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FDF New York Finally Gets Bill Reilich to Fall on his Sword

It's been a long and hard war for the heart of the Republican Party here in Monroe County, but as far as Bill Reilich goes, the witch is dead. Not literally of course, but he has stepped down as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Monroe County. Granted, we don't know why the backroom deals went down, but his corruption has obviously caught up with him. His backroom deals to let the Democrats have their way with the city in order to get control of the county levers of power are over. His ungodly habit of telling conservatives to sit down and shut up is no longer relevant.

Granted, his predecessor might be just as bad, but he has a choice. If he'd like to make the Monroe County Republican Party a powerhouse big enough to crush the Democrats and their incessant willingness to ignore the needs of inner-city voters in order to keep the system corrupt and able to be grifted, he can reach out to the conservative voters. Start with the FDFNY.

Sure, maybe he doesn't owe us anything for sitting on the sidelines for so long as Reilich ran the party as if Lovely Warren were pulling his strings, but if he'd like his retirement from this job to be written about more kindly than Reilich's "retirement" (more like forced retirement), then he will reach out to the long ignored but strongly principled conservatives. Without the direction and voice of the conservatives, the Republican Party is as crazy as a pay-phone salesman in the age of the mobile phone.

So, we at the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York, welcome Reilich's predecessor to reach out and make peace at the same time we celebrate Reilich's demise.

For kicks, here is the open letter to the Monroe County GOP from February of 2015 calling for Reilich's ouster. It took a long time, but that is no reason not to celebrate while reading this old letter just for kicks and giggles. Enjoy.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York
An Open Letter to Monroe County Republican Leaders and Anyone who’s Sick of the Corruption
January 2, 2015
About a month ago, Republican leaders, elected officials and petition passers received an anonymous letter outlining several issues that freedom-loving Republicans in the Rochester area despise about our out-of-control County Chairman Bill Reilich, who runs our once beloved Republican Party as a farm team for the Democrats.
The anonymous letter from the Coalition of Republican Leaders listed exhibits A to I, each showing another instance of alleged betrayal to the cause of the Republican Party. For those who haven’t read this letter, here’s a brief synopsis.
Reilich allegedly failed to support Republican opponents of Congressman Louise “Baby” Slaughter, the dark mistress of unrestrained baby slaughter in the abortion death chambers of every inner city in America. He even apparently “criticized, ridiculed and disparaged Mark” Assini, who came a few hundred votes away from defeating our Congressional Queen of Darkness, before making sure no help was given to Assini. Allegedly, he even gave support and encouragement to then candidate-for-mayor Lovely Warren, before telling all those Republicans who wanted to run against her to stand down. A Republican Party that doesn’t even try, cannot win. It’s obvious to you and me, but not apparently to our Chairman.
The anonymous letter we received even suggested that Reilich was required to leave Albany due to shenanigans having to do with Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission Investigation- details of which are being withheld from the public because apparently they’re too damaging to too many elected officials. Without saying for sure, it appears that Cuomo has something on Reilich, and, in order to keep that from the public, Reilich has made a deal to let the Democrats get what they want. Whether that’s how it went down or not, that’s the way it looks.
Reilich also allegedly failed to support Rob Astorino for governor. There’s only two reasons for not supporting Andy Cuomo’s opponent. Either Cuomo has something on you, or you’re a closeted Democrat. Either way, Reilich needs to go. In addition to that, it appears that, in exchange for helping the Democrats, a number of Republican candidates in Greece ran unopposed because the Democrats stood down in Reilich’s town. Yeah, because that happens all the time without a backroom deal.
The anonymous letter from this group of Monroe County Republicans also mentioned a little about what went on with Republican Assembly Candidate Peterson Vazquez’s race against radical liberal Harry Bronson. Peterson Vazquez is a member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, and we worked hard to get him elected. We know firsthand the efforts of Bill Reilich to destroy Peterson’s candidacy. Apparently, the last thing Reilich wanted was to be seen by his Democrat-Party overlords supporting a conservative Puerto Rican Christian against a godless liberal heathen sponsor of every piece of pro-degenerate legislation the fires of hell can forge.
In case you didn’t follow our earlier coverage of the joke that Reilich’s Monroe County GOP has become, Reilich allegedly forced Vazquez’s first campaign chairman to pass petitions to get Andrew Cuomo and Vazquez’s opponent Harry Bronson on the Independence Party line. Vazquez had to let her go after she tried and failed to get out of having to pass those petitions.
Furthermore, when Peterson’s campaign turned their own petitions to get on the Independence Party line into the county board of elections, Peter Quinn and the board of election member of Peterson’s campaign both failed to tell the campaign about a small aspect missing on the petitions. The petitions were thrown out because of a small technicality. This may have been an honest mistake, but the campaign was already aware that people had felt that their county jobs were being threatened if they helped get Peterson elected. Coincidence is the explanation of a lazy mind.
Now, we’ve recently heard that Bill Reilich has called for a special election to replace Peter Quinn at the Board of Elections. Allegedly, Reilich hasn’t even told anyone whom he wants leaders to vote for. It’s as if Reilich has seen Quinn’s early retirement as an opportunity to put a slick loyalist in control of the board of elections. And of course he refuses to tell everyone about whom he wants to take over until right before everyone’s required to vote. That’s not the definition of political transparency.
Stop it, and stop it now. The Republican Party is run by an egomaniac who has done everything he can to alienate a significant portion of the Republican Party and Independents who’d love to become Republicans if the party wasn’t so obviously despicable and corrupt. At the Frederick Douglass Foundation, we know what conservatives think of the party under Reilich. As well, there are many conservative-minded minorities in the city that would love- just absolutely love it if the Republican Party would be willing to reach out to them.
However, Reilich’s alleged deal with the Democrats precludes the party’s ability to actually reach out to conservative minorities. The Frederick Douglass Foundation is the largest Christ-centered, multi-ethnic and Republican ministry in America. We are the liaison between the Republican Party and disaffected minorities who would love an alternative to the Democrat Party- the only party that actually shows up. Bill Reilich has repeatedly refused to even speak with us and give us seat at the table.
For this reason, when those disaffected minorities in the inner city say to us, as they very often do: “Well, if the Republican Party is so great, where are they?”- we don’t have an answer that doesn’t involve admitting that we despise our leaders as much as most minorities despise Republicans.
We need a Republican Party that doesn’t despise and work to destroy its conservative base. With all of this evidence mounting, it is apparent that, under Reilich, the Monroe County GOP collaborates with the Democrats in order to destroy the part of its base that would be the most politically active and enthusiastic about helping Republicans get elected. It’s as illogical as a runner chopping off his own leg on the morning of the big race.
Sure we do not know all those involved in putting the anonymous letter together, but we do think that at least some of them are on the inside and that there is enough disaffection for Reilich that it doesn’t matter. Reilich’s on the ropes, and it’s time to knock him out. There are more people with stories that need to be heard. So speak up.
Let me quote the great Barry Goldwater for the billionth time: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”
No one remembers the elected official who sat down and shut up when he was needed. No one gives a care about the cowardly politician who refused to answer the call. No one wants to hear the war story of the guy whose answer is “nothing” to the question: “What did you do during the war?” It’s time to stand up. Voters will however remember the group of principled Republicans who started a movement to get rid of costly regulations and rotten laws that only seek to turn good citizens into criminals. That’s the Freedom Agenda we need- fight the collaborating establishment’s status quo and stand up for American ideals.
For those sitting on the fence, here’s your choice. You can speak up and lose the support of Bill Reilich, or you can remain silent and suffer the voters’ revenge for your collaboration with Reilich once he’s been deposed. His day is coming. Is yours coming as well?
To see a copy of the letter from the anonymous writers, please go to our website at There is a link to a pdf copy of the letter.
The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York
Loved and Hated, but Never Ignored

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