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Bill Cleveland, The FDFVA In DC w/Partners

In partnership with the Frederick Douglass Foundation through Retired Capitol Police Officer Bill Cleveland, The Truth In The Spirit and the Invitation Movement facilitated a Memorial Gathering and Healing Circle on Saturday, June 12th, 2021 from 10am to 1pm at Lincoln Park in Washington, DC.

These gatherings served to invite God's Presence into our Nation's Capital, as we rededicated the United States to God.

We began at the Museum of the Bible on Friday, June 11th, to gain a greater understanding of the influence the Bible has had on our nation's capital so that we might agree in prayer with that which has been established for centuries

We listed names on a Memorial Banner and prayed for God to address bloodshed in our nation's capital. We also addressed atrocities against First Nations who were the original stewards of the land in the DC area, and we listed the names of those tribes on our Memorial Banner, as we prayed for God to forgive this nation for broken covenants with Native Americans.

During our Healing Circle, Rev. Debra Baisley--a Native American minister of the Gospel--shared her testimony, and we prayed for First Nations to be healed, restored, and brought into faith in the God of the Bible. Additionally, we prayed for the descendants of African American slaves and true freedom and unity in this nation.

We also prayed for Washington, DC, our national leaders, and the United States of America, inviting God to turn this nation back to Himself, starting with Washington, DC. For more information about this movement, visit

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