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NYS A6512 / S4844 Child Sex Education

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

By Emily Foster

New York State’s proposed bill A6512/S4844

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on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for grades K-12 is currently in Education Committee in Albany. This bill is vehemently opposed by the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York.

A6512/S4844 ( will ensure that every school system in NYS will comply with the National Sexuality Educational Standards (NSES). At first glance, these standards have some benign components of sex education. However, when looking deeper at what NSES will require as a “basic core minimum” to be implemented in curriculum, one discovers this bill is nothing less than a modern-day Trojan Horse to wage sexual warfare on our children.

CSE is not only about biology, but it is about a shaping a child's sexuality. Changing a generation through sexuality education is the goal of SEICUS (One author of NSES). Some examples of curricula that are supported by NSES are from “Our Whole Lives”, “Get Real”, “Making Proud Choices”, and “Rights, Respect, and Responsibility”.

In these specific examples of curriculum, kindergartners will learn about sexual pleasure and masturbation; second graders will learn about consent to sex and graphic details about the vagina; middle school children will know how to obtain an abortion and to engage in classroom roleplay; high schoolers will be educated in detail about sexual orientations and will advocate for their peers’ sexual rights.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York has a specific interest in the development of our youth into successful citizens. Comprehensive Sexual Education has been implemented in other areas of the world and has been rejected because of the effect it has on the youth.

Children do need a balanced education that includes sex education such as sexual risk reduction. But forcing sexuality onto minors in such explicit manor is nothing less than grooming them for state-approved perverts and should not be upheld by an educational system. Through the passing of A6512/S4844, the NYS school system itself would become a conduit for the promotion and betterment of pedophilic behavior. This should alarm every parent or legal guardian seeking a balanced and healthy educational atmosphere for their children. As well, it should be clear to every politician voting for this that they would be using their elected position to aid and abet the pedophiles of America who undoubtedly had a role in the creation of this curriculum.

If you think you can stomach it you can see examples of one of the suggested curriculum's HERE

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