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Happy Father’s Day: Good Father, Bad Father, No Father

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

From Kevin McGary

From Nicholas O. As far as Father’s Day, I never had a good father and because of that, I didn’t know how to be one. I had to learn and mess up a bunch. Overall, I think I did okay, but okay isn’t good enough.

What I did learn from two abusive, bad fathers was what not to be. What to strive to not be and had to learn how to achieve that by watching good dads.

When I was a young kid, I decided that I would protect my kids and never be an abusive father. That I’d look out for other kids, animals and woman in abusive relationships. So, essentially, I learned a lot from two bad fathers, exactly what I shouldn’t be. It gave me a great ability to recognize bad people and take none, or accept any of their abuse.

Anyways, Happy Father’s Day to the great dads out there and even the bad ones. You have the ability to change, heal, and be the protectors that God intended you to be.

From Dean Nelson of #Fdfnational

I’ve had the honor to sit in rooms with the President, speak on stages alongside Senators, and witnessed some extraordinary moves of God. Over the years, I’ve seen our organization at the Frederick Douglass Foundation ensure some incredible victories, mobilizing thousands to defeat liberal Democrats and elect conservative Republicans to key offices. But, on this Fathers Day, I can tell you that what I’m most proud of is my family...the two brilliant and caring young women and one young man that my wife, Julia, and I have been blessed to raise and now see into adulthood. Because I know that’s what I’ll be accountable for when I stand before God in heaven. They are my legacy. But, sadly, I realize that some may view my family…with a married, college-educated Mom and Dad and hardworking children earning scholarships to The Johns Hopkins University and University of Washington who all attend weekly church…as an anomaly today. With more Black abortions happening than live births in some big cities, marriage rates plummeting, and church attendance in epic decline because of a year of COVID-mandated shutdowns, the Left is doing all they can to destroy our families and our church life. I believe the Black Family is under attack like never before in America. Truly, our legacies are under attack. And if we are going to save our nation from destruction, we have to start in our homes, with our very own families. Marxists and Socialists have always been very clear that in order to achieve their radical agenda, they must tear down everything we hold dear. And that starts with our families and our strong families and churches are the best shield against poverty. And quite honestly, Democratic party is in the business of poverty, as systemic poverty helps them to ensure political victories as they make empty promise after empty promise to those most in desperate need. This is why the work that the Frederick Douglass Foundation and our sister organization, the Douglass Leadership Institute, is doing is so critical and is why we’re working tirelessly to reach those who need to hear our message the most. This is why we’re working with pastors in churches across the nation encouraging them to speak out against the violence of abortion plaguing our cities. Why we’re hosting public forums and events to educate folks about the Constitution and the poverty-freeing power of free markets. And it’s why we’re building our grassroots army, recruiting top-tier Black Republican candidates who can win in historically-Democratic districts and filling up our war chest now for the upcoming 2022 National Midterm Elections. Today, on this Father’s Day, I hope you’ll just take a few moments to download our just released “2021 Report on the Black Family” and share it on your social media channels.


No matter your race or religious background, the state of the Black family should concern every American. After you read it, please write me back and let me know your thoughts. What surprised you? What inspired you? Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support of our mission. Happy Fathers Day, Rev. Dean Nelson Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation & the Douglass Leadership Institute

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