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Free Soup #1 w Ayesha

Free Soup with the extraordinary machine Ayesha Kreutz

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Outkast by POD

Brother take my hand Let's separate ourselves Leave behind this place Don't ever look back Outcast Don't ever count me out I'm an outcast Brace yourself like a man Brace yourself like a man Brace yourself like a man Outcast!

Free Soup is good food, is good logic, is good for the soul, is good for liberty and good conversation.

Here are some of my quick thoughts of the week.

Since we live in weird times, it’s no surprise there’s no shortage of weird questions.

If increasing Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere caused the globe to warm, why is there more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the winter than in the summer?

If Carbon Dioxide helped warm the atmosphere like water in temperatures above freezing, why don’t furnaces come with humidifier-like devices to pump carbon dioxide into your home to keep the temperature of your house warmer in the winter?

If only Gay men are getting Monkey Pox, why isn’t the government telling gay men to quit it with the randos?

If they care so little about the members of their most precious victim group, the gays, why do you think the government cares about you?

If the government’s vaccines worked, wouldn’t they have been banned like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine?

If they couldn’t come up with a vaccine for AIDS, Cancer or the Cold, even after decades, how did they come up with a vaccine for Covid within a year?

And even though everyone that gets the covid vaccine ultimately gets covid, they still say it works. If it’s real job isn’t to protect you from Covid, what do you think its real job is?

I mean, if it doesn’t work to protect you from Covid, why would they be telling you to give it to your children, toddlers and babies?

To Democrats, abortion is their other favorite method of population control partly because it is a good way to make sure a child doesn’t have to overcome adversity when growing up. Since most of those capable of overcoming adversity when growing up end up being conservative, is this the Democrats trying to kill their opponents?

Frederick Douglass was the product of Rape. If the Democrats couldn’t use him as a slave, they would have wanted to abort him so he’d be punished for the sins of his father. If he had been aborted, who would have talked Abraham Lincoln into freeing the slaves?

Would the Democrats still want to kill more than one in every three black babies conceived in America if they knew they could put the black child to work on their plantations?

Just some things to think about.

Free Soup is good food, and surely does more to fight Covid

than the government’s useless COVID shot

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