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The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY

We seek to edify, educate, enhance, equip, empower and AGITATE.

There is no political solution to the problems our country faces. You do not change people through politics, but you change politics through a change in people.

We seek to develop an ever changing new cadre of strong minded, politically savy and effective political leaders. Ready to assume leadership roles and more participation in the political process, The Frederick Douglass Foundation's members are "action-oriented doers not just thinkers" who form the foundation for the purpose of collectively coming together and thinking how best to address new and innovative ways in addressing our nations most pressing issues.

What we believe:

  • Limited government

  • Support for traditional values

  • Free market principles

We live in a land of liberty where natural rights of individuals precede and supersede the power of the state.

We are a constitutional republic in which government power is limited and employed for the purpose of providing legitimate public goods rather than for the benefit of insiders and narrow interest groups.

We are a free market in which persons, individually or collectively, have the natural right to sell goods and services to willing buyers, and in which the individual pursuit of economic opportunity benefits all.

We are a free society where citizens solve social problems not only through government but also by working together in families, neighborhoods, churches, charities, and other private, voluntary organizations.

Become a dues paying member here:

We serve to Restore People, Re-build Dreams, Strengthen the Family, Promote Revival and Equip YOU to cast a smarter vote and Vote your Values.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY is part of a national grassroots public policy and educational organization. Our education focuses on conservative biblical worldview principles from both a social and economic framework through community events, workshops, media campaigns, peaceful civic participation, grassroots lobbying, and unifying like-hearted groups.

Such As:

  • Pro-Life

  • Equality in Education

  • Informing Urban Communities

  • Strengthening the Black Family

  • Securing Economic Opportunity

  • Pro-Constitution

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY promotes traditional family values, individualism, REAL American History, truth and equality in education, personal responsibility IS economic freedom, free-market capitalism, the integrity of the constitution of the USA, lower taxes and civic participation from a biblical worldview with the goal of strengthening and sustaining healthy families. Families are the fundamental building blocks for healthy communities and a healthy nation. We recognize God's divine plan that (posterity) child rearing families consisting of both a mother and father is the ideal model for children to be properly nurtured to reach their full potential.

We endeavor to share Christ, educate, organize and mobilize individuals on public policies that affect us all which result in greater impact on civic responsibilities, promotion of self reliance and individual empowerment. Though collective empowerment is important and we strive to unify all like minded groups, we cannot stress enough how imperative it is that individuals stay individuals and groups keep their individual identities and missions.

What we do:

  • Connect — Black Americans, Faith Based organizations, Conservative candidates, Republican Party, elected officials

  • Community Outreach — Assist families in their efforts to remain safe and self-sufficient through education and training

  • Train — Political workers, volunteers, and political candidates

  • Educate— Develop and formulate solutions to address the social, cultural, spiritual and civic needs of our local communities

Become: a prayer partner, a member, a leader in the organization, a Volunteer, a partner organization, a sponsor, a donor. Let us unify, build strong men and women and leave a free country to our children and grand-children.

We cannot do it without your help!

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