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Sins Against Nature Part 2 – Carbon Dioxide is Still NOT a Pollutant

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

If you haven’t read my previous piece on the Carbon Dioxide lie from the pit of hell, I recommend it. Even though carbon dioxide is the foundation of life and absolutely necessary for all life on earth, believing Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant is another way of claiming you’re a member of the Death Cult that the Democrat Party has become. I prove it.

They love death so much that, in order to prevent the birth of babies, I mean Human Carbon Dioxide Polluters, Christ Hospital in Illinois actually added a Comfort Room for the survivors of abortion. That’s so nice. Abortion survivors go there to die while being denied healthcare that might save their lives. Jill Stanek testified recently:

This was a small, nicely decorated room complete with a First Foto machine in case parents wanted professional pictures taken of their aborted babies, baptismal supplies in case they wanted their aborted babies baptized, and a foot printer and baby bracelets in case they wanted keepsakes of their aborted baby.

I don’t mean to lump all the scientifically-challenged Americans in with the infanticidally-minded Americans pulling the lever for Democrats simply because they want babies killed before they get a chance to pollute the earth with their breath. But it’s all the same. The way they get our children infanticidally minded is to convince them that they will be able to live longer on mother earth if they’re willing to pull up the ladder after their own births to make sure no future womb invaders (baby to you and me) ever escape the womb alive. Sacrifice to baal and you will be rewarded. Phooom, another soul harvested to fuel the fires of hell.

So, they brainwash you by convincing you that carbon dioxide is a pollutant because it causes global warming. In doing so, they also hope to buy their own condemned souls some indulgences in hell.

The carbon dioxide lie is nonsense on a bath salts and methamphetamine cocktail.

Here’s something they never tell you: There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the winter when it’s cold than in the summer when it’s warm. Read that again.

Before I prove that, ask yourself this: If carbon dioxide makes the atmosphere warmer, why does it make up a lower percentage of the atmosphere when it’s warm?

This is not at all hard to figure out, yet none of these little pagan dirt-worshipping politicians or Pedowood stars will ever be asked that question. It would blow the lid off their whole population-control scam.

Here’s proof that CO2 is in the atmosphere in greater concentration when it’s cold (winter) than when it’s warm (summer).

Not including fluctuations in the percentage of water vapor, 99.9% of atmosphere is made of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon. The other 0.1% is made of CARBON DIOXIDE (about 0.036% to 0.04% - less than one half of one tenth of one percent), Neon, Helium, Krypton, Methane, Hydrogen and of course water.

Now, water is the wild card, and they rarely mention that the percentage of water in the atmosphere fluctuates between 0.2% in the Arctic, the Antarctic and the high alpine regions to 5% in tropical areas.

Unlike all the other gases in the atmosphere, water can be a solid, gas and liquid at earth-surface temperatures. The other gases only naturally occur as gases at normal atmospheric temperatures and pressures.

In the winter, when the temperatures are below 0 degrees Celsius, water is mainly a solid. We call it ice. In other words, the percentage of water vapor in the atmosphere will be lower because H2O is too busy being ice to be floating around as water vapor.

In the summer, when the temperatures are warmer, water is in liquid form and in gaseous form as well. The atmosphere might actually be 3 to 5% water vapor, depending on location. In humid areas of the United States, it will be 3 to 4%. In the tropical rainforests, it can be as high as 5%.

Furthermore, in the summer, plants are doing photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose (see part 1 to which I linked above). This removes CO2 from the atmosphere. In the winter, these plants aren't doing much photosynthesis in colder climates. The trees have lost their leaves, many plants are dead, the grass is dormant or covered with snow, the water is too busy being ice for the photosynthesis process, and it's just too cold. This is another reason there is more CO2 in the atmosphere in the winter than in the summer.

So, when the percentage of water in the atmosphere goes from close to zero in the winter to 3 or 4% in the summer, what happens to the percentages of all the other atmospheric gases?

Exactly, they go down. That means, in the summer, when it’s super humid, the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere goes down, even though it is hotter. Is this why, instead of selling you a humidifier to keep your home warmer and make your furnace more efficient by pumping in water vapor, they don’t sell you something that pumps carbon dioxide into your home’s atmosphere? Of course. Pumping carbon dioxide into your house will do nothing whatsoever to make your furnace more efficient.

Water vapor, however, holds heat, makes it feel warmer and makes the furnace work more efficiently.

In fact, water accounts for about 95% of all contributions to the “greenhouse effect” when it comes to so-called greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, accounts for less than 4% of the greenhouse effect. Since man is only responsible for about 10% of any of the Carbon Dioxide added to the atmosphere above the 90% that already existed (90% of the added portion is totally natural too), man can only be made responsible for no more than less than one half of one tenth of one percent of the greenhouse gases. Scientifically, it’s nothing, and it’s insignificant to the tenth power.

The temperature of the outdoors can change by 15 degrees in minutes on a dime when the clouds come into to form a storm. This small percentage addition of trace substance is less than a rounding error on a rounding error.

Here’s a nice table:

Role of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases (man-made and natural) as a percentage of Relative Contribution to the "Greenhouse Effect" Based on concentrations (ppb) adjusted for heat retention characteristics

Percent of Total Percent of Total --adjusted for water vapor

Water vapor ----- 95.000%

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 72.369% 3.618%

Methane (CH4) 7.100% 0.360%

Nitrous oxide (N2O) 19.000% 0.950%

CFC's (and other misc. gases) 1.432% 0.072%

Total 100.000% 100.000%

Here’s the bottom line. It’s all a big lie. Believe me, I wish I could tell you differently.

I live near the Lake Ontario. If this global warming thing were actually to work out, I’d make out like a bandit. All the suckers who live near the oceans will have to swim from home back to the mainland, and they’ll have to find a new place to live inland. My property value is going to sky rocket. I have no financial benefit to fight this global warming thing whatsoever. On top of that, a longer growing season will yield more crops, and I will be able to swim more days of the year. Bring it on.

Not only will I have dry land, I will be closer to the ocean. That will make my property value go even higher. Especially if the oceans rise enough to reverse the river flow from Lake Ontario and turn Lake Ontario into the Sea of Ontario. Think about it. If the oceans are going to rise, isn’t that what will happen? I’ll be able to fish for sharks and dolphins right from my back yard. Tell me that won’t be awesome. Mmmm, dolphin.

Alas, global warming is all a crock, so I should quit fantasizing.

We bought this so we can live under the sea in about 6 years. Totally worth the 15 mil.

Obama let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago after buying a $15 million mansion on the ocean in Cape Cod. If he actually believed the seas were going to rise, why would he allow his daughters to sleep in the future coral reefs off the shores of the shrunken state of Massachusetts? Wait a minute, he always was for partial birth abortion, which is just the killing babies outside of the womb. Maybe he really is a true believer in the Death-Cult-Democrat Party's Sacrament, and his daughters have finally driven him to pull the plug. Some parents just can’t stand their kids.

Nah, it’s probably more like the ruling class just wants the hoi polloi to believe that buying homes on the ocean is a bad investment, thus driving down the value of the homes they hope to buy for themselves. That’s a little easier to believe. Were it not for the mass idiocy when it comes to believing this nonsense, the Obamas might have had to drop an extra ten million on this beautiful home. But they got it for a mere $15 million. It's called market manipulation.

And if you think I’m so awful for rooting for this global warming thing to work out, think about this: the people whose homes will make up the new Atlantis, which will make a great scuba diving environment, want me to kill my babies and to lower my lifestyle by raising the cost of living on me so they don’t have to swim to work.

Let them swim to work. Let me eat cake and steak with a shake while I fish for hake in what was once a lake. You get the point. Leave me alone, and I won't scuba dive through your living room with a spear gun.

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