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Should we give up?

From Dean Nelson, Chairman of FDF National

I know a lot of folks are asking a lot of very good questions right now, particularly about how we as conservatives move forward in the coming year. How can we stop the radical agenda of a Biden-Harris administration and Pelosi-Schumer Congress? How do we organize our grassroots when social media kingpins are censoring us and shutting down our accounts?

These are important questions and ones I’ve been speaking with many leaders about in the past few days.

But there’s one question I’m not willing to consider…do we go home? Do we disengage from the political progress in Washington, D.C. altogether?

And if you think I would ever consider this option, you don’t know me or our team at the Frederick Douglass Foundation (FDF) very well.

Our organization was birthed shortly after the inauguration of President Obama because we know that although he was African-American, he did not share the values of many Black Americans.

At our very first meeting, a gathering of about 15 black conservatives, independents and Republicans in Washington, we met to discuss what we could do together knowing President Obama would take our country down a path that was inconsistent with our American values.

That day, we immediately saw a need to engage with Black conservative leaders to help them become more engaged in the political process. From our efforts, Dr. Timothy Johnson, our founder who has since passed, became the first Black vice-chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.

In 2010, when the RNC had no record of all the Black Republicans who were running for federal office, our team at FDF brought together over 20 of them in Washington. This was the year that gave rise to such stars as Col. Allen West and U.S. Senator Tim Scott. Immediately, we were “on the map.” As conservative leaders ourselves, we knew that there was a voice for Black conservatives and an organization to build them up...and FDF do just that.

Since then, our small group has grown to include members in almost every state and with chapters in almost 20 states.

And we have had over 50 members to run for public office as conservatives.

I could go, but I think you catch my drift.

We’re growing. And right now, as America faces an uncertain future, we’re more determined to build up hundreds of Black conservative leaders this year and equip them with the connections and tools they will need to be successful.

In fact, I believe 2021 will become a pivotal year for our organization as now more than ever we need Black conservative voices and leaders in our communities, state houses, and walking the halls of Congress.

And the Frederick Douglass Foundation is just the organization to deliver.

So, Chaplain Ayesha, can you prayerfully consider joining our mission at FDF by becoming an Annual Member?

Become a Friendwith $35 annual dues.

Become a 21st Century Abolitionist member with $75 annual dues.

Become a Freedom Fighter member with $150 annual dues.

Become an Elite Ambassador member with $300 annual dues.

Become a Legacy member with $1,000 annual dues.

Anyone can become a member of our organization, no matter their skin color. And each level of annual membership comes with its own perks and benefits.

Our Frederick Douglass Foundation Members are the life-blood of our organization as they are partners with us and understand the importance of our strategic mission to find, raise up, and equip Black conservative leaders.

After you chose an Annual Membership level, can you do one more thing for me?

Commit to pray for our team and mission at FDF daily. In fact, print out this email or another one I’ve sent recently and pin it up on your refrigerator as a reminder for our team.

2021 is going to be a difficult year, but I know, with you standing beside us and our FDF members in every state, we can stop the radical, out-of-touch agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. And we can empower hundreds of Black Americans to boldly lead in their communities defending our faith and families.

I pray you’re with us.

In His Service,

Rev. Dean Nelson

Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation

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