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I Respond To Critics of BLM Part III

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

It appears I’ve struck a nerve and that these two women who criticize me have legitimate concerns. They have written to my jefe, Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz, allegedly in hopes of getting me banned from the FDFNY site. They want me canceled because I spoke my mind, and it didn’t seem Christian enough. In a bit, I will include their criticism and respond with a series of questions about what it means to be a Christian.

Look, I whole heartedly hear these lady’s concerns, but I ask them both to read BLM Part III in the full context of the five-part BLM series. My criticism wasn’t of the little girl. My criticism is of the whole society that bows to the demonic BLM movement’s mindset (part IV explains this in detail). The girl is sadly just a product of the demonic BLM mindset.

In the discussions on the news and the interwebs, I’ve heard no criticism whatsoever of the little Rochester 9-year-old cop-a-phobe that got pepper sprayed for acting like a soon to be killed BLM martyr trying to get death by cop so his family can be made rich by the cowardly taxpayers who are shamed by critics into keeping their mouths shut as the coffers of their local government get raided by people who have none of the character by which MLK hoped they’d one day be judged.

The way I look at it, the cops had to punish the girl to some extent for her blatant disrespect. They didn’t punch her, knock her out, tase her or shoot her. Nor did I say they should have. All they did was administer some pepper spray to her eyes, so she had a legitimate reason to cry. Unlike the China-Virus vaccines that the government is trying to stick us with, pepper spray is actually FDA approved and not just for emergency use only. Her treatment was FDA approved.

Here’s the conversation criticizing my “godless” criticism of the BLM mindset destroying this little girl and millions of children like her. The peanut gallery wants to know how I know it was indeed the BLM mindset that inspired this little girl’s actions? – Because instead of beating the little girl, grounding her for a year and apologizing profusely to the cops whom she treated like monsters, her parents had a lawsuit in the works against the cops and the taxpayers of New York within a few days. Normal parents would be horrified if their child acted like that with police, but these were BLM parents. Instead of correcting the little girl’s actions, we’re all about to be forced to turn her into a millionaire with a gold sticker for bravery.

If that’s what Christianity is all about, no wonder I sound godless. I want nothing to do with that social-justice-liberation-theology-communist Christianity for liberals who think their church should be adorned with a rainbow flag in honor of their lesbian minister and not Jesus, the son of God. Without further ado, the criticism:

Ayesha Kreutz- Is this person supposed to be a Christian? The whole spirit of this article is foul and twisted – a disjointed rant. Also, is this person supposed to be pro-life? The way he speaks about a child, a 9-year-old girl – unacceptable! There isn’t a shred of love, empathy, or acknowledgement of her humanity. The writer twisted the whole incident regarding this little girl into a false narrative for his agendas.
I’ve seen the COMPLETE BWC of this incident. No way is it ever acceptable to treat a child the way this 9-year-old was treated. She was NOT afraid of the police but was concerned and upset for a loved one. The officers’ lack of patience, people skills, and competency made it worse. She was not listened to, then she was threatened, manhandled, mocked, “pepper sprayed in the eyeballs” like she is an insect, door slammed on her in anger, delayed medical treatment, and then was gaslighted about it all. She was not served nor protected!
I would never associate with anyone with this author’s mindset nor have him on any platform; especially one that claims Christian values and/or pro-life. This is the type of resounding gong talk that discredits both.

Then another lady joined in:

I agree that his tone lacks any suggestion of Christ. I don’t know if the cops needed to use pepper spray, I wasn’t there. But that is not my concern her. My concern is the absolutely godless tone of this writer. I think the FDFNY can find much better writers to express truth. One of the marks of the left is that judgmental, unhinged, illogical, crass tone. Let’s not join in. Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt.

To be fair to me, there was someone who came to my defense when these ladies tried to cancel me from the Christian halls of FDFNY. Thank you.

So, because there has to be a moral to the story, I believe these criticisms are perfect and totally appropriate as excuses to talk about what that moral of the story should be. I believe these ladies only read the third part and missed the rest of what I wrote, but more importantly, I believe they are part of the reason so many people have left the church. They act like Christianity is for wussified losers who need to be encouraged and rewarded for their acts of degeneracy. They’re calling for my banishment without even pointing to any of the stories in the Bible that might make their point and form the foundation of their argument.

Since they must not have had the time, I will use a couple of Bible stories that bolster their argument for my cancellation and my banning from FDFNY and Christendom. I’m a fair guy.

They could easily have reminded me how Jesus walked into the temple and saw the money changers. He immediately walked over to them and said, “Thank my Dad you’re here. You’re doing my Dad’s work. By the way, see that dude over there with the street urchin?” Jesus then used his x-ray vision to see into the guy’s pockets where coins were sitting. “He lied to you. He’s not broke. The money he owes you is in his pocket.” Then, as a couple of the good money changers stood up to rectify their situation with brute force, Jesus told them to sit down because He’s got this. Jesus pulled a rope out from under his robe and hog tied the thief and his street urchin before raiding his pockets for the money changers’ coins. Upon returning the change, Jesus noticed some smears on the money changers’ table, and, after blaming that street urchin’s grubby little fingers for befouling their sacred table, He got on his knees and scrubbed the fingerprints from the temple’s holy money-changing table.

Or, how about the time Moses came down from the mountain to see all his buddies having orgies around the golden calf they were worshiping? Moses busted out his tablets and started reading, “My good Jewish golden-calf-worshiping perverts, thou shalt sacrifice three babies by tossing them onto the burning bush, and you shall be rewarded with a golden calf that is four times the size of your puny idol. And I will have it fly on a magic carpet, so you don’t have to carry it through the desert. I am not a jealous god.”

I sometimes forget that the God of the Bible is all about encouraging us to sin without ever learning a lesson about punishment from those who’ve sinned before us. Seriously, if these two critics reminded me of just those two stories, I might have fallen for their argument. But they didn’t, and I haven’t.

People are more than welcome to worship the trannie god that requires a rainbow flag on his churches, but I will not.

I will not be a part of the surrender caucus Christians that will reward this little 9-year-old girl for hating and disobeying figures of authority as she did. What if she acted like that when her teacher was sending her friend to the office? Is her supposed concern for her friend excuse enough to become a spectacle in class that prevents the rest of the class from getting any learning? Should she be made a millionaire for that too?

Since when do we, as a civilization, consider it our Christian duty to encourage children to skip honoring their father and mother by disrespecting every authority figure imaginable? Are we, as Christians, so opposed to the idea of forgiveness that we will do whatever the BLMers tell us to do in order that we destroy these cops’ lives and careers? Forgiveness is suddenly un-Christian, while encouraging degeneracy in children is the good Christian thing to do? Are we obligated to then feel vindicated when this girl grows up to embrace criminals while hating cops and then to get herself shot by cops after she shoots at them like Breonna Taylor? Was encouraging her to resist anything the cops told her to do with tantrums the best way to make sure she doesn’t later try and get herself killed by a cop when she’s older and resisting arrest? Is it really so un-Christian to encourage people not to get whacked by resisting arrest, or is Christianity all about social justice now? Is Jesus really just a communist street thug with the education of a street urchin?

For me, I will not be a part of a movement that leads children to their own slaughter. Feel free to call me un-Christian, but I don’t care.

Think about this implication. Look at what happened when all those white girly boys and angry girls with hairy armpits marched with a few BLMers from the School of the Arts to the East Avenue Wegmans in Rochester the other day. Wegmans and the BLMers colluded to create a hostage situation with 200 people in the store who were not allowed to leave. All the while, these castrated city cops stood by and let the girly boys and furry armpits do chalk art all over the parking lot and bang on the store’s glass windows behind which they kept their hostages. This was an active hostage situation. The wussification of the church is turning cops into criminal-protecting wimps. As soon as these chalk-dust-tortured artists wrote “Daniel Prude” on the parking lot, the cops should have spit-bagged the heads of every one of these crappy artists and played a little kung-fu soccer. They should have cracked skulls – it was a massive hostage situation.

But no.

They let the hostage takers do graffiti all over place while hundreds of scared citizens were rotting away in a grocery-store prison. Sure, Wegmans apparently fed their hostages in hopes they wouldn’t be violating the Geneva Convention rules on taking hostages, but still. Unlike the hostage taking chalk artists, some of these people probably had jobs where they needed to be. Yet, to soothe the anger of all these precious little BLMers, Rochester cops and Wegmans colluded to aid these hostage takers in their felonious pursuits. But, according to those who want to ban me from Christiandom, that supposedly was the Christian thing to do.

Imagine if these girly-boy hostage takers tried to burn down the Wegmans. Would the cops have been obligated to prevent the fireman from putting out the fire, knowing that the water would destroy the hostage takers’ precious little chalk art, thus violating their 1st Amendment rights? You think that’s a stupid question now, but I guarantee you that the civilian morons presently running the police department would have that discussion without cracking a smile. It’s as if National Lampoon is now in charge of “keeping us safe.”

So, in wrapping it up, I would like my Christian betters and persecutors to consider another thing. If you had a daughter, would you point to this 9-year-old girl and suggest to your daughter that this is how she should act when she gets arrested? Or will you suggest that that little girl wasn’t Christian enough because she didn’t go for the cops’ guns in hopes of killing those ungodly cops? Do you really want to live in a country where cops are in charge of protecting criminals from non-criminal critics? Is raising disrespectful monsters now the Christian thing to do?

Again, I believe you need to read the whole BLM series, but I will go back to the part I where I talk about how MLK didn’t ever even come close to suggesting that all black people were somehow endowed with a perfect and unquestionable amount of character. Instead, he was encouraging people to live upstandingly and to exhibit a character that you’d be proud to have judged. And then he hoped to have a country where people would be judged by this character and not the color of their skin. He never said don’t judge black folks with poor character negatively.

Is a Christian really obligated to ignore the fact that those without character often create circumstances where they get brutalized or killed, simply because of their lack of character? Is it really more Christian to encourage them to ignore their desire to do what is right and instead demand that the rest of the world pretend they have character, simply because of the color of their skin? That sounds more like social-justice-Christian reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson than MLK, who would be spinning in his grave.

In my own defense, encouraging people not to resist arrest and get themselves killed by the cops, seems a little Christian. My whole point is that the moral of this story should be: Don’t act like that little girl, and you won’t get pepper in your eyes. Don’t try to kill the cops while resisting arrest, and you won’t get killed by the cops. Develop some character that you’d be willing to stand behind while it’s judged.

I don’t think the moral of this story l should be dictated by the BLMers and women who let their emotions dictate their thoughts as they demand these cops be prosecuted for violating emotionally redrawn-up rules of engagement ex-post-facto. The cops are already neutered. Why destroy them more? You really think civilization will be more civil when cops have to choose between having a job and actually doing their job?

Civilization requires rules, and those who refuse to follow those rules are often taken out. I guess that’s just like the wussified Christianity of today though. If you say anything that harms the ears of the delicate princesses of social-justice's proper Christianity, you must be banned and canceled. Maybe that’s why the pews are empty. Real men won’t make it in this “brave” new world. A man whose thoughts aren’t controlled by emotions will never be able to think like that. If the key to being accepted into Christendom Today is to refrain from ever speaking anything that might be found offensive by the BLM mob of communist witches whose furies are fueled by the fires of hell, then it’s no wonder God seems to have left America to fend for itself. He’s too busy vomiting out the lukewarms (Rev. 3:16).

Last point. Just because my tone doesn’t suggest I wear a skirt and like to tickle children in inappropriate ways doesn’t mean I’m not a Christian.

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