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Systemic Racism is a Left-Wing Conspiracy Theory

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Bruce Jender and OJ Simpson before the onset of liberal madness

The title’s conceit was never more obvious than the other night when we sat in on one of those White Fragility sessions where white liberals sit around flogging themselves in hopes black people might start to like them. It’s based on that commie book White Fragility – Why it’s so hard for White People to talk about Racism by Robin Diangelo.

I thought it was a Critical Race Theory protest, but the boss Chaplain Ayesha had been misinformed. It was a White Fragility public flogging session for the encouragement of the racist system.

In any case, oh my gosh. White liberals are a bunch of useless wussies. The few black people in the room ended up sounding like conservatives just to buck up their white liberal cheer squad that seemed to be sitting around crying fake tears to hide their happy faces of self-congratulatory smugness.

They’ve read a book, see? And that is like standing on the highest mountain of self-righteous malarky and pretending you’re able to make all the little black people below you bigger by merely looking at them through a government-issued telescope. Spoiler alert: they’re not really bigger.

Except there was one black guy who’d only lived in America for the last 21 years. He didn’t sound conservative. I don’t know where he was from, but he wanted to make sure we all knew about the “Systemic Racism.” How did it affect him? – everyone wanted to know.

He said that he’d taken a lot of Civil Service exams and scored high on them all, but the jobs all went to white people connected to brothers, brothers-in-law, parents or whoever already has the job.

Craziest thing, the guy sitting next to him was a white guy with the vacant look of a below-average student who’d spent too much of his childhood high on dope. As an adult, he’s sporting a CSEA hat and a shirt that said something about how “no lives will matter until black lives matter.” Nothing like a job you can’t lose even though you suck at it and for which you get paid way too much. He was cheering on his lowly un-unionized black brother’s concern about how getting the good CSEA civil service jobs is hard if you aren’t white and connected.

Either that, or he was hoping the black guy didn’t notice that he was the one who has the job the black guy couldn’t get. After the guy said his piece, the CSEA hat actually disappeared – typical move of the guilty white liberal. Don’t rub your club membership trophy hat in when sitting next to a victim of the racist system you run.

Maybe the system really is racist.

However, it must be noted, the system that is racist is fully and one hundred percent run by the Democrat Party. If blacks want to blame all white people for the systemic racism, then that is no less racist than when certain white people blame all black people for crime.

It’s not like the Democrats could fix the system by voting against all the Republicans that run their systems. Why? – because there are no Republicans running their systems. Their mayor’s office, their city councils, their school boards and every local offshoot of the system that’s racist is run by Democrats.

Guess what liberal black people who hate the systemic racism – you need to look at the mirror. Only there will you find the last defense for a free system. Only there will you find a voter who might refrain from voting for the Democrat that keeps the system racist. Only there will you find someone whose collective habit of never thinking for oneself is a habit created by the racist system that is fraught with systemic racism put there by the same Democrats for which you’ve been brainwashed to obediently vote for by the same system you claim is racist.

As a Republican, I will take no responsibility for the system run by Democrats that is racist. None.

Liberal blacks vote for their own plantation managers and then complain how they can’t get a fair shake inside the system they voted for, but they still want to blame white Republicans for their problems. Forget that. You vote for the system you get, and the White Republicans had nothing to do with it. Nor have they been invited to help you out.

Why? – because the plantation managers whom you elect to run your system, even though it will never not be racist, have convinced you that the Republicans are the racists. Duh. No wonder they make sure the teachers in the inner city never allow inner-city students to be taught how to think critically. They might figure this out.

Bottom line, there is only one political party that runs on the line that the system is racist. That is the Democrat Party. They are the only party the benefits from a system that is racist. If all the Republicans had to do was eliminate racism in the system, don’t you think they’d do that? It’s not like the Republicans didn’t free the slaves, fight segregation and then the Democrats in the KKK.

Only problem is, they have no pull in the system that the liberal blacks vote for themselves. None. It’s all Democrats. And that’s who rules over blacks as if they still lived on a plantation. Maybe that’s why all these whites at this session were flogging themselves. If the whites flog themselves, it only makes sense that they’d flog blacks who try to leave the liberal plantation.

They’re training black people to look the other way when they flog black conservatives for being able to think for themselves. Like Sambo.

Make no mistake, it is the Democrats who’ve conspired against blacks and minorities to create a system fueled by racism. Smearing good Americans who aren’t Democrats with the same brush as those in charge of maintaining this systemic racism is just as racist. So, if black liberal people really want to fight racism, they might start by understanding that not all white people are racist Democrats that run the system.

Get the big old racist logs out of your own eyes, and you might be able to see the world a little more clearly. Until then, you’ll be forced to judge all white people by the sissified liberal white guilties who pretend to be your allies even though they are actually the racists running the system. They hate you so much that they’re convinced you’re so stupid you don’t even have the ability to get a free government-issued photo ID.

They’re also the same liberals trying to turn your boys into girls and your girls into boys, but that’s another left-wing conspiracy.

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