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Multiple things can be true at once, without negating the others. Not Oppressed

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Multiple things can be true at once, without negating the others.

PSA: I am Christian, I am a woman, I am Coffee with cream coloring.


Now repeat it to yourself. Take it in! Having a lot of melatonin in America does not mean you are oppressed. Case and point: ME

I am not African. I was born in America. My mother and father and grandparents were all born in America. I have never been to Africa. I am American. There’s nothing African about me. (Well I do love dashiki’s and the beautiful colors of many tribal clothing)

If you want to be called African American have at it! To each their own.

This does not change the following facts:

- The Irish, the Italians and the Jews were all treated poorly when they came and were brought over to America – they were oppressed, whipped, beaten, forced into indentured servitude and treated like surfs who were bought and sold to some extent.BUT it is not the same as the Chattel Slavery that blacks from African suffered.

- Republicans freed the slaves.

- Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, the kkk and socialism

- Words have meaning – Racism is made up! “Race” It is a social construct that needs to be eradicated. There is one race: the human race. Race was made up by the eugenics movement to separate, to divide, to create fear and to justify oppression and slavery of those with darker complexions.

- By using the word racism, you are literally being “racist” – Stop. Use Skin-colorist, culturalist, or classist, but not racist. Stop giving these Godless heathens power.

- This does not change the fact that to this day a lot of White people both Conservative and Liberal are bigots and skin-colorists.

- Many minority groups are also culturalists, bigots, and skin-colorist.

- These are sins of the heart.

- We each need to be born again and to get a new heart. Thenwe must renew our minds daily! The heart is wicked above all things.

- #BLM is an evil organization. They are opportunists and are using black pain to further an LGBTQ and Marxist agenda.

- #CRT is terrible it teaches hate

- Teaching history does not mean just tell about all the good or all the bad. History is beautiful and when taught right we learn to unite. America is beautifully diverse with a rich and dynamic history of liberty and overcoming.

All of this is true. Bias is real. Skin-colorism is real. Classism is real. Culturalism is real.

But I'm still not oppressed, and no one can tell me otherwise.

Just because all these things are true does not mean I have to embrace the ignorance of fools.

I am not oppressed, and no one will make me live as though I am.

oh and h/t Katina Person - I had to adapt from her awesome post :)

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