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Sick Intertwining Blasphemy at Chick-Fil-A, in California and at the Vatican

Note: I wrote this a while ago, but Spicy-Chicken Sandwich lover Chaplain Ayesha the editor Kreutz made me wait in hopes that Chick-Fil-A would retreat from its embrace of the dark lord.

It must be tough to be a Democrat these days. I envy Democrats so little I almost feel sorry for them. Nah, just joking. The calamitous events that are about to befall this once great evil party of slavery, segregation and abortion are what might be necessary for those stuck in the brainwashed mindset of a liberal to change their hearts enough to try and earn back the souls they sold on a demonic alter of baby sacrifice, baby-body parts trade, sex slavery, child-sex-slave trafficking, pedophilic sodomy, dirt-worshipping of pagan gods, turning little boys to girls and little girls to boys, and the persistent persecution of Christians.

Heh, if you’re a Democrat, you’d better believe you have a lot to repent for. Your party is hideous. Maybe you’re a lost cause, which most of you believe and are therefore living for the moment, allowing your soul’s condition in eternity to be damned. I’m not suggesting you can’t change that. So forget about fetal positioning yourself as a preyed-upon victim here liberal. You’re the author of your soul’s journey through eternity with the choices you make. I have nothing whatsoever to do with it, other than pointing out the forbidden acts that the Demoncat Party has built itself upon. Proceed at your own peril. While it’s illegal for me to stop you, I won’t in anyway encourage you.

Sure, you might get some victories. Look at Dan Cathy’s once great Christian-based business Chick-Fil-A. I used to love their spicy chicken sandwich and their delicious sauces accompanied by a tasty shake. Those were great memories, but now that they’ve decided to unofficially change their name to Chicken-Fer-Gays, they might as well have gotten caught raping puppies, as far as I’m concerned. You might be wondering why not Chick-Fer-Gays, and that’s because some gay guy would complain in the voice of the comic-store owner on The Simpsons, “That’s discriminatory cuz I don’t… like… chicks. I like… duuuudes.”

The reason we loved Dan Cathy is that he honored the Sabbath and wasn’t kowtowing to the alphabet peoples’ rage mob. It was never about hating gays and trannies. It was about honoring the author of the Divinely-written Bible. Opposition to gay marriage was never about hating the sinner. It was just about avoiding the blasphemous mistake of trying to rewrite the Word of God in order to appease the feelings of people who despise the normal. God never made the marriage of two men or two women a sacrament. Sorry alphabet people, marriage is a sacrament, not a law written by man.

To honor that sacrament as it was created is not to hate the sinners who define themselves by their sin and demand everyone else decide, against the Word of God, that this said sin is no longer a sin. My soul is a little bit more important to me than your feelings.

Here are some things to think about when it comes to Dan Cathy’s heretical mistake. By caving to the alphabets, he has claimed that the Salvation Army is a hate group and that donating money to it is a hate crime. His virtue signaling against the Salvation Army for his thirty pieces of silver from the 1% of the population that was boycotting him, is essentially dunking on the heads of anyone who drops a few coins in the Salvation Army buckets outside our retail centers. Dan Cathy, the one-time Christian, just redefined you as haters, as he took up arms against Christians at a gay-pride parade in the Castro District, just as a bunch of butch looking leather-clad fems purred, “But we don’t even like guns. And we’re vegetarian. Eiwww.”

My last shout out to Dan Cathy is this: If I want pagan chicken, I’ll go to Popeye’s and fight some people for their New Orleans voodoo-good chicken sandwich. Nonetheless, I will miss the comfort of knowing that, by buying from the now known as Chick-Fer-Gays, I probably wasn’t buying food spiced with the dust of freeze-dried fetal tissue. Now I’m not so sure. Let the gays eat your fetal-fried chicken.

Then there’s the Pope. He wants to make blasphemy an official act of the Pontiff. He wants to make it a sin to not believe in the Global Warming Hoax perpetrated upon us by the pagan believers and worshippers of the false gods that God told us not to worship. The Pope also wants the United States to be destroyed by the One-World Government of the anti-Christ-controlled globalist movement. What a joke.

At the same time though, the Pope has allowed the pagans to put up a statue of Moloch outside the Colosseum where Christians were put to death for entertainment by the predecessors of today’s Democrat Party and Baby-Killing Club. Moloch is the Canaanite deity to which the pagans sacrificed their babies into the fires in the deity’s oven-like belly.

It’s no wonder that so many Catholics vote for Democrats. With rabbis like Pope Francis-the-pagan-pooferdoodle, I’m surprised that Planned Parenthood isn’t an official appendage of the Catholic Church. How the once great institutions have fallen. I thank God for the clarity of sight and discernment every day.

But let’s look at some of the pagan Pope’s beliefs in action. Look at California. It burns like the babies thrown into Moloch’s belly. Thanks pope.

The pagans blame their false gods for warming the earth due to their ecological sins against nature. These so-called sins are the same ones that the pope is trying to rewrite into the Word of God, hoping that the world’s population has been dumbed down enough not to notice his blatant blasphemy in pursuit of a one-world religion that turns sin into a sacrament. The Pope’s battle cry might as well be: “Come Blasph-with-Me.” He’s the pied piper of the dark lord on a pathway to hell. Soon he’ll be the hero of numerous Death Metal songs. He’ll adorn their album covers with devil horns, glowing eyes and lightning coming out of his pope stick.

Durnit Durnit. Durnit Death Pooooope Durnit Durnit. Durnit Kill da babaaaaes Durnit Durnit. Durnit Burn the fields Durnit Durnit. Durnit. Yeah, that’s right. Bang your head, the pope’s coming to town.

However, those who understand how dumb California liberals are, understand that these fires are a direct result of the environmentalist pagan-god-worshipping extremists like the pope. They refused to allow the state to thin their forests and clean up the forest floors, which are littered with dry wood that has fallen from trees or from fallen trees.

Pacific Gas and Electric wasn’t even allowed to cut the wood around their wires because of these foolish pagans who are controlled by pot-inspired sprite fairies that tell them to let the trees grow everywhere. Now, every time there’s wind during a drought, PG and E has to force blackouts on the pagans of California or watch the forest go up in flames.

This is the once great state of California. They said it would take ten years of forest thinning to fix this problem. California is officially a third-world state. I’m not going to lie, I don’t care. I say we need a wall to wall off California from the rest of the country. Their ideas are terrible, and their culture is worse.

Here’s the funny part. This is where the untouchables get their comeuppance. The same people that put their monies behind these terrible ideas of environmentalism are watching their once-thought-safe homes go up in flames. They thought they were protected from the barbarians they invited to cross the border and vote for Democrats, but they couldn’t escape the fires those barbarians caused by starting them in the woods and in the homeless camps and by diverting so much of the water in the mountains to water their pot plants. Mexico has moved much of its pot-growing business to state lands in California. The border’s still wide open. The drought isn’t just from global warming or from God punishing Hollywood for the pedophilia and devil worship. It’s also because illegal aliens need to divert rain water to water their pot plants that need to be grown so dumb Californian liberals won’t have their sprite fairies quieted by a pot drought. The cycle of life in the third world.

Here’s something else that will further make life suck for Californians. Due to environmentalist rules funded by the same pagans losing their millions-of-dollar homes, the costs and time it takes to rebuild are out of this world. Insurance companies can’t afford the full cost of replacing a house, and it won’t be done for years, decades. I know a builder outside of San Fransicko. A new rule is that they can’t even let a paint can touch the ground. The metal of a paint can can’t touch the precious dirt they worship, lest a drop of paint be spilled upon the flesh of their pagan overlord. Watch California burn and the rest of the country feel guiltier about not caring enough than they actually care.

Yes, it’s a sin, but I’m not defined by my sin. I actually feel bad that I don’t care. I ask for forgiveness. I’m really sorry I don’t care. I just can’t. I’m sorry. Really, I’m sorry. But if burning the lands of the unrighteous worshippers of false gods is God’s way of Sodomizing California (and I don’t mean that in the gay way), who am I to criticize. I heeded the word. I may be a terrible Christian, but at least I know that. Californians must have totally misunderstood the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Here’s another problem for California. Now that these people have lost their homes, they will need a new place to live. There aren’t homes for them, and there’s no building, so they either have to leave California or push up the cost of housing for everybody else by creating a greater demand for a dwindling supply of housing. Is this good for the homeless? Only if the homeless like being homeless, because it’s about to get even more expensive to have a home in California. It doesn’t help that smart people in the rest of the country are shipping their own homeless out to California. Out of sight out of mind.

Like I said, California is a third-world state for a growing number of people. A place where the haves have a lot, and the have nots are lucky to have a tent that floats on sewage.

It doesn’t help that they’ve elected Gavin Newsome as their governor. In response to President Trump’s accurate assessment that California needs to clean their forest floors, Newsome, whose ex-wife is dating Don Jr., said: “You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from the conversation.”

You get that? If you commit the sin of not believing in the sins against nature that the pagans such as the pope and Newsome and former California governor Moonbeam have created, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion. However, even though these pagan baby-killing sodomites don’t believe in or worship the God of Abraham, they sure think they should be a part of the conversation when it comes to allowing Christians to donate their money to organizations that aren’t soley about making sure gays and junkies get free AIDS drugs. Theys say screw the homeless that the Salvation Army helps. They need AIDS drugs to stay alive so they can further devalue our culture and way of life by making it harder and harder to make a living if you have the audacity to try and live by the Word of God. Some call that an unwillingness to take the mark of the beast. Count me as one of those. I don’t want to watch my home burn like Moloch’s babies, and I don’t want to have to force someone else to pay to keep me alive as I suffer from AIDS. I say screw the beast. He’s no better than the Democrat Party.

By the way, Chaplain Ayesha and Pedro the president ignored my last post that's really important. Don't miss it.
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