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K-Pop Empowers Men to Wear Makeup

I accidentally clicked on a Microsoft push link to a bunch of the globalist crap the masters of the universe are pushing. Of course, it had something to do with turning me into a woman and trying to trick me into putting my wiener in a sausage grinder in order to destroy the patriarchy. Don’t worry, I didn’t fall for it. Long live the patriarchy.

It was an Esquire magazine article called “How K-Pop Empowered Men Everywhere to Embrace Makeup.” With a headline as crazy as that, how was I not going to read it?

If you don’t know what K-Pop is, it’s a bunch of little Korean girlie boys doing the Jackson Five, where everybody wants to be Michael. They all get their balls clipped so they can sing like girls, and then they wear makeup and pout like girls.

But now, they’ve empowered me to “embrace makeup.”

Come on. That’s funny. Who the frick empowers me to do anything? I’m part of the patriarchy. And since when do I embrace things? – snicker, snicker, snicker. And makeup. Ha. If it’s face camo to keep a deer from seeing me or I’m in a play where it’s required and necessary, OK. Otherwise, makeup’s for girls.

The headline suggests that I am to presume that men everywhere have been sitting around waiting to be empowered to put girlie crap on their faces every morning. Who are these “men?”

Empowerment is for weak women with ugly faces, dirty minds and a desire to get pregnant so they can kill their babies for the benefit of the Democrat Party. That’s where feminism comes in and empowers them to scream at the rest of the civilized world until they’re told to shut up and get me a beer, at which point they show the world their underarm hair and booger collections. Yay, women can be gross too. Equality.

No wonder no one wants to impregnate them. Feminists are about as warm as a block of ice. I speak for men everywhere. No one wants to do that.

But now, there’s something called the weak man who needs empowerment. Maybe he hides quivering behind his loud-mouthed feminist partner’s lumpy butt, completely unempowered. All he wants to do is wear makeup and be pretty, but his hairy-arm-pitted “girl”friend keeps telling him that makeup is like the chains on the plantation of the patriarchy. But the weak little sissy boy who can’t even get a butt-ugly feminist to sleep with him wants to be pretty. Note: feminists don’t marry because marriage is a social construct of the patriarchy, and they definitely don’t marry before having sex – I’m not trying to promote sex out of wedlock. In order to criticize a subculture, one must understand it.

Nonetheless, K-Pop is here to save the girlie boys. Check the beginning of this article out.

When BTS won the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist in 2017, they did more than just crash the internet. Little did they know, they were waging a war against Western standards of masculinity. The very next day, BTS was trending stateside, with thousands of Americans fixated by the guys’ use of cosmetics and questioning their masculinity and sexualities.

Dudes, did I miss this? The Korean soy boys have struck a victory against “Western standards of masculinity.” Now Americans are supposedly “fixated by the guys’ use of cosmetics and questioning their masculinity and sexualities.” I don’t remember any of this happening. You see, this didn’t happen to America’s men. It happened to all the boys that America’s men have allowed to be raised by the angry matriarchy of butt-ugly feminists suffering from penis envy. They don’t have a pill to cure penis envy so, their solution to inequality is to teach boys to hate their own penises so much they’re willing to chop them off and wear makeup. It’s the globalist trannie-brainwashing machine dressed up as a pack of little de-balled Korean boys. “We’ve come for your balls Americans. Sing it.”

A-yeeeeah, go back to the peninsula weirdos. We don’t need you here.

It continues:

While the Western world has been coming to grips with the gender binary under oppressive patriarchal rules more recently, South Korea has celebrated men and makeup on and off throughout history. Today, South Korean men purchase 20 percent of the world’s beauty products. The country may be composed of only 25 million men, but collectively, they consume over a billion dollars’ worth of cosmetics annually. On the streets from Seoul to Busan, it’s normal to witness young men slathering their faces with cushion compact foundations, military guys buying sheet masks, or teens testing out red tints on their lips. For them, outward presentation and self-respect is the ultimate signifier of masculinity.

The rest of the article is about the history of K-Pop and the social construction of boys without balls who want to be pretty. In fact, the writer of the article even has a book titled, Pretty Boys: Legendary Icons Who Redefined Beauty (and How to Glow Up, Too) – Can’t wait to never read that book.

Bottom line, this is why we should immediately bring back our boys stationed on the DMZ between North Korea and South Korea. Let the Koreans fight it out. Let the little girlie boys from Southie go against the starving tree-bark soup eating Northies. If I were a Northie, and a bunch of little Southie pukes wearing makeup challenged me to a dance off, I’d quickly become a cannibal – put those Southies on a spit. These South Korean people, where men purchase “20 percent of the world’s beauty products,” have their heads so far up their own butts that they deserve to be nuked. I’m done with them.

Their brothers to the north are starving, they’ve done nothing for seven decades, and now they want us to wear makeup. They are so used to living under American protection, their boys are willingly turning into girls, and now they define that as brave.

This is the globalist ONE movement off steroids. The de-testosterone-ification of the world’s men in order to eliminate the difference between a man and a woman, so there is only one sex. One sex, one government, one religion, one world, one big load of godless crap – put that on your face soy boys. Down with the ONE movement. I like my women girlie. Feminists are a bunch of useless brain-addled door jams, and girlie boys are their servants.

Trust me, the world will be fine without people who’ve been empowered.

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