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Racist Democrats Unleash their Nazi to Slay their Communist

Outside the Democrat Party

The racist Democrats are a little sneakier when it comes to forcing Jews out of the Democrat Party Presidential Primary. When it came to Booker, Harris and Castro - the people of color – they just built a wall around the debate stage that essentially said, “Your skin has to be this light to get on this stage,” with the politeness of a 1950’s school marm in charge of weeding out the black kids by filtering them onto the bus before the bell rings.

And don’t tell me that racism isn’t a requirement to be a Democrat. It’s as much a requirement as being willing to do anything whatsoever so that the baby killing camps can run incessantly and unmolested. The only thing they want molested are the children they didn’t get to abort.

Even some of the black Democrats are racist. Consider how House Majority Whip James Clyburn (He’s black but has no problem being the “whip”) dismissed the fact that blacks in America have the lowest unemployment in the history of America. According to The Hill dot Com:

Pressed by Cavuto on record low African American unemployment under the Trump administration, Clyburn called the numbers “not true,” adding, "I'm saying that the African American unemployment is not the lowest it's ever been unless you [don’t] count slavery … We were fully employed during slavery. So it all depends how you measure this up."

Did you get that? Let me explain what he was saying: No, Trump has nothing to do with the lowest unemployment rate of blacks in America. My party (meaning Clyburn’s Democrat Party) had blacks at full employment during slavery. I guess Clyburn wants Trump to understand that his talking point is incorrect without qualification. “Under President Trump, blacks have the lowest unemployment rate since the Democrats still kept them all in slavery.” Have it your way racist Democrats.

“Under President Trump, blacks have the lowest unemployment rate since the Democrats still kept them all in slavery, and even black Majority Whip Clyburn is still proud enough to brag about his party’s accomplishments in keeping blacks 100% employed during the Democrat Party’s heyday.”

Lucky for Rosario Dawson though, Cory Booker is no longer in the race. She’s freed from her obligation to play his beard. She’s so happy about it that she came out of the closet and is now a proud member of the LGBTQ club, only now able to explain that that was actually her true purpose for pretending to date Cory Booker. Either that or he was such an awful boyfriend he turned her into a lesbian – so much for being born that way. Nothing would surprise me. He’s a Democrat, and Democrat men are the reason so many liberal feminist women are single or lesbians. They’re manlier than the men who are Democrats. It’s actually why everyone yells “Girl Fight” every time a couple of Democrat guys start pulling hair and slapping each other. I’m not kidding.

However, the Democrats still haven’t killed off their favorite Jewish Communist, Bernie Sanders. He won the popular vote in Iowa, but the Democrats gave more delegates to Peter Buttigieg, the gay guy with the gayest name since Dick Butkus. They go on and on about the popular vote when it comes to using illegal alien voters to run up the vote against Trump, but when it comes to stealing the primary from our favorite Jewish commie, the Democrats will do anything it takes to suffocate his candidacy, save the use of gas, which would probably be considered too environmentally unfriendly. At the debate, the only Democrat that raised his hand when asked if they’d support the nomination going to the candidate with the most delegates was Sanders. They don’t believe in Democracy. They believe in stealing power. That’s it. Not one of the Democrats, other than Sanders, said they believe that he who gets the most delegates should win because they all want to use the super delegates at the convention to override the will of the majority. As if that’s going to be good for their party. Not every Democrat voter is as brain dead as Joe Biden. They might want to remember that.

Instead of circumventing democracy, they could easily go to him directly and say: “Hey old dude, old white dude, you’re just too Jewish and communist for us. You have to sit this one out. We agree with everything you say, but we believe the electorate would rather not hear it until after the election. You’re just too honest for our style. Look at Buttigieg, he won an essay contest about how you’re his hero. His father was one of the most renowned communist professors at Notre Dame on the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci. Trust us, we all agree with you. We just want to be quieter about what we believe.” Instead, the Democrats are trying to dilute the Jewish vote by keeping Klobuchar on the stage and then letting another Jewish billionaire slip through the wall they built to keep out the people of color. Anything to dilute the Jewish vote they suppose.

Instead of just outright bringing back the freedom of the super delegates to vote against the majority to pick the candidate the party wants – the plan they used to drag Bill Clinton’s old battle ax over Bernie Sanders’ undead body in 2016 – they let Comrade Mayor Gun Grabber Gloomberg on the stage, even though he didn’t qualify with the required number of campaign contributors. Sure, to you and I, that seems fair to let him on the stage. The guy isn’t taking money from contributors. He’s funding his own campaign. Nonetheless, rules are rules, and they didn’t bend rules when it came to keeping off the stage billionaire tree-hugger Steyer, the colored candidates, the Hawaiian Bernie supporter that Hillary hates, the witch or any of the other non-party approved candidates. They only changed the rules for the Billionaire Bloomberg, to whom peyote-addicted Elizabeth Warren refers to as “Little Hebrew Billionaire” whenever she’s sitting around a campfire with a peace pipe spinning tales of her great tobacco-smoking warrior ancestors.

Furthermore, Miss “she who sleeps in a teepee because she’s the first minority hire at Harvard who’s actually super freakin’ white” Warren complains that he’s unqualified because get this: he’s a billionaire who’s funding his own campaign. “We’re Democrats,” she says, “We take money from other people. It’s what we do. We never get high on our own supply. He’s setting a very bad precedent. He doesn’t deserve to be on the stage with us.”

The DNC says, “Yeah, we agree. Same with Klobuchar, but we need to dilute the Jewish vote in order to defeat Sanders. Otherwise we’re going to have to super-delegate him to death in public.” That is what the racist Democrats really think of Jews – just a voting constituency that needs to be quieted quietly because they can’t be taken for granted as easily as the blacks and Latinos.

There’s no other explanation for the party to have been pushing Biden so hard. The guy’s senility has turned his brain matter into a puddle swashing around in his mostly-water-proofed head cavity. The only reason he is really running is to avoid being indicted over his numerous money-laundering schemes in Ukraine and China. The DNC is so clueless, they don’t even get the joke about the queer, the Jew and the peyote addict walking into Iowa and all beating Biden. What’s the joke you ask - he Democrat Party. Heh.

Unfortunately for America though, Democrats don’t get any jokes anymore. Part of being a good party member is having your sense of humor removed through your anus. You’d be as miserable as a liberal too if you’d undergone the surgery. Buttigieg might have enjoyed it and therefore is still able to smile, but I doubt tight-butted Bloomberg did. The only time he smiles is when he sees someone being deprived of calories, a good smoke or a baby at a Democrat-Party abortion mill. It’s more of a smirk.

Nothing he’s ever done or said indicates the Democrat-Party overlords left any part of his sense of humor. Think about it. In NYC, he made all soft drinks smaller and more expensive so you didn’t drink too much sugar. He took guns from black kids after whipping them up against a wall. He outlawed smoking just about anywhere in NYC. When some woman that worked for him told him she was pregnant, he told her to “kill it” in order to save her career. He thinks farmers are stupid. His nickname “Nurse Bloomberg” was nothing more than a polite way of calling him a smoking Nazi, a food Nazi and a baby-killing Nazi. You’re not supposed to call Jewish people Nazis. It’s only acceptable to call them communists, but I don’t think Bloomberg has the cojones to be a communist. Out of a piker’s sense of self-preservation, he only goes as far as the National Socialist Nazis when it comes to socialism.

You see, under communists, the government owns the means of production, while under Nazis, the government only controls the means of production. Bloomberg, since he owns his company and all its so-called means of production, has not said the government should own it. He just wants the government to control the means of production. It still means he’s a good socialist, but he’s a fascist-like socialist, more akin to the Nazis than to the hardcore socialists of the communist quality like Bernie. And that’s why the DNC considers him more palatable. He’s a moderate socialist, who, just like Hitler did to the Germans, plans to take all our guns from us. Best way to implement a socialist agenda is to make sure the people have nothing to shoot back at you when you’re oppressing them in a personalized manner.

And before all you liberals who’ve been anally relieved of your sense of humor get your magic underwears in a bunch, I’m not joking. Hitler took all the guns, then installed government-controlled healthcare for everyone. He considered the gas chambers to be the money-saving portion of the government-controlled healthcare system. Obama before Bloomberg created the Death Panels, but he wisely didn’t name them after Hitler. But Bloomberg has said repeatedly that he would deny care to old people with expensive diseases in order to save money - look it up. Back to Hitler. In his money-saving universal healthcare death camps, in addition to killing 6 million Jews, he killed seven million others for being Christian, political opponents, gypsies, handicapped, unproductive for the state and for any number of other reasons. He was a vegetarian environmentalist who loved animals more than he loved people, whom he thought should be killed if they weren’t beneficial to the state. He also hated tobacco. I could go on, but I won’t. Don’t think for a second that Bloomberg’s ideology isn’t more simpatico with the Nazis than with the Communists. In a Communist System, Bloomberg would have to give up all his billions to the state as his business would be nationalized, and he loves money too much to subject himself to that. In the Nazi system, nothing would change for him. The Deep-State portion of the government already controls his news dissemination business. If anything, as president, he’d gain more control over his business because he’d control the government that already controls his business.

In the debate the other night, in excusing throwing random minorities up against the wall to frisk them and take all their stuff, Bloomberg said he was choosing “life.” To him, life means throwing minorities, who are randomly stopped, up against the wall and shaking them down before sending them to jail after finding something illegal through an illegal search and seizure. But when it comes to the life in the belly of the girl that worked for him, “kill it.” Death and discomfort for all the inconvenients, just not in Hitler’s name I guess.

You might not say anything now because you don’t consider yourself an inconvenient. But what if this guy actually did have control of a lever of government outside of the godforsaken city of New York. What will you say when he starts coming at you for being a fat and happy steak-eating gun toting Christian Trump supporter?

Sound impossible, look at what the Bernie Sanders supporters are saying in the ProjectVeritas tapes. They want to put Republicans in gulags for reeducation when Bernie wins, unless they can first put us up against the wall and shoot us. It’s all on tape. I’ve seen it. As a non-compliant citizen in that hypothetical horror system, I hope someone will be left to feel for me enough to come and visit me through a fence at one of the Bernie Sanders reeducation gulags for non-compliant citizens. Either that or I’ll have to pray that the Nazi Bloomberg can moderate the Democrat Party enough to let us live through the next four years. Because seriously, what chance does a senile old white criminal, a communist-raised gay guy who kisses the future First Dude at all his rallies or a peyote-headed Harvard affirmative-action hire have against a billionaire Nazi or a super popular communist with his own army of loyal foot soldiers willing to kill for him?

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