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NYS Undermining The Legislative Process - Public Comments until Feb 14th, 2022

Updated: Feb 6

UPDATE: We need to send emails by Monday, February 7th at 9:30 am to


On Thursday February 10th there is a meeting with the New York State Public Health & Health Planning Council to decide on whether or not to extend the emergency SEE PEOPLES COALITION UPDATE HERE


WE NEED 200,000 Comments so spread the word!

What they are trying to do / The Problem:

The Department of Health and the Department of Education with the guidance of the Governor are trying to circumvent the will of the people and the legislative process. In other words, instead of crafting a bill and getting it passed through the assembly and senate to have it become a law, they are attempting to use the "Proposed Rule Making" process. See HERE To pass de-facto laws, and even more egregious laws the public has already said no to. Example: stricken Assembly Bill A00416 HERE ( which has 3 other similar bills- A99 , A680 , and A6891) that would have allow for government detention camps.

The Health Dept. will under the guise of a health emergency, will be able to do things like arrest, detain or imprison suspected public health threats. Give the Governor the power to impose mandatory masks, expand the number of healthcare workers and essential workers who must get the Covid injections without honoring exemptions, and limit visitation in nursing homes as they deem fit.

Peoples Coalition Of NY HERE

The Department of Education would be allowed to give permission for school nurses to give your child vaccines including the HPV and COVID shots See them all HERE and additional attached action papers.

Why does it matter: This is a direct assault on our representative government, on our constitutional and civil liberties. It undermines Democracy. Unelected bureaucrats will be passing health and education laws that were deemed unpopular by OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. Now, the committee and/or commission in charge of this approval seems to be a secret. The Governor knows she does not have the support of the public with 29 counties in noncompliance with her televised mandate. So, regulatory process was needed to be done without much publication. Every citizen should be upset about circumventing the legislative process, undermining democracy, and YOUR voice. Outrage is a good reaction.

Who is doing it: That is a great question. We can say The Department of Health and the Department of Education but they are directed by the Governor so I would add her to the list as well as any county executive, school superintendent or elect official who is or becomes aware before 2/14/22 and does not speak up and sound the alarm.

How they are doing it: Circumventing our constitutional legislative process. The regulatory process in the State of New York is governed primarily by Article 2 of the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA). This process includes giving the the public 60 days to comment, through public comment process and then sent to The Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC) headed by (D) Simcha Felder, of senate district 17, for final approval.

What can YOU do: BEFORE FEB 14th 2022 ……………… Keep Scrolling To see the EXACT RULES IN QUESTION

Send a separate email for EACH of the opposed rules to:

Dept Health: Attention: Katherine Ceroalo regsqna@health.ny.gov , CC in felder@nysenate.gov and YOUR Assemblyman and Senator Object by phone call (518) 473-7488 and Felder - (518) 455-2754

Dept. Ed: Nysedp12@nysed.gov, felder@nysenate.gov & Object by phone call (518) 474-3852 and Felder - (518) 455-2754

See additional BELOW for ideas, positions and language for each proposed rule.

Please note: YOU MUST send a separate email for each rule and PLEASE personalize the email.

What should be included in each letter

  1. Heading or RE: The rule # and description

  2. Your Full Name, and full address

  3. Your opposition to this rule and it becoming permanent.

  4. Your reasons why you oppose this regulation: how they would impact you, your children’s well-being, your business, and most importantly how they violate your Constitutional Rights and Liberties. PCONY HERE

Rules in question: review and instructions to send Public Comment. CLICK ON EACH ONE TO READ

Dept. Ed

School nurses allowed to give your children and grand children inoculations

Download PDF • 92KB


Forced Vaccine Cards/Passports

Download PDF • 89KB

Giving the Governor power to make mask mandates via the DOH

DOHFace CoveringsPrevention21422Op
Download PDF • 93KB

DOH / Governor able to detain and quarantine citizens

DOHInvestigation of DiseaseIsolation21422Op
Download PDF • 105KB

Watch the Video Below for Full Details it is VERY GOOD!!!!

Please THANK Assemblyman Micheal Montesano and those who have signed

His comment:

In response to the governor's extension of the mask mandate, I have joined my Long Island Assembly colleagues in asking her to step back and let the legislature do its job when it comes to such matters. The governor should not be going behind our backs to the Department of Health, who does not have the authority to impose such mandates. We were elected by the people for a reason so we feel it is our duty to speak up with this overstep of power

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