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Part III 9-Year-Old Rochester Girl Gets Pepper Sprayed

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Part III 9-Year-Old Rochester Girl Gets Pepper Sprayed

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Think I’m crazy, consider the little 9-year-old girl in Rochester, NY that was hand-cuffed and pepper sprayed. Do you think she was brought up with a healthy respect for cops and the job they do? No, watch the video. She fears them as if they were the Empire-employed stormtroopers coming to take her to be cut in half by a Sith Lord who’s testing out some new lightsabers. If her parents taught her to respect cops and do what they say, so she wouldn’t get killed for resisting arrest, she would never have acted like that.

Her fear was manufactured to be irrational. Her parents turned her into a Cop-aphobe. Conservatives hoping to fend off the invasion of the third world are often called xenophobes. Why is it “bigoted and irrational” to fear xenos, but we are supposed to stop the earth from spinning until this little girl can catch her breath and then turn her and her family into millionaires at the expense of the taxpayers paying these cops to protect us from this irrational little girl and her messed-up family?

That’s crap.

This girl is the product of the BLM mindset that all cops are evil. To be honest, with the quickness that this family announced they were suing, I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was a set up. We, as a society, are giving copaphobic anti-police bigots a financial incentive to resist arrest, to try and kill cops and to get themselves killed. Who needs life insurance when you can turn your family in to millionaires just by getting killed by the cops. As a taxpayer who is obligated to pay the taxes making these people millionaires, I say give them nothing and tell them to like it. They’re my accusers, and even though I never get to face them in the court of law that considers me responsible to make restitution, I can still have my say here.

They weren’t even arresting this little girl. They were putting her in the car for her own safety while they settled the problems of her parents. Her fear of the cops was so extreme they finally pepper sprayed her, which is entirely appropriate. It’s not like they could pistol whip her, shoot her or donkey punch her in the head. Instead, they just gave her a reason to cry – pepper in the eyes. Sure, I feel bad for her, but she’s the reason BLM sucks. They’ve destroyed this little girl by making cops the evil ones in her life, meaning the criminals are the good guys. She’s going to grow up thinking criminals are the good guys because cops are all supposedly racist.

What’s to keep her from growing up to be like Breonna Taylor – a low level criminal on the way to getting herself killed while resisting arrest? She’s 9 and she already hates the cops. Where’s she going? – nowhere quickly and nowhere good, my friends.

And to the members of the BLM protesting the police, you want to know why everyone hates you? You want to know why the cops are always wanting to shoot you? – Look at this video. If that were my fence you were shaking, I’d want to shoot you too. But I don’t, because it’s against the law. Yet, you want me to sympathize with you after you get your dumb butt shot for trying to whack a cop. Ain’t gonna happen.

A child who is taught the value of character is a child who won’t have to go through life hiding behind the color of his skin in order to justify his bad habits. Calling me racist for mentioning this fact is just another way of admitting you have no idea what character is and no debate skills to boot. “You’re a racist,” is the only debating technique you have, and that’s about as impressive in the debate community as having sex with children.

If I had no character, I’d tell you to make sure you grab for the cop’s gun when you resist arrest, but I’m telling you not to. And I’m telling you to tell your children they shouldn’t either. Those that would call me racist for this do it while crapping all over the Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. Maybe that’s why, every time I see “BLM,” I think of BoweL Movement. Get your Kraeperlick knee off the bones of MLK. This little girl is being socially ruined by the demonic ideas of the BLM movement. She's not a victim of the cops. She's a victim of the lies and stupidity that form the foundation of the BLM movement.

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