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The RNC Speakers Including FDFNC President Clarence Henderson

#FDFNational in the house -


Speaker list : https://www.donaldjtrump.com/media/trump-campaign-announces-speakers-for-this-weeks-historic-republican-national-convention


In order of appearance

  • Timothy Cardinal Dolan, archbishop of New York

  • Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA

  • Rebecca Friedrichs, public school teacher

  • Tanya Weinreis, small business owner whose coffee shop qualified for a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program

  • Representative Matt Gaetz

  • Kim Klacik, Republican congressional nominee

  • Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee

  • Amy Johnson Ford, nurse practitioner

  • Dr. G.E. Ghali, surgeon

  • Representative Jim Jordan

  • Herschel Walker, former NFL player and businessman

  • Natalie Harp, Trump campaign advisory board member

  • Vernon Jones, Georgia state representative 

  • Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, who was killed in the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey, St. Louis couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters

  • Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump campaign fundraiser and girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr.

  • House Republican Whip Steve Scalise

  • Sean Parnell, Republican congressional nominee

  • Maximo Alvarez, founder of Sunshine Gasoline

  • Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

  • Donald Trump, Jr., oldest son of President Trump

  • Senator Tim Scott


In order of appearance

  • Norma Urrabazo, pastor and executive at the National Latina/Latino Commission

  • Myron Lizer, Navajo Nation vice president

  • Richard Beasley, former FBI agent

  • Jon Ponder, founder and CEO of HOPE for Prisoners, Inc.

  • Senator Rand Paul

  • Jason Joyce, Maine lobsterman

  • Cris Peterson, Minnesota dairy farmer

  • Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council

  • John Peterson, CEO of Schuette Metals

  • Cissie Graham Lynch, granddaughter of Billy Graham

  • Robert Vlaisavljevich, mayor of Eveleth, Minnesota

  • Abby Johnson, anti-abortion rights activist

  • Mary Ann Mendoza, mother whose son was killed by an undocumented immigrant

  • Nicholas Sandmann, student who sued news outlets after confrontation with Native American activist

  • Pam Bondi, former Florida attorney general 

  • Tiffany Trump, daughter of Mr. Trump

  • Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

  • Ryan Holets, police officer known for adopting opioid-addicted baby

  • Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez

  • Eric Trump, son of Mr. Trump

  • Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

  • First lady Melania Trump


  • Vice President Mike Pence

  • Second Lady Karen Pence

  • Senator Marsha Blackburn

  • Senator Joni Ernst

  • South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

  • Representative Dan Crenshaw

  • Representative Elise Stefanik

  • Representative Lee Zeldin

  • Richard Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence

  • Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor

  • Keith Kellogg, national security adviser to the vice president

  • Jack Brewer, former NFL player

  • Sister Dede Byrne, surgeon and military veteran

  • Madison Cawthorn, Republican congressional nominee

  • Scott Dane, executive director, Associated Contract Loggers & Truckers of Minnesota

  • Clarence Henderson, civil rights activist

  • Michael McHale, National Association of Police Organizations president

  • Burgess Owens, former NFL player and GOP congressional nominee

  • Lara Trump, Trump campaign adviser and wife of Eric Trump


  • President Trump

  • HUD Secretary Ben Carson

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

  • Senator Tom Cotton

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

  • Representative Jeff Van Drew

  • Ivanka Trump, White House senior adviser

  • Ja'Ron Smith, White House assistant

  • Ann Dorn, widow of former police officer killed in St. Louis

  • Debbie Flood

  • Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor

  • Franklin Graham, evangelical leader

  • Alice Johnson, ex-inmate pardoned by Mr. Trump

  • Wade Mayfield

  • Carl and Marsha Mueller, parents of U.S. aid worker killed by ISIS

  • Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Clarence Henderson........

My story is being part of something that changed the course of history in America." 

Ken Farnaso, the deputy national press secretary for President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, calls Henderson a "champion of freedom" and "strong advocate for civil rights and equality."

"His unique story and upbringing is one that every American. or those who wonder how a Black man, much less one like Henderson who was at the epicenter of the civil rights movement's resurgence in the 1960s, can support Trump, well, the answer for him is easy. "Politicians are a dime a dozen, but leaders are priceless," said Henderson, who attended Dudley High School. "Donald Trump is a leader. And he loves America." Henderson does, too. Even though the America he has fought for as both an activist and Army soldier didn't always love him. In 1960, Henderson became a part of history, which was memorialized in what is now an iconic photo, when four A&T freshmen — Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond and Ezell Blair Jr. (now Jibreel Khazan) — sat at Woolworth's segregated lunch counter and asked to be served. When they were denied, Henderson and others would fill the seats over a period of months, until the counter was integrated. The sit-in movement spread and is credited with spurring radical changes for people of color throughout the South. Henderson, who showed up at Woolworth on the second day of the sit-ins, says that his life wasn't immune to racism before that event — or after. While in the Army, he recalled flyers that showed up at the Alabama military installation where he was assigned. At the time, former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, an avowed segregationist, was running for president. "(The flyers) said: 'Put a white man in the White House and not that 'n-lover' Lyndon Baines Johnson," Henderson said. He says those who see Trump as racist are wrong. As evidence, critics of Trump would point to 2017 and a white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va., that turned violent and led to the death of a counter-protester. Trump would infamously say afterwards that there were "very fine people" on both sides. But Henderson said critics need to get the full context of what Trump meant. He wasn't condoning their actions. "I know what racism is," Henderson said. "I know it every time I see it." As you can imagine, he's gotten grief for being a Black Republican. Henderson says that his fight for equal rights for Black people is not voided by the fact that he also believes in less government in the lives of individuals and the economic policies of the Republican Party.  "People are apprehensive about what they'll say (about Trump)," Henderson said. "I'm not, but others are." Henderson thinks Trump will serve another term. On Wednesday, he'll do his part to get him there. Read the whole article HERE


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