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NFL Replaces One Sketchy Weirdo with Another – Jay-Z for Kaepernick

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Recently, the NFL, in an attempt to rid themselves of the serial knee boy Colin Kaepernick, hired Jay-Z to help them with the Social Justice Warrior crowd. Somehow, a black billionaire is down for the struggle just as much as Kaepernick, who couldn’t get a job to save his life with his 1 and 10 and 2 and 6 consecutive records-as-a-starter in his last two seasons with San Francisco 49ers. I mean, the guy won 3 of his last 19 games, all the while he was “patriotically” kneeling before the national anthem. What NFL team wouldn’t want him?

Of course the NFL should feel shame for this racist absurdity. Don’t they get it? – Kaepernick was part black. He doesn’t need to win in order to have a job in the NFL. The mere fact that he was brave enough to kneel before the national anthem made him impervious to this old-fashioned bourgeois concept of meritocracy in professional sports. Forget his 3 and 16 record for the last two years. The kneeling was too important an affirmative action to let the desire to win get in the way of this man’s right to reign supreme on the field – even though he sucked.

And why would America complain? The media, who hates Christ with the passion of captured demon in a bottle, always reminded America that Kaepernick has Psalm 18:39 tattooed on his arm: "You armed me with strength for battle; you made my adversaries bow at my feet." – So he’s a Christian, right? Get that arm chair refs across America? He’s a Christian. You gotta love him and agree with everything he does.

Let’s take a look at Psalm 18. It is a song of deliverance of David from all his enemies that begins with much about David’s love and trust for the Lord and then the reason for the deliverance. Kaepernick’s choice of one verse from this song, leaving out all the stuff that qualifies David as a “servant of the Lord” right up there with Moses, Joshua and Jesus, is odd. He chose verse 39, and here are the surrounding verses.

38 I have wounded them that they were not able to rise: they are fallen under my feet.
39 For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me.
40 Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies; that I might destroy them that hate me.
41 They cried, but there was none to save them: even unto the Lord, but he answered them not.
42 Then did I beat them small as the dust before the wind: I did cast them out as the dirt in the streets.

Taking these verses out of the whole Psalm makes it sound like Kaepernick is a barbarian who wants his enemies to bow before him before he snaps their necks and turns them to dust. Without the thanks to the Lord, these verses, out of context, are just the ravings of an egomaniacal conqueror. The only man who wants men to bow before him is one who fashions himself a god. When God says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” He means no other gods period.

Unsurprisingly, this verse wasn’t enough to help Kaepernick in his game. During the seasons while he was kneeling during the anthem, he went 3 and 16. Maybe the Lord didn’t take too kindly to the misuse of the Song of David’s deliverance. Or, maybe Kaepernick knew he’d lost it, knew he was going to suck and figured that being a hero to those who hate America and cops would keep him from losing a job, even though he sucked. Something to think about. Affirmative action in sports – just what America needs.

But, where did his hatred of cops come from? Might it be his 2014 run-in with the po-po when he was accused of sexually assaulting a women in Miami?

According to the police report, his accuser was a girl he’d had sex with a year earlier. When she called him and told him she was pregnant, Kaep-tain un-America changed his number. However, she was clever. She got in touch with his friend and was invited to a hotel room with three football players. They drank and smoked some weed in a bong. The girl went to the bedroom. Kaepernick went in, undressed her and kissed her and then left her. The other two guys looked in, and she said get out. Later, after Kaepernick didn’t return, she comes out butt naked wrapped in a blanket. By that time, Kaepernick was making time with a couple of other chicks he’d just met that day out on the balcony. The accuser warned them of danger, but that didn’t work. Kaepernick hooked up with them later, after texting: “I'm leaving right now I'm terrified,'

Why was he terrified? As The Daily Mail, the New York Post and the AP report:

She had to be sedated in order to be taken to the hospital, where she was temporarily involuntarily committed for her own safety, the memo says.
'When she heard the officers' voices, the complainant started screaming incoherently about Jesus and devils,' Adams wrote.
A hotel security officer told police that when he arrived at the room, the woman began praying, 'asking God to forgive her of her sins' and began screaming in words the security officer couldn't understand, according to the memo.
She banged her head against the walls and started kicking uncontrollably.
At the hospital, doctors noted that she was 'severely agitated' and appeared to be in an altered mental state, although no evidence of drugs beyond marijuana were detected in her system, Adams wrote. The woman had told police she and the three players had drinks and smoked marijuana earlier in the night.
Kaepernick consistently denied any wrongdoing. Earlier this month the 49ers gave the 26-year-old a $126million, six-year contract extension that will keep him in San Francisco through 2020. He was drafted in 2011 in the second round out of Nevada.

The media, for the most part skipped over the part about the girl smoking the weed and drinking the drinks and then freaking out about devils and satanic rituals. Nothing to see there. Don’t want to get a highly-paid football player in trouble with a “crazy” woman. Do I know what happened? No. They said he didn’t rape her, but why did she lose her mind or did she really? Was she given a pill in her drink, or did she smoke some spiked weed? Were the medical examiners paid off? Probably not possible in the state of Florida where Jeffrey Epstein was let off for running a sex slave business over a decade ago. Nonetheless, the accuser did file a complaint of corruption against the Miami PD alleging corruption. But, who cares? Right? He’s a football player. She’s just some black ho.

Look, I don’t know that the “devout Christian,” cop hater and admirer of Tupac Shakur’s cop-killer aunt holed-up in Castro’s Cuba put demonic spirits into this woman before he did whatever to her, but I do know this: he smoked her up with weed (illegal), she went crazy and was committed for 72 hours, he then made time with two other chicks, all the while he was dating some other singer girl, he changed his number after this accuser claimed he’d knocked her up, and we don’t know what, if anything, happened to her baby (no one seems to care). I hope it wasn’t sacrificed to Moloch at the local Planned Parenthood. Also, the charges are dropped a few weeks after Kaepernick got a 126-million-dollar 6-year contract extension with the 49ers. Why would the 49ers sign a guy under investigation if the deal to let him off wasn’t already done?

In this day and age of MeTOO, why aren’t women up-and-arms about how this guy treats women? Why, after his career went up in flames as he went 3 and 16 in his last 19 games while on his knees for the national anthem, did Nike give this guy an advertisement contract worth tens of millions, even though he can’t play?

Is this really what Nike is trying to say about their sneakers? “Our sneakers were useless when it came to Kaepernick’s performance on the field, but did you see how he performed with all those girls?” Or “It’s not what he does in our sneakers. It’s what he does when he takes them off.” Show photos of Kaep-tain un-America with his harem. “You want chicks? – Get yourself some Nikey Kaepernicks.”

Maybe, there is something to the allegations of corruption against the Miami PD. The accuser made the allegations, and who would know better than the benefactor of that said corruption Colin Kaepernick, who spent his last two seasons protesting how cops treat black people unfairly? Maybe he had first-hand knowledge of how cops will make a problem like a black rape-accuser go away in the snap of a finger so the football player can sign his $126 million contract. Maybe he told the other girls he was “terrified” because he’d just drugged a girl that was out of her mind, and he didn’t think it would look good to get caught doing that right before contract negotiations. Whatever. The girl was sedated, thrown into the mental ward, made to disappear, written off as crazy, and Colin Kaepernick got his contract. “Justice” was done. Some black people don’t matter, while others do. To alleviate his guilt, Kaepernick spends his time protesting cops.

In not one of the stories did anyone even bother to mention that it was illegal to smoke weed with this girl. The NFL doesn’t seem to have punished him for being caught doing illegal substances. Oh wait, he skipped out. Nike doesn’t seem to care that their non-performing sneaker prince is a pot-headed womanizer. The MeToo feminists don’t care either. And, if cops were as bad and brutal as Kaepernick claims, don’t you think they should have tracked him down and put his face through a window or something? They didn't even give him anything to whine about. Just made his problems go away. Some crooked cops they are.

All I know is that, in most of the stories about this night, the devil part is left out. The women goes to the room and the next thing she knows, she’s in a hospital bed. Magic. Kaepernick's guilt disappears, and he's the victim. Nonetheless, the full police report can be read here- the devil stuff is in there, and I’m not privy to what, if anything, was scrubbed for the sake of Kaepernick.

Mr. and Mrs. Z

Now, because they’re finally giving up on Kaepernick as a player, the NFL is trying to move on. They got in bed with another sketchy character: Jay-Z. This is Jay-Z wearing a sweatshirt with the One Commandment of Lucifer on it. “Do what thou wilt.” This is from Allister Crowley. Good Christians do not wear sweatshirts with Lucifer’s only commandment according to his prophet Allister Crowley. Nor does anyone looking to get into heaven. This is not some sort of ironic declaration that Jesus is his lord and savior. It's a denunciation of Jesus -- the kind of thing that makes your soul sizzle. This is not the sweatshirt of some wholesome entertainer that the NFL should like to share with its audience.

Here's a photo of Jay-Z dancing with and adoring the infamous pig-blood-spewing spirit cooker Marina Abramovic. Never heard of this hell-spawn? -- Look her up and pray for protection.

Above is also a photo of Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce-Z with a devil/Baphomet skull on her dress. That’s pretty Luciferian as well. She’s been accused of doing witchcraft by her former drummer, and she claims that the demon that possesses her when she’s performing is named Sasha Fierce. Watch this two and a half minute youtube video. (It won't let me embed it. The devil must not want you to see it. Never mind, I got it. Suck it devil.) She explains her possession by Sasha Fierce starting around a minute and a half. It’s her own freakin’ words. I’m not making this up. This musical power couple is sketchy as all heck. I mean hell.

So, how does the NFL, if it is trying to be a wholesome family business, voluntarily get into bed with such sketchy people? Just keeping Kaepernick around for all those years without telling him to go scrub rocks because he sucks is bad enough. To replace him as the face of their Social Justice Warrior Compromise Division to Soothe the Barbarians at the Gate with Jay-Z and, due to marriage, Beyonce-Z, is nuts. Paul Tagliabue needs to go. His spirit of surrender to anyone who whines with a super-un-Christian cast of characters is about as un-Trumpian as an Obama world-wide apology tour.

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