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France's Product-of-Pedophilia PM Macron is Still Brutalizing the Yellow Vests

You'll rarely ever find me sympathizing with protestors, especially the ones in France, but I stand with the Yellow Vests against Prime Minister Macron.

For 39 weeks, they've been protesting against higher taxes on energy in France -- a globalist consequence of the Paris Climate agreement between Obama, Macron and all the other Jesus-hating dirt worshiping pagans. These people doing the protests are normally just a bunch of socialists complaining about how we're not doing enough to save the planet, but these protestors don't like the hit to their lifestyle caused by higher taxes on energy prices, especially for those on the fixed income coming from the government.

Sure, I think "living wage" is a stupid socialist term, but the people of France are socialist victims who need that because they've been so mentally and physically handicapped by socialism for so long that they wouldn't know how to live without the system if their lives depended upon it, literally. If their socialist system ever died, the people would starve to death faster than the old people cooked to death in French hospitals a few years back when a heat wave caused power outages that shut down all their air conditioners.

Nonetheless, these socialists in France want nothing to do with paying for all the virtue signalling that comes with signing onto climate agreements. Virtue signalling is cheap and easy, but paying the freight is a whole different thing when it means money out of their pockets instead of out of those of American taxpayers.

So I applaud their unwillingness to be the suckers we think they are. Congrats French socialist people, you've been slapped upside the head by reality. Remember the pain.

That matters little to their Prime Minister Macron. He's got an incredibly sketchy biography, so this brutality is par for the course.

First, he's a product of pedophilia. In high school, he was taught the wonders of sex by his teacher who was about 25 years older than he was. For not putting her in jail, where she'd go if she were an American, he was given a job at the Rothschild bank. Yes, he became a rich "puppet of the Rothschild" globalist financiers after covering for the old lady who was diddling him. Not only did she not go to jail, he married her and made her the first lady of France once the Rothschild clan catapulted him into the PM job.

With the Epstein cases in front of our eyes, the world is quickly discovering that many of the world's billionaire globalist elites have a thing for having sex with children. Most of them, like Macron, were diddled as children, only to become the diddlers once they reach the age of becoming a competent child handler. By the way, I'm not suggesting Macron is a child molester. His wife is 25 years older than he is. That's a whole different weirdness. I don't know his story.

That in mind, it's no wonder that, under Macron, they made it legal for children in France to give consent to the adults having sex with them. If having sex with adults was good for Macron, who was he to be the one that prevents these dreams from coming true for all the rest of France's children? Congratulations French children, adults are now allowed to be able to talk you into consenting to letting them rape you -- as long as it's consensual and not violent. Yay for solicitors with the ability to rationalize any perversion.

It's as if the laws of France were written by a bunch of old men sitting around the Playboy Mansion completely commando in silk robes sucking on pipes in between happy-ending massages with a slew of government-trained hookers. Only the best licensed "massage therapists" for French law makers. Imagine what the furry French bureaucrat in charge of hooker licensing looks like oiled up in a Speedo, and then skip lunch. Call it the Mack Rights diet.

Bottom line, if that is how the elite would treat their children, it's no wonder that this is how they'd treat their disobedient people who aren't that into paying more in taxes to support the globalist's global warming scam.

For 39 weeks, these people have been protesting and getting the crap beat out of them by Macron's Gestapo, and the MSM refuses to cover it. Why? Because it points out that people don't really give a crap about global warming as soon as it means money out of their pockets. Virtue signalling is cheap and easy, but paying the freight instead of being able to afford to eat is a whole 'nother thing.

Watch the videos below, and go the yellow vest twitter page here to see more videos and photos. I don't use the word "Gestapo" above for hyperbole. What I show here is mild compared to what is happening. Don't think for a second that, just because the MSM refuses to cover this, the French government is much better than the Chinese government that's about to slaughter all those formally and relatively free Hong Kong protestors. Brutality is brutality, irregardless of where it comes. And when it comes from perverted God-hating socialistic atheists like those in France and China, it is especially brutal.

I stand with the yellow vests because these aren't your average every day French "cheese-eating surrender monkeys." With the hike in the cost of energy, they can't even afford the govm'nt cheese, and, even still, they're not surrendering. 39 weeks and counting. Godspeed to the rise of the victims of socialism in France. Fight the power of the globalist pedo-cabal.

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