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Part V- BLM Destroys Opportunity Zones for the Rich

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Part V- Billionaires are Funding BLM’s Destruction of Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones were created in 2018 to help minorities start businesses with tax advantages. Thing is, tech billionaires saw an opportunity. They discovered that, if they sold their stock for huge gains, they could avoid paying capital gains taxes if they roll over the proceeds into opportunity zones. Problem is, these opportunity zones were already occupied by minorities for whom they were created.

In the video below, Catherine Austin Fitts, who was the Assistant Secretary of Housing under President George W. Bush, speaks with much wisdom. While watching the whole video is interesting, go to about 28 minutes and listen through to about 35 minutes. This is about how the BLM riots were targeting these Opportunity Zones. Watch it before my commentary or after. Either way, this is incredibly nefarious, and if you support the BLM, you need to understand the truth about what you support. She discovered that many of these riots in city after city occurred perfectly inside these opportunity zones. In the words of Catherine Austin Fitts: “I was the assistant Secretary of Housing. That’s not a riot pattern, it’s a real estate acquisition plan.”

You have a lot of minority-owned businesses in these opportunity zones. If you want to take them over, first you declare them non-essential in a plandemic and shut them down. Then you fund the “riots to burn and damage” these businesses. Since insurance doesn’t cover all the costs, due to one riot loophole or another pandemic loophole, it’s easier for people to come in and buy up these defeated minority-owned businesses. Fitts calls it “Disaster Capitalism.”

The tech billionaires sell their stock at the highs in the market, which is where we are now. The tech companies went high because people stayed home and did their shopping on the interwebs. So, they sell their stock high and have all these opportunity zone businesses to buy on the cheap. In San Francisco, for example, nearly 51% of the small businesses expect to be out of business by the end of the year. The hyperinflated real estate prices in San Francisco are about to be stabbed in the heart by the same people who will buy these properties out from under these one-time entrepreneurs.

Investing in these opportunity zones makes these giant capital gains tax obligations disappear, and they get to buy property, once occupied by minority-run businesses, on the cheap. At the same time, these one-time entrepreneurs get to walk away with a crapload of debt thanks to the riots that purposely targeted the opportunity-zones because the billionaires funding the BLM movement are the same billionaires taking advantage of these defeated minority-owned businesses.

Imagine that. The BLM, which has raised over a $100 million dollars from corporate interests, is doing the will of these corporate interests, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with helping blacks or minorities. Instead, destroying the lives and livelihoods of these blacks and minorities is the main goal, all for the betterment of the corporate billionaires funding the politicians who look the other way when their constituents are being attacked and murdered in the name of the Democrat Party’s supposed love for black people.

These are the same monied interests that let the killer of George Floyd walk and then forced him to murder George Floyd. These are the same monied interests that prevent the DA in the case from going after the murderer with the full weight of the justice system. They want their interests to remain silent and hidden. These are the same monied interests that force cops in liberal cities to stand back and let the BLM and the fascist antifa goons beat up Americans and destroy their buildings. These cops might have been good people at one point, but they were forced to choose between their jobs and doing what is right. They chose their jobs and got in bed with the BLM movement, which, as discussed in Part IV, was founded by witches and practices the dark arts.

So, if you think that all cops should be judged like the scumbags in the big cities that are voluntarily permitting the chaos of the occultic BLM movement, don’t worry about it. Revenge is God’s, and these people are collaborating with whoremongers, sorcerers and wizards that ultimately get to burn in hell, simply because hell was made for people like them. Collaboration is the same as helping and joining. In hopes of keeping their jobs, they’ve aided and abetted the devil’s minions.

The only hope these sell-out cops have is to wake the hell up, repent and walk away. Let the bought-and-paid-for mayors and DAs eat the sins of this godforsaken mob of miscreants.

And to all those who lost their businesses and livelihoods thanks to these ungodly street monsters, take heart. Your neighbors and former friends that ruined all you’ve built will get theirs. They are following the “light” of the dark lord over a cliff like the lemmings they’ve turned themselves into by denying their human obligations that come with having a free will. This cliff will take them right to hell. Cue Death Metal bass riff – No sin goes unpunished. Rock on in hell witches. BLM is a one-way ticket to hell.

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