe as well. You’ve lost your freakin’ minds nut jobs. Go find someone else to sacrifice to your angry impotent god of science. You don’t get to sacrifice me, you soulless fiends.

Now, why am I so sure these vaxcines are no better than the Nazi experiments of the 1940s? – Look at Israel. They got so excited about Donald Trump’s Nazi experimental drug therapy they forced themselves to take it or be unable to shop for groceries or drugs or go to the movie or eat at restaurants or even breathe in public. If the Book of Revelation hadn't been censored out of the Torah, they might not have made that mistake of forcing their own people to take something akin to the Mark of the Beast. The politicians in Israel, both Netanyahu and the new guy PM Naftali Douchebaggenstein became full-on fascists when it came to making their people get the Nazi’s gene therapy. Over 90% of the people got vaxcinated and guess what – they’re infected up to their eyeballs, filling up their hospitals and dying. Good job forced vaxcinators. You might have liquidated the Jews.

Listen to this video of PM Naftali Douchebaggenstien. He’s more fascist than Trump, who never even gave a crap if you got the vaxcine or not.

The new guy's the same as the old guy:

It’s so bad in Israel right now, our own State Department has warned, as of August 10, do not travel to Israel due to COVID-19. And now that America is treating the Jews like disease-riddled bubble boys, the Muslims of the world are all saying, “Told you the Jews were all diseased.” So much for “Never Again.”

If the vaxcines don’t help keep you out of the hospital when exposed the China Virus, maybe their success will be found in other areas.

One success is probably population control. Fertility clinics are finding the sperm and eggs of the vaxcinated completely dead, and then they soon find themselves scrubbed off the internet – weird. In other words, some of these spike-proteined folks will not be having babies anytime soon. The bloodlines of many of the vaxcinated will end with them. When these vaxcines are forced, this side effect is called forced sterilization. Good old Trump the Nazi, right? Might ought to have trusted your guts liberals. But at least you no longer have to pay for your own contraception. Why pay for something you don’t even need?

Or what about virus incubation? Ultimately, we will have billions of vaxcinateds running around with virus communicators infesting their bodies. For those who don’t die of a heart attack, brain damage or blood clots, what do you think these spike proteins are going to do? Eventually they’ll bore of trying to rally for the millionth failed blood-clot plot and try to find other viruses to latch onto. People have other viruses in their bodies all the time. There are cold viruses, herpes, genital warts (HPV), rabies, polio, hepatitis, HIV, smallpox, chickenpox, measles, flu, whatever. What if these spike proteins decide to latch on to these other viruses and decide to up and fund their own gain of function without Fauci’s millions of dollars? It only has to happen in one patient zero, and the world is suddenly infected with a whole different highly communicable disease. These vaxcines may turn humans into virus-incubators. Those in charge of global population control are salivating at the idea. Airborne herpes will be a side effect of having a conversation with a vaxcinated person.

All you trust-the-sciencers didn’t think about that one, did you?

Real scientists don’t automatically reproduce the conclusion that their paymasters require. They let the data lead them to the conclusion that only follows from the proper path of the scientific method. Regarding my thoughts on virus incubation, this is nothing more than my hypothesis. It hasn’t yet come to fruition that we know of, but neither has the passage of 5 years of being vaxcinated with these mRNA Nazi experiments. Only then will we have the long-term data. In five years, if you’re still alive, come talk to me. But make sure you cover your herpes-spreading mouth if you’re a vaxcinated virus incubator. Otherwise, get in your bubble and stay there.

Until then, keep your Nazi experiments away from me.

For the record, I don’t believe Trump was purposely trying to destroy the world with these vaxcines or that he is a Nazi – maybe because I’ve never been vaxcinated though. I believe that eliminating rules and regulations is his nature. It’s mine too. However, some rules and regulations make sense. Medical testing should not be skipped, especially for a dangerous gene therapy experiment that killed all the animals in the animal trials. That right there – it’s a bad omen. Proceed at your own risk, suckers.

However, regarding the ruthlessness of those in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical field, I cannot pretend they wouldn’t be happy to sacrifice humans on the altar of science. For a large portion of them, they are a godless bunch of baby-killing abortion loving atheists who’ve been drained of humanity in the Marxist institutions of higher “learning.” I trust very few of them.

Unshackling them from having to follow the rules of civilization will turn many of them into monstrous experimenters, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the days of Hitler and his pagan crew of Nazi doctors experimenting on the Jews and undesirables.

But then again, Trump was called a Nazi very often, and then the election was stolen from him. How do you get rid of the Jews and undesirables without having to commit genocide? – just trick them into taking a population control “medicine” they think they need to take in order to stay alive. If these vaxcines really worked, why would all those in Israel be so sick and dying? After spending the last 75 years telling us, “Never again,” what if the Jews ended up eradicating themselves? Without listening to what God was telling them, they believed the science. As Homer Simpson would say, “Smrt.”

For me, writing this was hard. If I’m right, the part of the world that took the Nazi experiment is in the process of dying, and that includes some of my family and friends. Sorry guys. Nevertheless, it’s what I believe. If I didn’t, I’d be willing to take the vaxcine. I’m not. I’d sooner lose my job, pull my kids from school and go off the grid than take this vaxcine from which many will never recover and from which many have already died. That is what I believe. That is what many of us believe. The globalists are just training you to take the Mark of the Beast. You can go to hell – I’m not following you. Of course, I mean that in the good Christian way.

You people trying to shame us into giving up our God-given rights need to step off and go figure out how you’re going to make it through the coming turmoil. You’ve willingly taken poison from Nazis. You’ve got your own problems. Forget about mine.

I will not join you. I will not forsake my God for your false god of science. Furthermore, I consider forced vaxcination no different than attempted murder or genocide. A man trying to shoot me with a vaxcine is just as murderous as a man trying to shoot me with a gun. If you argue that the government needs to force me to vaxcinate, understand that I consider that an argument that the government should kill me. I do not take kindly to your argument and will not forget that you made it.

For those of you who are vaxcinated but don’t give a crap that I’m not, you and I are good. I wish you well. But for those of you who think I’m being hyperbolic and doubt the turmoil to come, go and try to buy ammo or a good semi-automatic rifle. Demand has obliterated Supply – I know you Marxist vaxcine Nazis might not understand the concept, but the Law of Supply and Demand can never be broken. All other laws become negotiable when the population is well armed. Thus, turmoil.

Be careful about who you turn into enemies. Civilization is being split between those willing to submit and those who understand that government has no right to strip us of our God-given rights. Those of us who will never be vaxcinated don’t have the foggy headedness it takes to forget what you’ve said, written or proclaimed.

With liberty or death on the table, I choose liberty. The rest of you can suck it.

Matthew 10:34-38 – A little reminder for those whose unshakable faith in science is so strong they ignore the truths they see with their own eyes.

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.
37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

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