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Fundamentally Different with Democrat Front Runners?

For one I don’t want you to give me anything, I don’t want you to cater to my needs, I don’t want to ask you, the government, for anything except maybe freedom. I want you to leave me alone, I want you to get out of my way and let me pursue happiness.

A government big enough to give you anything is powerful enough to take away everything.

I want less laws not more laws.

I don’t want free stuff because nothing is free.

I don’t want you caring for my neighbor, I want to be able to care for my neighbor myself.

We are fundamentally At odds.

The government is not my friend, the government is not my baby daddy, the government is not my husband, the government is not my charity, the government is not my God.

We the people are meant to control the government, not let the government control us.


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