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  • Matt Kreutz

The Next Steps Show Interviews Conservative Megastar Nick Searcy

By Matt Kreutz

For the show airing at 1:00pm on Saturday and Sunday, August 27th and 28th, Peter Vazquez and Ayesha Kreutz interview Nick Searcy. I sit in for the interview. He’s not only the Hollywood Megastar you know from shows like Justified and Rodney, or the many major films over numerous decades. He’s also a thorn in the sides of every liberal Hollywood elitist that believes free speech is only for liberals.

When perverted chiefs, who wander the castled halls of Disney scrounging for more and more children to exploit, decided to fire Gina Carano from their Star Wars-based TV show for having a conservative opinion on something, Nick Searcy and company put her in the Daily Wire’s movie Terror on the Prairie. He made her the star, while he played the bad guy called The Captain.

Over the last year and a half, the liberal sell-out Republicans sought to use the patriotic January 6th rally for free-and-fair elections to blame President Donald J. Trump for an insurgency that didn’t happen. They even colluded with the DEMOn-infested-BureauCRATS (they call themselves “Democrats” for short these days).

In response, Nick Searcy put out the movie Capitol Punishment. If there were an actual insurgency, every member of Congress and the Senate would have been executed. Americans are armed to the teeth, and the scared little fanged bunnies in government know that. That’s why they want to confiscate guns.

Bottom line, it wasn’t an insurgency, and no one at the Capitol was in danger from American patriots. That cannot be said of those Democrat-Party-Gestapo members of the Federal Bureau of Incontinence, antifa and BLM who helped stage the whole charade to later be exploited in order to destroy President Donald J. Trump and to make sure no one outside their ruling-class club ever gets to occupy the White House again. Can’t have a guy who represents the pesky little people who pay the taxes, right?

On the other hand, one of their so-called protectors killed a veteran and patriot Ashley Babbitt without ever even offering the warning that he was about to use deadly force.

This bad government dude pulled the trigger on an unarmed woman who wasn’t even a threat to this cowardly DC joke of a man. In return for spilling the blood of Ashley Babbitt, a member in good standing with We the Enemies of Big Government (they call us “the people” for short), this capitol police officer was not investigated or charged for the murder he committed. Don’t see it like that? – you’re a victim of the Goebbels-like-propaganda arm of the collusive and unholy union of big-government and state-run media. Sorry sucker, you’re head ain’t right. We’re going to need the jaws of life to get through your thick skull.

Capitol Punishment, the movie, is not only about the execution of an American patriot, but it’s about the war our own government has declared upon its own people. Yet, the interview with Ashley Babbitt’s husband is profound in so many ways.

Do you know that no court in the whole United States has ever even bothered to look at the evidence that easily proves the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump by the Biden administration and their friends in the Republican Party who hated the greatest outsider of a president since Ronald Reagan? If your answer is no, then you are a victim of propaganda. The judges all colluded with the political class to kick the outsider out of the White House. If you find that acceptable, then you’re part of the reason the republic is dead. Other than Americans who are awake, there a no longer checks and balances.

Do you know the name Ray Epps? If you aren’t aware that Ray Epps was surely a Fed who told everybody who’d listen to run into the Capitol Building, then you need to watch this movie. His repeated calls to attack the capitol are on tape. So are the patriots calling him a fed. Yet, our own government declares it has “no comment” whenever asked why it didn’t arrest him. The New York Slimes even did an article about how this supposed Trump supporter is a victim because his life has been turned upside down by patriots who want him held accountable. Imagine that. If he weren’t a fed, the New York Slimes would never ever have had anything nice to say about him – he’d just be another “insurrectionist” in need of reeducation and diversity training. His only course of rehabilitation would be to start demanding the elimination of the age of consent. The liberals at the NYTs really do love their pedophiles and anybody who helps steal away the innocence from children by any means necessary. Makes them feel good about what they do when no one’s looking.

Do you know about the plight of those who’ve had their homes raided by FBI SWAT teams? Little girls getting handcuffed with laser dots on their chests? Getting evicted from their homes for not believing the lie that Biden was elected? Being thrown in solitary confinement without access to the outside world for days, including access to an attorney? The rampant denial of civil rights to Americans, simply for being unwilling to believe the lie that Biden beat Trump?

If you know about none of this, you need to see Capitol Punishment. The state of our nation is not what you think it is. Get on the right side. Watch the movie. I also love that they discuss how the left manipulates language by adding a modifying word to change the meaning of important concepts. Examples: Politically Correct, My Truth, Social Justice. Beware of language manipulation and understand how to spot it. Subjective Truth is all the liberals have. Without it, their heads would explode, or they’d spontaneously combust at the sight of a cross.

The Republic is lost, and it is only because too many have stood by watching as those who’ve sought to delegitimize dissention have lit the Constitution and Bill of Rights on fire. Nick Searcy is not one of those people.

Another great movie he did was Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. This movie came out in 2018. It’s the true story of late-term abortion provider Kermit Gosnell from Pennsylvania. He’s in jail now, but before that happened, he was one of the heroes of the Democrat Party. That party loves to kill babies any way it can. Gosnell would clip the spinal cords of viable babies after they had exited their mother’s womb. Just as they were about to cry for the first time, snip, they were dead by the hand of a doctor on the government’s payroll.

The great thing about this movie is how it describes the actual barbarity of the abortion process, even the abortions that aren’t late term. Democrats consider this process a sacrament, but that’s because the party is filled with population-controlling monsters who make sure depravity is the number one ingredient in whatever scheme they’re cooking up.

Hesitant watchers should fear not, though. This is not some horror movie that only involves a monster hunting down little babies in the womb before he slaughters them in the most unthinkably painful manners that should be unimaginable to any civilized man. It’s about the trial of that man. It’s about the sacrament that every member of the Democrat Party recently voted to make available to women and little girls who get impregnated by touchy-feelie liberal men: Late term abortion and even abortion. Abortion isn’t just to sacrifice babies to Molech, it’s also a method of hiding the evidence of their depravity. Every Democrat in the Senate voted to keep this monstrous ceremony of death legal and government-funded. It is one of top three most important sacraments to the dark lord they worship.

If you’re one of those people who just can’t figure out why all your Democrat friends are crazy in the head, watch this movie. You’ll understand why there is a distinct intellectual and moral schism between those who oppose the sacrifice of babies and those who celebrate it. While there are those who sit on the fence in the middle, it’s the Devil that owns the fence, and it’s the devil that marked that terror-tory with the piss of Hades.

More recently, Nick Searcy starred in the western movie, Terror on the Prairie. I liked this movie for several reasons. One, Nick Searcy plays The Captain. Like Boyd Crowder, of Nick Searcy’s show Justified, The Captain perverts scripture to justify his evil doing. If you’ve seen the show Justified, you know that Boyd Crowder is the greatest bad guy to hit any screen ever. While The Captain’s character is not as developed as the character of Boyd Crowder in Justified, which had six seasons to develop him, there are shades of Crowder in The Captain. Gina Carano is amazing a Hattie.

This is a story of vengeance. Christians know that seeking vengeance is a sin. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.” – Romans 12:19. However, The Captain is a broken man. He seeks vengeance at all costs, and he uses his own perversion of scripture to justify his mission, much like the Democrats use the perversion of scripture every time they argue God supports abortion.

Won’t tell you any more about the movie, but I had a personal reason for liking it. The character Jake Chambliss, in my Untamed Fury Trilogy (The third installment will be out soon), struggles with seeking vengeance. Only thing is, Untamed Fury explores vengeance from the point of view of someone who struggles with having been turned into a killing machine during his military service but who seeks to save his soul once he’s freed of being obligated to follow orders. His struggle is with trying to save his soul at the same time needing to either seek vengeance or allow his friends and himself to die. While Jake tries not to pervert scripture, The Captain has no choice. The Captain’s soul is shriveled and brutalized beyond redemption in his seeking vengeance at any and all costs. It’s like how the soul of the emperor, of the Star Wars Saga, is beyond redemption, even as the soul of Darth Vader isn’t. Yes, The Captain’s soul is further beyond redemption than that of Darth Vader. And that is the kind of struggle that leads to Terror on the Prairie.

Nick Searcy is an American Treasure. I have been reading his Twitter page for years. His ability to stand up to liberals with a quick slap at the balls delivered with a smile is well-worth your time. He is funny and fully irreverent when it comes to liberals and their uber-sensitive love of all that is unholy.

As human beings, “waking up” is little more than the realization that we can either have a soul or we can have the love of liberals – but we can’t have both. If you haven’t realized that yet, then Nick Searcy’s coming to the rescue.

Bottom line, please join The Next Steps Show on WYSL 1040 AM on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm. Or please catch the show’s podcast at

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