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January 10th 2023 Albany NY

This is not a Frederick Douglass Foundation event. We are sharing and passing it along for those who are able to attend.

Back to Albany, NY January 10, 2023, 10am

No Covid Mandates: Rehire Fired Workers: Protect Parental Rights


Here is a list of the Bills that need to be addressed - Horrible

  1. A9963 (Gottfried-D) Allows minors of ANY age to be given ANY medical procedure, including surgery without parental knowledge of consent

  2. A8378 (Dinowitz-D), Mandatory Covid shots for K-12 students

  3. S75a (Hoylman-D)/ A279a (Gottfried-D) All adult vaccine records must be given to the state

  4. A8398, (Dinowitz-D), Eliminates religious exemptions from vaccine mandates for work and school

  5. S6541a (Rivera-D)/A7326a (Gottfried-D), Creates an “immunization passport,” pretends to protect the privacy of vaccination records in the state database by denying access to federal immigration enforcement authorities.

  6. S6495 (Hoylman-D)/ A7829 (Dinowitz-D) Mandatory Covid-19 shots for college students

  7. S45(Hoylman -D)/ A2240 (Dinowitz-D) Mandatory flu shots for K-12 students

  8. S937 Krueger-D)/ A822 (Paulin-D) Allows giving drugs and vaccines for STDs to children of without parental knowledge or consent. No statutory lower age limit.

  9. S3041 (Krueger-D)/A3192 (Fahy-D) Allows 14-year-olds to get any vaccine without parental consent

  10. S1653 (Skoufis-D)/A2255 (Dinowitz-D) Requires tracking of all medical exemptions by the state

  11. A7139 (Zebrowski-D) , Requires medical exemptions to be approved by the NYSDOH

  12. S4512a/A7581 (Kaplan-D/Fahy-D) Requires social media networks to provide mechanisms and policies for reporting vaccine “misinformation” on their platform.

  13. A8870 (Rosenthal, L.-D) Requires vaccine industry propaganda to be required as part of middle school and high school instruction.

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