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Forget about Gun Control, How about Voter Control?

In the wake of the mass shootings that occurred in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, it’s time to consider some common-sense gun reforms. Forget about gun control, how about voter control? Ban abortion, not guns. Hear me out.

Those are the slogans we should be slinging at these whack-job leftists every time they call for banning guns simply because some Democrat Voter shot up a bunch of people. The Democrat Party is so bereft of decency and the ability to think rationally that they get excited whenever Americans are slaughtered by some Democrat Voter-with-a-gun “gone wrong.” Sorry libs, you are pathetic.

All these mass murderers are being performed, for the benefit of the Democrat Party, by Democrat voters. The Democrats want to take our guns so they can turn our national sovereignty over to the globalists trying to usher in a one-world government to be ruled by the anti-Christ, whom these Jesus haters will consider their messiah. Anyone who denies that is in on the scam or just another tree-worshipping stooge produced by the government-run school system. Yay for the left side of the bell curve- someone needs to vote Democrat. Either that or you’re evil – you choose.

So, in order to raise up these angry liberal pro-choice mass shooters, the Democrats teach them that there is no equality without the right to kill unborn babies. The Democrat Party then makes money off the spilling of innocent blood and tells these liberal children it’s a must. “Get knocked up and kill that baby. It’s good for equality.” Now, they’re legalizing post-birth abortions across the fruity plane. The whole NY State Assembly and Senate got up and cheered the moment they passed legislation to kill abortion survivors in the name of equality and keeping the Planned-Parenthood blood money flowing. I hadn’t seen liberals that happy since the celebration of Satan’s rape of Rosemary on the liberal pedophile’s movie Rosemary’s Baby. Blood money is the best money when you’re a Democrat.

That’s what these kids are taught: It is noble to kill the innocent and imperative if you believe in equality. Women can’t be equal if, as Obama described it, they have to be “punished with a baby” every time they get knocked up.

So, if these Democrats are teaching children about the glories of slaughtering babies, how can they be surprised when these children go off and perform mass post-birth abortions in order to give the Democrats some cover in the news cycle and an opportunity to smear good law-abiding gun owners?

Don’t think for a second that these two mass shootings didn’t happen at this time so that the Democrats wouldn’t have to suffer a Sunday-news show session of: “What the heck was that debate all about? We are screwed. None of these Democrats has a prayer against Trump. They’re morons. All they talk about is giving everybody everything for free and making good Americans pay for it. Yeah, of course they want to give the illegal aliens even more than they do Americans, but that’s just because they are compassionate… And they hate Americans.”

The shootings also served to hide the fact that Julian Assange was presumed innocent in regards to posting the Hillary emails, which didn’t come from Russia. Here it is: “Judge dismisses DNC lawsuit - US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks.”

Didn’t hear that? Huh. Maybe it was because the media was covering the missing 18 billion dollars that Obama gave to Elijah Cummings and Baltimore that went missing. Maybe Elijah Cummings spent it on the breeding of rats. Oh wait, that story was dropped too. 18 billion dollars of taxpayer money run through Democrat-party-money-laundering schemes while black people wallow in squalor competing with test-tube rats for discarded food morsels, and Trump’s a racist for pointing it out.

The media instead had to talk about the powerful powers of the bad orange-faced white supremacist Donald Trump who is somehow channeling so much hate that Democrat voters are mind-controlled into to performing mass-post-birth abortions in public places with evil guns, you know, because of Trump’s hate, guns commit crime, and Democrats can’t be held responsible for their own actions when it comes the being seduced by guns.

But the peanut gallery wants to chime in with a, “You’re crazy. That guy in El Paso was a Republican.” No he wasn’t. The leftists were actually caught changing his “MyLife” profile two times that night. We have the screen shots. First they changed him from Democrat to Republican. Then they made him a Republican member of Qanon. But if you read his manifesto, which the libs have done much to hide, he’s a total liberal environmentalist whacko raised up to hate America by the libs.

The peanut gallery isn’t yet ready to shut up, “He killed Hispanics because Trump taught him to hate illegal immigrants.” Let’s do some thinking-man’s thinking here. The Mexican President is going to sue America because 8 Mexican Nationalists were killed in El Paso by the mass-post-birth abortionist in the name of Trump. 22 people were killed in El Paso, which is on the border of Mexican hellhole Juarez. El Paso is 80% Hispanic. Only 8 of 22 dead were Mexican nationals. That’s 36%. If this guy had set out to kill Mexicans, which, in El Paso, is like shooting fish in a barrel, he must be the absolute worst.

Look at those numbers. That’s embarrassing. A blind guy with an AR15 would have gotten a larger percentage of Mexicans than 36%. Sure, maybe more of the dead were Hispanic, but for some reason, the Mexican government only cares about 8 of them. Hmm. Does that mean he’s a Mexican Supremacist who only believes that the death of Mexicans matters? At least Trump cares about all the dead, regardless of national origin.

Now, if this killer was still a white supremacist set on killing Mexicans, even though he sucked at doing so, that still means he’s a Democrat. We Republicans have had nothing but the best interest of Mexicans in our pleas that they stop coming here. We can’t protect them from violent Democrats with guns. Nor can we keep them out of what AOCortez calls the “concentration camps” that Obama created. Trump is required by the courts to put them in concentration camps according to the will of Obama. For their own good and safety, Mexicans should stay in Mexico. It’s not safe here. Being shot and dissolved by the cartel is much more humane than sitting in an American concentration camp. But that’s another story. AOCortez will tell you about it.

Regardless, maybe the rumors that this shooter was autistic and didn’t actually post “his” manifesto at 8chan himself are true. Some that knew him say he wouldn’t have even been able to write it. The head of the 8chan site, which was taken down and blacklisted for doing what Facebook and Twitter do all the time- allowing manifestos to be posted randomly by those who post them- said the manifesto wasn’t even posted until after the Democrat had already killed all those people. Time will tell. I don’t know the truth there. The Democrats are obviously behind some shenanigans.

Not so much with the other mass-abortionist though. The guy in Dayton was a self-described pro-Satan leftist who liked Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. He was also in a “pornogrind” band that sang about killing and raping women. Then he killed his sister first. Not really a good church-going boy, but it’s obviously Trump’s fault. This leftist Democrat killed a bunch of black people, and the Democrats blame God-fearing and law-abiding gun owners who voted for Trump.

What a joke. These mass-post-birth-abortionists are pro-Choice Democrats who’ve been raised by Democrats to think that spilling the blood of the innocent is noble if it helps further the cause of Democrat-Party politics. They are not good pro-lifers by any means. They chose to deal death to the innocent. A pro-life Republican has chosen life, and wouldn’t do this. Slaughtering the innocent is a sacrament of the Demoncrat Party. Not the Republican Party. That’s why they want to give felonious murders the right to vote again. Most killers are Democrats. Duh.

So, if all these Democrats really care about halting these mass-post-birth-abortion shootings, they need to get on board with the Jesus freaks and ban abortion. Only then will they be able to even begin to control their own voters. Like I said. How about a little voter Control?

That might sound a little insensitive, but it would be a big help if the Democrats could get their voters under control. It will never happen though. The whole Democrat machine is about trading the blood of the innocent for more power and campaign contributions (think abortion, aborted-baby-body parts, mass shootings, the drug trade, the sex-slave movement, the porn and child-porn industry). The Democrats have never met a violation of God’s law they couldn’t make money from. Sin is their commodity, and they have a monopoly on the market.

Expect more mass-post-birth abortions at the hands of Democrats in the near future. Once Dan Coats is gone on the 15th, declassification happens. Add that to the coming Epstein files, and we will all see that the Democrat Party is nothing but a front for the global sex-slave and extortion ring.

All you Democrat voters who wonder why you have to believe such stupid things in order to be in the Democrat Party, wait until you see how many of your leaders are nothing more than extorted stooges who have been caught on film having sex with underage children. Those who scream loudest have the most to hide (Pedowood). The truth is coming, and these mass shootings will continue as a distraction so the media doesn’t have to report it. Be wary and stay alert. A mindless Democrat with a gun is a terrible piece of waste. Cough, cough Tommy, Lee cough, cough.


Here’s an idea I’d love Donald Trump to steal. Make everyone happy. The Democrats want guns taken away, and the Republicans don’t. Make everyone happy. Take the guns from Democrats and prevent registered Democrats from buying guns in the future. They’ve made it very obvious that too many Democrats aren’t emotionally responsible enough to own guns. Do the same thing with taxes. Democrats want them raised, Republicans want them lowered, and Independents don’t know what they want. Raise taxes on all registered Democrats, regardless of income, cut them on Republicans by the same percentage and then raise them on Independents by half the percentage. That’s how a president of the people makes compromises. Now that’s some gun control and tax policy I can get behind.

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