• Ayesha Kreutz

Stand Together for Life January 23rd 9:45 AM

Planned Parenthood 114 University Ave. Rochester, NY

2020 was a year that seemed to be stuck in winter. Challenges hit every family, church, business, and government institution in these United States. Freedoms that we always took for granted were put on hold. Executive orders replaced legislative debate and action.

Many Americans have lost jobs or seen their wages decline. The recent election has ushered in an administration whose stance on life is 180 degrees opposite the Trump Presidency. The results of the election and the events in the capital just a few weeks ago might cause you to think twice about taking a stance and being vocal and visible for life.

Let us not back up but continue to move forward. Babies are being saved locally.

The Greece Planned Parenthood has closed its doors. God is on the move! He is the Waymaker! Always! It is the time for God’s people to shine with the love and hope of the gospel in the midst of opposition and turmoil.

January 22nd will mark the 48th year that the abortion floodgates were opened in the United States. January 23th the monthly Stand Together for Life at Planned Parenthood on University Ave. will be held at 9:45 AM. That is one day after the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that opened the abortion floodgates in the United States. Let us not let our voices and visible stance for life, babies, and moms be silenced. Do not let intimidation and despair gain a foothold. God is still on the move and life triumphs over death.

That is good news. AKA the gospel!

This peaceful, prayerful gathering is a time of encouragement, testimony, prayer, and worship. So please join us in shining the light, love, and life of Christ at this location.

You will find out how you can plug into this movement!

Join Quest for Life, ROC Love Will End Abortion, The Fredrick Douglass Foundation, Students for Life, Am I Not a Child, and many other church leaders and Christians as we Stand Together for Life.

January 23rd 9:45 AM at Planned Parenthood 114 University Ave. Rochester, NY.

Bring Face masks and practice social distancing by family groups.

And remember, the annual March for Life will still be held in Washington, DC on January 29th.

Check out the web site https://marchforlife.org/press-releases/

We encourage you to support this amazing witness for life. If you cannot make it to Washington in person you can virtually participate. Let's not allow our voices and visible stance for life, babies, and moms be silenced.

We remain.

Yours for the Least of These,

Mike Warren, Peter Vazquez, Ellen Duncan & Ayesha Kreutz

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