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Rally for Freedom: Hold The Line

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

By A. Kreutz #fdfny

Good afternoon patriots and freedom lovers from both America and Canada.

We feel for you Canada.

Today, I want to talk about something that has been on my heart lately. It’s hard to verbalize it without offending some people, so if you are offended, that’s the problem these days. Real conversations too often have to remain unspoken so no one gets offended. That’s not the foundation of freedom. It’s the demon seed of totalitarianism.

I’m done with that.

We must Hold the line of our God given rights and liberty!

Let me tell you about what it’s like to be black, love your country, vote Republican, protest abortion death camps and back the blue.

In some communities those are things you’re not supposed to do. – Why?

No one likes to ask why. It would require deep introspection.

So, I’ll tell you why. Because the Progressives have trained too many people to shut their mouths and quit thinking for themselves.

I mean just look at how those who consider themselves part of the woke or “black community” act If you think out of line, according to those in charge of cultural brainwashing, you’re called an Oreo an Uncle Tom or sellout.

Whatever. I’ve been called all the slurs. And worse Pffffft.

This is plantation politics.

It’s how the Democrats have gotten over 90% of the black vote, for the past 30 plus years. It is by getting so many blacks to shame other blacks into thinking a certain way and obediently voting for their Democrat religion. That time is ending!!!

That’s sad because the Democrats and progressives are eugenicists, the party of the slave master, the KKK, the segregationist, the communist and every other degenerate group that Satan has bothered to spawn.

Now, if you’re a Democrat and don’t voluntarily worship Satan, I’m not calling you a Satanist. I’m just suggesting that you should ask yourself if Satan would disapprove of any of the things your party demands you vote for.

Bottom line though is none of these issues are partisan issues and as long as the progressives and big Government folks can make us think that, we will remain pawns.

with these masks, vaccines and lockdowns, the big government swamp is using plantation politics to gain total control over the whole population and put us all on a plantation. I don’t care if you wear a mask or get vaccinated or get the Rona shot, It’s your life.

Sure, I think you are better off boosting your immune system and these shots ruin your immunity, and that the mask is probably worse than smoking pot everyday for your intelligence, but that’s your life. Do what you want.

However, I do not appreciate how the government is turning scared Americans into totalitarian little monsters.

If your mask or vaccine doesn’t work unless I’m masked and vaccinated, you’re the sucker. Not me.

You’re the one that wears a useless mask and took an experimental gene therapy shot that may or may not work, might kill you or leave you with just as bad or worse long term side effects. Either way pick your poison and leave me alone.

We are all going to die.

Here’s the key. The government is using these scared totalitarians to shame us into giving up our freedoms and our abilities to think for ourselves.

They are pushing to change the foundation of this nation and the social contract we as Americans have worked so hard for.

If we don’t accept the mandatory groupthink of these little totalitarians, we are getting kicked off social media platforms, losing jobs, not getting educated, and the list goes on. But I don’t need to tell you about it.

We all know the government is the problem, but now it’s also many of the people that are the problem.

We need to put our foot down and quit bowing to our friends and family members who are demanding we feel shame about our unwillingness to give up our rights to the whims of powerful men.

Powerful men are corrupt. I kneel to no man. I kneel only to God, and it was God who gave me these rights.

We are the line, and we must be the line that these cheese-eatin’ surrender monkeys must not be able to cross.

It’s time to stand up and lead. Death to the New World Order.

It is Satan’s plan to rule us all as the god of the earth. If we, as a people, are willing to give up our rights, what makes us think that the New World Order will come in, take control and give us our rights back?

That’s what this is. Global government’s control of the world’s population and the use of shame to shut us up like they did in China, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Russia, Great Britain, France, and on and on. As we all know here, First, they take your guns, and then they take your voice.

They know for fact it’s a heck of a lot easier to take my voice if I have their gun to my head and have to speak through a mask. They’re trying to shut me up AND to kill me. I say forget them.

As someone who’s escaped the black plantation, let me give you some advice. Stay off the global plantation and help your friends and family members avoid it too.

Do not let them shame you into giving up your freedoms. This is America. We don’t take anyone’s crap, especially from fraidy cats who want to do the bidding of their globalist overlords.

Freedom’s a state of mind, powered by my faith in God. Not my faith in man. Death to the New World Order.

Thank You.

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Thank you

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