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Force Vaccination is anti-liberty

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

By Ayesha Kreutz

Where there is Risk there Must Be Choice

We must endeavor to cultivate a political, social, and economic climate that upholds every citizen’s civil liberties.

The covid-19 pandemic has presented us with another battle to uphold our civil rights. We have seen time and time again how, in the name of science, black, brown, disabled, senior, and poor communities have been used as experimental subjects. This is a practice that should be abhorred. We appreciate those who willingly and without coercion freely enter into being test subjects.

The right to bodily autonomy under vaccine distribution is a basic liberty to any free people. No vaccine should be mandated on afree people. Where there is risk there must be choice. It is even more deceptive to try and mandate a vaccine that has not been thoroughly tested, is experimental, is liable to have adverse effects, and does not have long term data associated with it readily available for test subjects to consider before making themselves guinea pigs.

At Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York, we will uphold our communities right to informed consent.

These experimental vaccines alter or force edit the mRNA of their subjects. Since the mRNA is part of God’s blueprints for each unique human, altering these blueprints can to some be akin to blasphemy. What are the long-term effects of humans altering the mRNA? What are the side effects of humans editing the RNA vs the body doing it?

The pharmaceutical companies have been given the right to test this vaccine on us without the chance of being sued when adverse reactions result in death, stroke, palsy, heart attack or any of the other side effects yet to be experienced. There is no recourse.

We can tip out hats to those that willingly subject themselves to the unknown

in this global experiment.

We contend they have that right just as those who do not wish to take part in the unknown risk have that right. Those with reservations about altering God’s human blueprints for us should have every right to sit this one out without being denied our right to travel, to work, and to associate with others. If the vaccine is a vaccine at all, those who’ve taken it will be protected.

Those who would rather risk getting the disease than willingly allow scientists to manipulate the mRNA should have that right.

Denying that right is nothing more than a violation of the 1st Amendment protections against the state’s imposition of religion of science. No one should be forced to take a vaccine. No one should be forced to take a “vaccine” that has no guarantees and that comes with the suggestion that men should freeze their sperm first because there’s no guarantee they won’t become sterile. And no man should be forced to take a vaccine that the CEO of the company is not allowed to take for the company’s fear that the CEO is too important to be a guinea pig for the experiment that hasn’t been tested widely enough or for long enough to know the ultimate adverse reactions that may result.

With those things considered, we maintain that people have a right to

decline the vaccine and demand that our civil rights not be rescinded for declining the vaccine. We have every right to be willing to subject ourselves to this Chinese Flu as those willing to subject themselves to unknown effects of heroin, crack, alcohol, cancer treatments or getting an experimental shot with potential horrors or cure.

Give everyone all the information and let them choose. Do not manipulate or experiment on people as the government has been known to do. For example: The Tuskegee syphilis experiment.

To those getting vaccinated: Good luck, we wish you well.

To those who refuse: Good luck, we wish you well.

Whichever you choose, remember to leave the rest of us alone.

Live and Let Live

My Body My Choice

Where there is Risk there Must Be Choice

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