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Congratulations Sasha Johnson and BLM

When I first heard that Sasha Johnson was shot in the head, I felt bad. She’s a member of the New Black Panther Party UK and Black Lives Matter Oxford. “That’s terrible,” my former naïve self thought.

However, when I found out she was shot by a bunch of young black men running around with guns and not at the hand of a white cop, I realized it was actually racist to care. You see, the goal of Sasha Johnson and the BLM’s Defund the Police movement is to make sure cops leave black people alone and quit killing them when they’re in the middle of killing other people, most of which are black. Ya know, black on black crime – BLM doesn’t care about those victims and considers it racist to even mention them.

Caring about which black man shot Sasha Johnson is like caring about black babies slaughtered by Democrats at their abortion mills. Some black lives don’t matter. Only the ones being persecuted by white cops for committing crime – those are the black lives that matter. And that includes all these black guys that shot Sasha Johnson, bless their hearts.

Think about it. If those good black men with guns had been shot down by white cops while in the process of shooting Sasha Johnson, cities across the world would deserve to burn, especially in the black neighborhoods where BLM does its rioting for justice. Like when that one black chick got shot by the white cop before she stabbed the little girl black chick – white po po are always throwing flags on the play, forcing BLM to burn their cities.

Luckily, that didn’t happen here. Cops have learned their lesson. If a black man is in the process of killing another black man or woman, cops had better step off or cities burn. ‘Bout time they get that in their head.

So, congratulations to Sasha Johnson and BLM are due. I no longer feel any sympathy when black BLM supporters are killed by other blacks simply because the white cops got defunded or disinterested. I now see that it is exactly what they’ve been burning our cities for – the right to do black on black crime without all those judgey white cops getting in the way.

And congrats to Sasha for getting verification that her labors have not been in vain, even as that quick and solid verification came in the form of a bullet to her head. Nothing comes quicker than a bullet to the head, and that’s some seriously speedy societal progressiveness. Progressives of the world, unite and rejoice.

Yes, I feel less racist now that I understand that those good black shooters needed to be left alone, because their black lives matter. Sasha almost got to die for what she believes in. Good on her. The world sure could use a lot more bulletheads like her.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that racist cops have now arrested 5 black men in connection with the shooting of black woman Sasha Johnson. This is a terrible injustice and an affront to the BLM movement everywhere. Free these good black men and pay them reparations for their time you wasted, or watch your black neighborhoods burn. In the name of Sasha Johnson, let her people go.

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