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The Little Mermaid - Black, White, Purple - Snowflakes beware

Updated: Sep 20

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I have been asking and I really haven’t met anyone that actually cares about the color of the “little” mermaid.

Do you care? Do you know anyone that cares?

I kind of think that Disney pays people to do this kind of stuff in order to get sales or something. Like a marketing technique

I mean it’s a mythical character. they’ve been blue and purple and orange etc… who cares?

Why would black matter?

Lazy remakes are pathetic sure, they been doing it!

And why are any of you even watching Disney? They are deplorable.

**** edit**

And for those of you who it does matter whether white or black and you were obsessing over this one way or another

I hope you’re able to check yourself and reevaluate a few things.

If y’all are some people out there saying some skincolorist stuff about a mythical character of a mermaid - who doesn’t exist and be can literally be any color I mean they had a purple one in the original do you know what I’m saying - I am glad we are able to help bring some sanity to the conversation.

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I found this a pretty thoughtful piece

By Jonathan Ponds

SNOWFLAKES, keep scrolling… You’ll probably melt into a puddle if you read all of this. Stick with me though because I’m going to speak about both sides of the coin.

Side 1…

There are a good amount of people who are outraged, perplexed and angry about the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel in the upcoming movie The Little Mermaid. Some can’t understand the “why” behind this casting. Why are some people so upset and why are some people so happy? Take a GOOD LONG LOOK at the pictures I’ve posted. They are the reason why some people are so happy. This is how the Black image has been portrayed in media in this past. Yes, even some of it from DISNEY. We, descendants of slaves, were made to look like brainless and lazy baboons who didn’t have enough neurons to rub together to form a coherent thought. What impact do you think that this had on the public perception of Black people? What impact do you think that these repetitive images had on OUR perception of OURSELVES; especially after centuries of being treated worse than animals during slavery?

The reason little Black girls are looking at The Little Mermaid trailer and saying

things like “She looks like me”, “She’s brown like me”, and “That’s Ariel?!?”, is because we are not used to seeing a positive portrayal of ourselves in media. LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES AGAIN. Little white girls are not surprised when they see a white, live action, Cinderalla, Snow White, or Belle. Why? Because they are accustomed to seeing white Disney princesses portrayed in a positive manner. Their parents saw white people portrayed in a positive manner in media. Their grandparents saw white people

portrayed in a positive manner in media. That has been the default. So to those that just can’t understand why it is so important to little Black girls and a lot of Black people in general, to see positive Black images in media, LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES one more time.

Also, I find it very interesting how a lot of the same people who say “I don’t see color”, all

of the sudden have 20/20 vision. When someone says “I don’t see color”, I usually say, “Well what do you do at a stop light?” People have an issue with Ariel being Black now, but don’t bat an eye when a man who was born and raised in the Middle East has been portrayed as white for centuries now. I’m talking about an even more established character. Take a guess. Who is it? JESUS!!!!! I’ve actually been in conversations where I’ve asked white people, “Why do you think that Jesus is portrayed as a white male when he was born and raised in the Middle East?” Want to know what the general response was? Things like, “Well, color shouldn’t matter.” “It shouldn’t be a big deal.” “It’s His message that’s important.” So for Jesus, color doesn’t matter AFTER His race has been changed, but for Ariel, people are up in arms because she has melanin now?

Make it make sense….


Side 2…

Although having positive Black images in media is important, doing a SWITCHAROO on well established characters is a lazy way to do it and actually accomplishes the opposite of what is desired. I’ve heard talks of making 007 (James Bond) a Black woman. There was also a Superman movie that was going to start production in which Clark Kent was going to be Black. Why do these things generally not work? Because people don’t like change. People watch movies to escape; not to be force fed an agenda. Changing well established characters into Black ones INSTEAD of creating NEW AND ORIGINAL Black characters is the laziest thing ever. It would be like making Peter Parker Black instead of making a movie about Miles Morales. It would be like making Clark Kent Black instead of just making a movie about the actual Black Superman in the comics, (Val-Zod). People pushing back on Ariel being Black doesn’t automatically mean that they’re racist. They just might not want to see a character that they grew up with change and look 100% different. I’m Black AND a huge Superman fan, but do I want to see a Black Clark Kent? NOOOOO. Would I like to see a movie about Val-Zod, the Black Superman in the comics? YES!!!

What if they made a Blade movie with Brad Pitt starring as Blade? What if they made an X-Men movie with Jennifer Aniston starring as Storm? What if they made a Static Shock movie with Harry Stiles starring as Static Shock? What if they made a Black Panther reboot with Ryan Reynolds starring as King T’Challa? Get my point? Not being a fan of change doesn’t mean you’re racist. Also, changing a well-established character to being Black doesn’t necessarily do as much good as some may think.

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