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Governor Hochul has declared Intifada on her Jewish Opponent

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

By Mack Rights

Not only did she encourage her dirt-worshipping baby-killing supporters to RSVP and show up to Rep. Lee Zeldin’s campaign stops, she also inspired them into action with her violent words of hate. One of her devout cult followers tried to stab the Jewish Republican in the Jugular. Her cult member was then released from custody, without having to post bail, all within two hours of trying to assassinate her opponent.

The Palestinians reward their terrorist dogs every time they kill Jews in Israel with money donated to their families by the American and European tax-paying suckers. Just as the “liberals” in our Western governments want to honor the Palestinians for their fervent desire to be a part of Hitler’s Final Solution, New York’s unelected Governor Hochul rewards her own terrorist dogs by keeping them out of jail.

If Lee Zeldin were a Jewish Democrat though, we right-wing lovers of Israel would be blamed for our supposed antisemitism, and Republican dirtbags like Liz Cheney and the turtled-up Cocaine Mitch would be dragging President Donald Trump into another Soviet Show Trial.

The same governor who frees her unsuccessful hit man from jail wants to turn law-abiding gun owners into jailbirds.

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