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Superintendents Secretly Plotting to PREVENT Full Reopening: Monroe County NY

This represents a total and complete breach of trust on their part!

TODAY, write your superintendents and Mendoza. Original Post HERE Thank you Roc For Educational Freedom

Superintendents Secretly Plotting to PREVENT Full Reopening - Asking Mendoza to Alter Guidelines Days after asking YOU, THE PARENTS, TO HELP THEM PRESSURE THE STATE, Monroe County Superintendents are now holding meetings behind our backs including "secret" zoom meetings PLOTTING WAYS TO KEEP SCHOOLS CLOSED through the end of the school year!

Through the information we received it is evident that the Superintendents are NOT wanting to open their schools, but rather want to do what is best for THEM and their "stakeholders" aka THE TEACHERS AND UNIONS! ROC for Educational Freedom has learned that the superintendents are ACTIVELY SEEKING TO AVOID the use of barriers to bring all kids back to school full-time.

What this means is that YOUR SUPERINTENDENTS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS have NO DESIRE to FOLLOW STATE GUIDELINES and bring kids back to school. The Monroe County Superintendents are seeking cover from MENDOZA in the form of excess restrictions to avoid them having to use barriers and follow New York State Guidelines. They are looking to Mendoza to put together a NEW recommendation document REMOVING the barriers piece to get everyone off their backs and to stall/prevent a full reopening of Monroe County schools through the end of this school year. (Document below from August allowing barriers.)

Make your voice heard - Email your superintendent today ! Hey call them too.

Monroe County School Districts / Superintendents


Dr. Kevin McGowen


Sean Bruno

(585) 637-1810


Lori Orologio

East Irondequoit

Mary E. Grow

East Rochester

James Haugh


Brett Provenzano

Gates Chili

Christopher Dailey


Kathleen Graupman


Casey Kosiorek


Brian Bartalo

Honeoye Falls-Lima

Dr. Gene Mancuso


Julie Christensen

Monroe One BOCES

Dr. Daniel T. White

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

JoAnne L. Antonacci


Dr. Thomas Putnam


Michael D. Pero


Lesli Myers-Small, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools 585-262-8378


Mr. Lawrence Bo Wright


Dan Milgate


Dr. Timothy Terranova


Carmen Gumina

West Irondequoit.

Dr. Aaron Johnson


Deborah Leh

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