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Planned Parenthood an anti-violence organization?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Planned Parenthood is the epitome of violence, literally, is getting anti-violence money? Who voted for this - #rochesterny #monroecounty This is despicable. Outrageous . City Council Still has to approve it. I hope folks show up and speak out! #Eugenics

City council still has to vote on this, PLEASE contact city council members and voice your concern. Please contact the Frederick Douglass Foundation (NY) if you need help with this. We are more than happy to help.

Rochester Mayor Malik Evans gives anti-violence money to various groups including Planned Parenthood... READ HERE Granted this is the same guy who voted for condoms in schools while on the school board.. BUT STILL City providing $5 million for anti-violence initiative Mayor Malik Evans said the city will allocate $5 million to the 20 organizations that will make up the initiative.

  • Action for a Better Community

  • Agape Haven of Abundance Community Outreach Center

  • Area U

  • Baden Street Settlement/Metro Council for Teen Potential

  • Cameron Community Ministries

  • Center for Dispute Settlement/Untrapped Ministries

  • The Center for Youth

  • Community Resource Collaborative

  • Conflict Management Solutions

  • The Fatherhood Connection

  • First Genesis Baptist Church

  • Hope Initiatives

  • Judicial Process Commission

  • Line ‘em Up Barbering

  • Planned Parenthood of Central and Western NY

  • Rise Up Rochester/Community Care Services Inc. (CCSI)

  • ROC the Peace/CCSI

  • Sownd House

  • Villa of Hope

  • Youth Making Changes

These eugenicists always want to kill the poor, disabled, and people of color.


Rochester City council and tell them to pull Planned Parenthood (In control) name from consideration for anti- violence initiative funding.

Especially when they choose them over other actual anti-violence groups

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