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The Frederick Douglass Foundation (NY) 2022 Year in Review

Updated: Jan 13

2022 The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York (FDFNY) Year in REVIEW

A few highlights

  • The Frederick Douglass Foundation NY has grown adding 3 new leaders to the team in 2022. We added one new county ambassador.

  • Congratulations Emily Foster, you are a rock star.

  • Launched a New T-Shirt: It is a promise, not pride.

  • Our Pro-life efforts: Am I Not a child ( - fundraising goal this year $30,000

  • We are honored to have partnered with several other life affirming groups.

  • We worked and organized to see 2 defeats of Planned parenthood.

  • We engaged positively and effectively with hundreds of abortion sympathizers, many reconsidered their beliefs, some became pro-life and several are now actively championing pro-life issues.

  • We were able to get several BLM leaders to partner with us on pro-life issues of the community.

  • Hosted 6 Forums and Round-tables: candidate, economic and prolife.

  • 2 Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY members have been appointed to positions within government.

  • We brought our message of liberty, life and healing to 4 public schools.

  • The Next Steps Radio show was launched on WYSL, in upstate NY.

  • Partnered with Community Pastors to bring in Matt and Will Ford - discussing unity in the church & racial reconciliation

  • The FDFNY team and members knocked on Over 180,000 doors and distributed hundreds of thousands of political and educational literature.

  • This year FDFNY members worked on 18 campaigns with 6 NYS republican candidates winning their elections, including 2 school board candidates.

  • Awoke and activated hundreds on the issue of porn under the guise of comprehensive sex Ed in their schools.

  • Helped get the (FD) Trafficking Victims Protection Act reauthorized.

  • We partnered with 12 organizations to help them build stronger, support their communities, and support candidates.

  • We have equipped and trained several pastors and dozens of affiliated community leaders in 2022.

  • We educated and trained dozens of NYS citizens on what their committees are and how to join.

  • Position Papers:

  • We effectively educated and activated our members and helped other like minded groups to do the same to fight against 3 bills. One bill was defeated.

A FEW related photos and story links from above


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A Video Recap of National Conference 2022 (DLI)

A Few National Highlights

The Frederick Douglass Foundation and Douglass Leadership Institute


The Frederick Douglass Foundation appealed our First Amendment federal court case against the Washington, D.C. mayor and police along with our friends Students for Life against the discriminatory efforts when we attempted to pain "Black Preborn Lives Matter" in front of the mega Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

The Daily Signal released a video featuring FDF Chariman Rev. Dean Nelson and the story of his ancestors. Rev. Nelson also published a moving op-ed in World Magazine.

We hosted our monthly Leaders Live broadcast on the great Booker T. Washington with his great granddaughter, Sarah Washington.

In light of the leaked Dobbs decision reversing Roe v. Wade, DLI hosted a special pro-life Leaders Live with recognized Black pro-life leaders around the country, including Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, Louisiana Senator Katrina Jackson, Ryan Bomberger)

In Northern Virginia, DLI hosted a Juneteenth Jubilee event with Governor Glenn Youngkin.

The DLI and FDF Leadership Teams meeting with

U.S. Congressman Bryon Donalds (R-FL)

DLI partnered with our sister organization, the Frederick Douglass Foundation, to launch an aggressive campaign to see the Frederick Douglass Human Trafficking Protection & Prevention Act reauthorized in Congress.

Our work with pro-life pregnancy centers saving mothers and children

from abortion was featured in the New York Times!


The Dobbs Supreme Court Decision written by Justice Alito mentioned the Amicus Brief our team at FDF submitted to the Court. In addition, we fought and won seeing the Frederick Douglass Human Trafficking & Support Act re-authorized by Congress.

In California, DLI co-hosted the Million Mom’s Off of Welfare training and spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin was the guest of honor

at our DLI Juneteenth Jubilee!

Rev. Nelson at the Watchmen on the Wall conference for pastors!

The team at DLI launched our Criminal Justice Reform, Forward Justice, campaign in Georgia.

FALL 2022

Our School Choice initiative gathered leaders from eight states for learning and strategic planning at our Leaders Live.

Our team at DLI held our second "Our Faith, Our Family, Our Freedom" Conference with hundreds in attendance in Atlanta. Watch the recap video here.

Our team at FDF began our national grassroots campaign, knocking on over 500,000 doors in key battle ground states to help Republicans take back the House of Representatives. We also engaged in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan with over 100 trained poll watchers in urban areas to ensure honest elections.

DLI attending the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Holy Convocation and hosted our monthly Leaders Live on Economic Opportunity.

FDF also engaged in Georgia knocking on tens of thousands of doors and painting "Black Pre-Born Lives Matter" in front of Sen. Warnock's church in Atlanta. In addition, we hosted multiple roundtable events with Church of God in Christ pastors in Virginia preparing them for the Virginia legislative session in 2023.

We partnered with the Million Moms Off Welfare Tour in California!


DLI participated in the annual March for Life, spoke at the National Pro-Life Summit, and spoke in Missouri at at a Family Research Council event for pastors with over 100 pastors and church leaders in attendance.

DLI hosted the Virginia Lt. Governor and Frederick Douglass Foundation member, Winsome Sears, on our monthly Leaders Live call and webcast. In Richmond, DLI Chairman, Rev. Dean Nelson, spoke to 300 pro-life advocates and trained them in how to have an effective lobby day at the Richmond capitol. At Princeton University, we sponsored a lecture series to bring Black Conservative leaders to the campus to challenge the Ivy League students on what they think they knew about Black History Month and the legacies of heroes like Frederick Douglass.

In addition, we spoke at a Republican Black History event in Georgia; fought against the "For the People Act" and the "John Lewis Voting Rights Act"...both attempted Democrat power grabs. In addition, we held several events to celebrate Frederick Douglass’ Birthday and continue to educate Americans that he was a proud Republican.

While the DLI General Counsel continued to send amicus briefs to state supreme courts arguing that they uphold their state pro-life laws, the DLI Chairman, Rev. Dean Nelson, spoke at rally before the Supreme Court advocating for religious freedom.

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