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Speaking of Antidepressant Users Getting Red Flagged

The other day, I indicated that those on antidepressants would eventually be subjected to red flags that might prevent the ownership of guns if the Red Flag laws go into effect. Most mass shootings and many suicides are committed by those on antidepressants, so many that suicidal tendencies and homicidal tendencies are listed as side-effects for the use of these drugs. This is especially true when trying to quit these drugs, changing the dosage or switching the drug to another antidepressant. Periods of transition are especially dangerous.

In any case, the Dayton shooter sure enough had antidepressants in his system. As reported by the AP:

The coroner said cocaine, antidepressants and alcohol were found in Betts’ system at the time of the shooting. A pipe device and a clear baggie carrying cocaine was found on Betts’ body.

The left will blame an inanimate object for mass murder, as long as it's a gun, but they will never admit that the drugs they like to take recreationally every time they want to fend off sadness might have something to do with it. They pretend to hate big corporations, even when they're taking campaign donations from these said corporations, but, when it comes to Big Pharma, the left is willingly on the puppet strings.

He who gets to decide how to define crazy gets to decide who doesn't get to own guns. Remember that liberals.

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