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NYS Redistricting Maps 2022

NEW Maps for NYS 2022

Though the voters voted for a New York State Independent Redistricting Commission, it seems sadly they are not so Independent after all.

Some of the redistricting lines drawn have produced Democrat majority skewed districts. Making it more likely that New York Democrats will prevail in four of the seven seats currently held by the GOP, on top of the twenty other congressional seats they hold in the state. There is a group of Republicans that have filed suit, but success is doubtful.

This tells us at the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY, our work is more vital than ever. The battle has always been and remains in educating and winning the culture. It is true the gerrymandered lines should be addressed, our mission is to get to a point it doesn't matter. People's values will align with truth, righteousness, and justice and prevail at the voting booth.

Assembly Lines

Each member of the Assembly represents around 135,000 people. The Assembly has been a Democrat majority for a while. This is probably why they have gone relatively unchanged, though still gerrymandered. The Assembly is an area we at the Frederick Douglass Foundation have decided on focusing efforts. This is the house closest to the people and if you can win assembly seats it is a good indication you are getting your ideas across. If we cannot win flip the assembly over we are losing the war anyway.

Assembly maps can be viewed here.

Senate Lines

Each senator represents about 320,000 people. The newly drawn legislative election districts lines keep NYS at 63 Senate seats but drains upstate New York of two seats, because of the decrease in population and shifts them downstate, a region that is seeing population growth. The proposed changes would add a Senate district to Brooklyn, with a higher Asian voter base, and Queens that includes a large Spanish population. This means our work in some of these places is to continue to reach out to these voting blocks Democrats have been lying to and relying on to win.

Senate maps can be viewed here.

Congressional Lines

Each congressional district needs to be made up of about 777,000 people.

Although NY has lost population in the upstate areas, NY also realized an overall growth in population; NYS will lose a congressional district despite this growth. This is because the state’s population growth did not keep pace with the increase in other states.

Congressional maps can be viewed here.

If you are interested in comparing legislative district maps and other pertinent demographic information The Center for Urban Research (CUR) at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) has created the Redistricting & You: New York online map.

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