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Updated: Aug 4

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A woman told me once she couldn’t believe Frederick Douglass was a Republican. I said great black men were usually Republicans. She said what about W.E.B Dubois? He was the founder of the NAACP.


I told her Dubois was a member of the Communist Party. She looked all wild eyed at me, so I explained.

In his kind of communism, poor blacks would make up the proletariat. That’s the class of people that have to struggle. She had those questioning eyes. Why do they Have to struggle?

I said, if they didn’t struggle, there’d be no reason for the system. Those who run the socialist system skim the money they take from those who have it before they even give it to those who don’t.

I said, did you know that 71% of the tens of trillions of dollars spent on welfare since the mid-60s never even made it those on welfare. It was skimmed by the socialists that grift the system. Politicians and those who work for the government.

She couldn’t believe it.

I said, it’s true. Only 29% of the dollars actually made it to poor folks. That’s why socialism sucks. If the proletariat were ever actually lifted up so they weren’t poor and struggling, there wouldn’t be a need for the socialist system. If people weren’t struggling, why would they need to take from the haves and give to the have nots? She didn’t have answer.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a part of the proletariat. Achieve on your own. The system’s not racist, but it is classist. Being a member of the proletariat class is your decision. We live in America where you can still move in and out of economic classes.

What keeps a lot of people down is all in their head. It’s often not skincolorism. Get over yourself. If you think everybody hates you because of the color of your

skin, it might be because you’re a jerk. With that kind of attitude, people have no obligation to like you.

Give people a chance. Don’t prejudge what they think about you. Take my advice, and your life will get better. I promise.

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