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Self-Righteous Ben Shapiro has sense of humor of a liberal in the butt of a joke

In response to the recent shootings, Trump has decided to initiate a national discussion on Red Flag laws for gun ownership by throwing the idea up against the wall. These laws are obviously unconstitutional, subjective and awful in every way to those on the right. However, it's not something that the unthinking left have put much thought into in their rabid support for the initiation of what they believe they could use to spur the onslaught of mass gun confiscation in America. All it takes is their getting power in order to then define what crazy is and then begin to take guns from anyone crazy enough to own them. That simple. Anyone crazy enough to believe they need to own a gun is too crazy to actually own one.

The other night, Fredo Cuomo went nuts over being called Fredo by someone who actually thought his name was Fredo. Chris Cuomo is the little Cuomo brother who insecurely lives in the shadow of big brother Andrew, who followed in the footsteps of their godfather-like father, the former governor of NY Mario the pious. Fredo had to accept a job over at the CNN fake news outfit as a consolation prize for being the weak brother of the gangsta politician family. For Chris, aka Fredo, doing this TV gig is worse than being Jeb Bush, who at least did well as a governor of FL before his efforts to sell our country to the globalists in an effort to form what his father called the New World Order went down in flames at the foot of a smirking Trump.

In his outburst, Fredo dropped about 30 F-bombs in a minute and a half and threatened the life of a young man who had been listening to Rush Limbaugh so much that he'd just thought the guy's name was Fredo. He might actually have been too young to even make the Godfather connection.

Later, Fredo Cuomo said his excuse for his outburst after being called Fredo, the "weak brother," was that he felt like a black man being called the N-word. Apparently, after being delivered from centuries of slavery, Italians in America have earned to right to go off on anyone "racist" enough to call them "Fredo." My heart weeps at how little guilt I feel over laughing uproariously at your pain Fredo. I hope that doesn't get me a Red Flag.

Either way, Donald Trump busted out a brilliant Tweet:

"Would Chris Cuomo be given a Red Flag for his recent rant? Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts! 7:47 AM - 13 Aug 2019"

Right thinking people understand this tweet as Trump showing liberals the consequences of their support for these Red Flag laws. If you're caught in public ranting and raving, you might just lose your right to own a gun after being red flagged. Something to think about libs. You all are super angry, and, in the hands of a much less benevolent dictator, these laws will give the president the right to disarm you.

That's not to mention the big elephant in the room. Those on psychotropic drugs (antidepressants and drugs for ADHD treatment) will eventually be Red Flagged. Most mass shootings are committed by folks on these drugs. It's not a secret. Their side effects include becoming suicidal and homicidal, yet people get addicted to them to benefit big Pharma. Since something like 20 to 25% of the population have been on or are presently on these drugs, that's another big chunk of America that will be disarmed.

In the age of Trump, who suffers from depression the most? Not conservatives, other than the self-righteous never-Trumpers like Ben Shapiro. Who is most likely to help themselves during periods of depression so that anti-depressants aren't necessary? Not the liberals, right? Their whole motto is: The government helps those who refuse to help themselves. Free healthcare for everyone means free happy pills to make sure no one is ever sad or needs to own a gun.

Please note: If you are on psychotropics, my apologies. I do not mean to make fun of you. Nor am I suggesting that you stop taking them. That is dangerous in too many ways. My whole point is just that this is where Red Flags will be waving -- in the government files of all people who've ever been prescribed psychotropics for whatever reason. The incremental erosion of rights is as inevitable as death and taxes.

In any case, in response to President Trump's intuitive tweet, humorless Ben Shapiro responded:

Yeah, man, that's not how red flag laws are supposed to work. And if that's how they work, there shouldn't be red flag laws.

He's right that red flag laws shouldn't exist, but that was the whole point of Trump's tweet. Why would we allow the government to decide who doesn't deserve to be armed based upon subjective opinions? However, he's wrong in his assessment that that's not how they work. It's exactly how they work. Crazy is defined by the whims of he who holds the throne. That's the way it is, the way it will be and the way it always has been. Never trust the government, no matter who is in power.

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