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Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat: Fortune Favors the Bold

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat - Fortune Favors the Bold

By Emily Foster

Today on January 11th, 2021, I find myself reflecting on Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address to the residents of New York. Governor Cuomo mentioned that the state is recovering from a war. Cuomo gave his address from the War Room. This imagery was not an accident, but brilliantly positioned to show all New York State that we must reimagine, rebuild, and renew New York State from a position of deterioration.

While I believe this deterioration of NY has partly been in the physical sense, just as importantly, I believe NY’s been in a spiritual decline for decades. The Bible says that what the enemy means for evil, God will use for good. We are now at a crossroads in New York State. The progressive left is pushing its agenda to rebuild New York State into something that we no longer recognize.

I believe that God means this time for men and women to reflect on their lives and to get right with Him. This not an easy thing to do, but it's a bold thing in the eyes of God.

Governor Cuomo has the authority to rebuild, reimagine, and renew New York State, but God has the authority to call every man everywhere to repent. It is his glory to rebuild men from deterioration. We were created to glorify God in our hearts, homes, lives, and land. That glory has departed from New York State a long time ago.

The motto of New York State is Excelsior which means “ever upward”. This was a motto from Christians pressing heavenward and glorifying God in our land.

New York State was given to us by God -a place to raise our families, glorify him, do justly, and love our neighbors.

We lost God’s glory when we departed from Christ in truth according to the Scriptures. Our state, especially the churches have departed from the freedom, liberty, and boldness that comes from Christ. Churches are locked down under judgement, and only the few who have the courage to open and preach God's word have stayed together.

It is now time for the people of New York to turn back to God. It is God who is in the business of rebuilding, renewing, and restoring any nation and any land. Let us not permanently surrender the deed of our land to the progressive left. But let us fight in God's Spirit for the heart and the soul of our state. Let us each man examine ourselves before God, get right with our families, and fight for our state.

The bondage of government overreach and the shackles of sin throughout history have been eradicated through a righteous and godly people.

This is the boldness that is talked about throughout scriptures that we have in Christ. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

This boldness comes from the word of God and fear of the Lord.

Many of us have had time to be home with our families and reflect on our lives. Some have gone into despair, fear, and doubt. This war has not been only about COVID-19 and lockdowns; this war was about the soul of the state. This is one aspect of the COVID-19 war that Governor Cuomo did not mention during his address.

Yes, we must restrengthen, rebuild, and reimagine New York State, but what will New York State look like once it is renewed and reimagined?

Let us not leave this rebuilding to the progressive left. Many people who love New York State will engage in another mass exodus leaving behind fewer people to be the salt and light. Instead

2 / 2 of operating out of fear, I have purposed we go deeper and fight for the soul of our state. It starts with me. The term Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat was mentioned by Cuomo. It means fortune favors the bold. And yes, the bold will win in this war. My question to many people is: how bold are you to fight the good fight for faith? For your conscience? For your businesses? Your Civil liberties? Andrew Cuomo is right when he says that fortune favors the bold, but God also favors the humble. God is the one who gives man true boldness and virtue to fight the battles that we need to fight. The progressive left has won many battles because they are bold in man’s eyes. There are more than a few vocally bold leftists who have disrupted communities, put up flags in the name of justice and equality, defaced buildings, torn down monuments, and silenced their opposition. This carnal boldness has inspired a void for the disappearing voice of conservative men and women in New York State who have quieted themselves, due to the notion that arguing with fools is foolish. I call on conservative and honest men and women in New York State to be bold. This kind of boldness I speak of comes from obedience to the Lord. Boldness to overcome any obstacle is given to the man or woman who humbles themself before the Lord. Our fight is not fought with manmade weapons, but is fought through God who is mighty and pulls down strongholds. Strongholds of fear, doubt, sin, and compromise must fall. First fight your battles before God in the quiet of your home. Then fight for your land and neighbors. We are battling for Christian principles that have historically set captive people free. David said, in Psalm 18, that God makes our hands to war; and he is the one who trains us to overcome our enemies. David was described as a man of war, but also a man after God's own heart because he was humble enough to repent of his own sin. It is God's spirit that made David bold enough to press on after defeat. We have all been created for such time as this. Let us who are called Christians press ever upward engaging in the battles that God has called us to fight. In this way, I may ask that God may look upon us and that fortune may favor the bold.

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