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COVID-19 “vaccines” are a Left-Wing Conspiracy Theory

Updated: May 27, 2021

We can now conclude that the Democrats colluded with China in order to destroy our economy, “defeat” Donald Trump and liquidate hundreds of thousands of Americans. With the revelation that the unlicensed Doctor Fauci and the National Institute of Health funneled taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan bioweapons lab in China to increase “gain of function” by genetically engineering the Chinese SARS respiratory disease into COVID-19, it’s incontrovertible.

As sure as I am that the Russians didn’t collude against Hillary, the most communist candidate for President since Obama, I am sure the Chinese colluded with the Democrats to nudge our country towards socialism. Because, as V. I. Lenin, hero of the greentards whose earthday is on his birthday, often said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

The gain of function funding from Fauci is key. Fauci and his billionaire eugenics buddies like Bill Gates bought the patents for the COVID vaccine more than five years ago, hoping to create a vaccine for what? – to vaccinate against a disease that doesn’t exist? No, to vaccinate against a disease they were developing to be more contagious through NIH gain-of-function funding of the Wuhan bioweapons lab. Duh. Build the disease and make billions from selling the “vaccine.”

Bill Gates said that vaccines were his best investment ever. He estimated his $10 billion dollar investment would yield a return of $200 billion. This is a guy who couldn’t vaccinate his own computer operating systems against viruses, but I’m supposed to jump at the chance to take one of his supposed “vaccines,” even though he bragged about how vaccines would be used to lower the population of the world or the population growth of the world (not clear from his statement) by 20%. Yeah right.

There are only three ways a vaccine can help cut the growth of population. One, it can kill those who take it. These experimental gene-therapy mRNA “vaccines” have killed more people than all other vaccines in the last 20 years combined, but that’s not enough. Second, they can kill off the immunity system of their victims by creating an autoimmune issue after taking over the function of the victim’s DNA and causing the DNA to lose interest in this function (that of creating an immune response to malicious viral invasions). These people get to die later. And third, by causing sterilization in the victim. If up to 25% of all the girls and boys who took the Gardasil vaccination against genital warts that might cause cancer end up sterilized, how hard is it to imagine they’ve figured out how to sterilize the population with “vaccines?”

But, the peanut gallery that seems incapable of believing eugenicists might want to control the population are screaming at me – What makes you think the vaccines are dangerous?

Let Me List Some Ways:

1. They’re free. The government is giving them to you for free. The pharmaceutical companies have tricked the government into covering them. If they were any good, wouldn’t you expect to have to cough up some money instead of blood?

2. They’re not FDA approved – only for “Emergency Use Only,” meaning, if you take the shot and die, your family can’t sue the pharmaceutical companies. These are still in experimental phases, which will last at least another 2.5 years. You volunteered to be an experiment, and if you die, it was your fault that you didn’t read the fine print.

3. The pharmaceutical companies are relieved of liability. People die, and no one cares. In fact, the liberal media (part of the Democrat Party that’s colluding with China) does everything it can to hide the VAERS reporting system from unsuspecting vaccine victims. Guess what, you’re not the only one to pass out, to get Bell Palsy, to go into seizures, to stroke out, to go into a coma, to get sicker than a dog, or to have to spend the rest of your life inside a bubble dodging infections because your immunity system is about as tough as a cis-genderless democrat who can’t stop whining about his period cramps. Men – we don’t make ‘em like we used to.

4. In the run up to the rollout of these experimental gene therapy “vaccines,” they outlawed the legitimate treatments of COVID-19, such as HCQ and Zinc or Ivermectin. They are allowing vaccines that aren’t even FDA approved to be given to newborn babies and pregnant women (many of which are miscarrying), but they won’t allow emergency use of drugs that have been FDA approved for decades and are taken like candy in Africa where Malaria is an issue? Think about that. The government let hundreds of thousands of people die without treatment because they were unfortunate enough to have gotten the disease with comorbidities before they could be “vaccinated.” Don’t tell me our government gives a crap about life, especially when it will do anything it can to keep the dead fetuses coming so they can attach dead-fetus scalps to mice. By the way, Fauci funded that too. Yeah, the guy’s a real winner.

5. Like abortions, they want to give the vaccines to blacks first. Total eugenicist move. If the things are any good at killing people, let them kill the blacks first. That way, whites can remain supreme. Oldest story in the book. And if they only kill off fertility, then the black people will maybe stop breeding like, well, black people. These left-wing conspiracy theorists are the same tinfoil-hat-wearing turd herders that tell us that right wingers are the racists. Hah.

6. These vaccines didn’t go through animal studies. Actually, they started the trials, but the animals all died.

7. Moderna’s stock symbol is MRNA. They’ve never created an approved vaccine, but they used the letters of the experimental mRNA platform to describe their whole brave-new-world operation. Nothing weird about trusting a mere Research and Development outfit with no successes whatsoever. Their experimental treatments killed all the animals, but let’s pretend it’s safer on humans and force everyone to take it.

8. When Johnson and Johnson’s non-mRNA vaccine killed one persona and made 6 sick, China Joe Biden and the Democrats restricted it’s use in hopes that people would stick with the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA “vaccines.” The mRNA vaccines have killed nearly 30,000 people worldwide, but Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine was too experimental after one killing. I didn’t take Common Core Math, so maybe I’m missing something.

9. You have to be worried about Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which may mean the immune response would turn into a trojan horse and speed up infection. This is from the Salk Institute named after the guy who invented the polio vaccine. In his day, a vaccine meant you take it once and never get the disease.

10. If you take these “vaccines” you still might get and transmit COVID-19. On top of that, you will probably have to take another one every year. They didn’t even try to come up with something useful, unless, that is, they had another use in mind.

11. Why won’t Japan allow blood donations from those who’ve been vaccinated? Factcheck dot org tells us this is a lie, but factcheck dot org is a part of fake media – so who do you believe? – Japan, where they have some good scientists or the liberal media where they have a lot of experienced liars?

12. They are trying to force teenagers and children to take these “vaccines” or not get educated. This is absurd though because the death rate of teens from COVID is one third the death rate of teens getting the vaccine. Get that? They will kill three teens with the “vaccines” to save one from death by COVID. The “vaccines” are causing heart inflammation and blood clots in teens. I know that most liberals won’t understand this, but for those who aren’t mathematically handicapped, with math like that, there must be another reason they want kids to risk heart inflammation, blood clots, strokes and seizures – might it be sterilization? What other unspoken reason would allow these supposed government scientists to look at us with a straight face and tell us that children “need” this vaccine? Email me your answers to mack@mackrights.com . I’m serious and curious. What kind of nonsense can the mentally deranged tinfoiled hatters come up with for me? Seriously, offer me anything that won’t make me laugh. I’ll debunk the crap out anything you throw at me, or I’ll eat crow.

12a. As well, they are requiring those people who've already had the China Virus to get a "vaccine," even though they already have natural immunity. It's worse than that. People who get the shot after having recovered from the Chinese disease are actually 2 to 3 times as likely to have adverse reactions to the injection of unneeded fake mRNA into their blood stream.

13. You will get free uber rides to a “vaccine” location. Who, in their right mind, believes uber has the money to give free rides to people to get shots? What nefarious force is paying for your free ride to a free “vaccine?” There’s just something wrong with getting into a vehicle driven by someone you don’t know and paid for by someone who remains anonymous to take you to get experimented on like a guinea pig. If that doesn’t sound weird, it’s too late for you – take the shot – the eugenicists were right, we need to improve the gene pool.

14. They’re telling you, through their brain-dead mouthpiece China Joe Biden, “Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. You’re choice.” I don’t wear masks and haven’t the whole time, unless I absolutely had to in order to get a slice of pizza or something. Nonetheless, they are telling people they have to take the shot, which is experimental to the 10th degree, or wear a mask. Those people who wear masks are breathing in too much Carbon Dioxide and not enough Oxygen – so bad that it violates OSHA standards. These same tin-foil-hat mask-nazi liberals are the ones that tell us Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant when it comes to global warming. They want you to breath what they consider a pollutant instead of oxygen until you take their experimental “vaccine.” Huh. Keep in mind, the carbon in Carbon Dioxide is the foundation of life. By calling it a pollutant, they already have declared “life” to be the enemy of earth, the giant dirtball they worship. They will gladly have you slowly suffocate your brain and stupefy yourself until you take their experimental gene therapy shot. Why? – is it because they think this will help you increase the rate at which you procreate and make more carbon foot-printing babies? Take the mask off, oxygenate your brain and think about that one.

Why would tin-foil hat people, who think humans are destroying the planet, go out of their way to make sure more humans were born to continue the process of destroying the planet? Isn’t it more likely that they’d collude with the country that is better than any other country at liquidating people – you know, China? China has slaughtered more humans in their concentration camps than the Soviet Union, Russia, Nazi Germany, Vietnam, Cambodia and Canada combined. They’ve aborted more humans than most countries have citizens. Don’t hit a girl? – Shoot, when China finds a baby girl in a woman’s womb, they put an ice pick in her forehead, and then they feed her dead body to the dogs to be fattened before slaughter. In China, there are very few brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles. They were all killed in the abortion-mill death camps. If you’re a Democrat, your party is colluding with China, and the mask you’re wearing in fear of something made in China is just making you Dumb and Dumberer by depriving your brain of oxygen.

And the absolute number one reason we know the Democrats colluded in the making of this disease is that it has lasted for more than a year. Nothing made in China, without the help of American ingenuity, lasts more than a year. Look around your house. All that throwaway stuff made in China is just crap, and you know it. This disease and “vaccine” rollout have the fingerprints of some sick and demented American Democrat Eugenicists all over it. These liberal conspiracy theorists are going to have to come up with something a whole-lot-less obvious if they think I’m going to join them wearing a tinfoil hat and a mask.

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