• Mack Rights

Democrats are the Fascists Now

History repeats itself over and over. Just as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers funded the Bolshevik Revolution, they also funded the rise of Nazism.

In Nazi Germany, one of Hitler's first orders was to defund and eliminate the police. That way, they wouldn't mess with the Brown Shirts who were rioting, burning things down, and beating and killing citizens in order to force them to vote for Nazis.

This is happening now in America, except they want you to vote for Democrats. The money is coming through George Soros, a former Jewish Nazi with ties to the Rothschilds, who is funding BLM and Antifa. Democrat Huey Long was right when he said that fascism would come to America in the form of an anti-fascism movement.

Democrats are the fascists now. Heh. Look in the mirror Nazis. You might some day find a swastika on your forehead.

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