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Washington Post Yenta goes Full-on Nazi on Trump Republican Party

When the so-called anti-fascist Never-Trumpers are unleashed, you can barely differentiate their words and those of the early Nazi Party. Jennifer Rubin is sold by her print pimps over at Jeff Bezos' Washington Compost as a "Republican," but she's as Republican as Democrat Senator Robert KKK Byrd. They only call her that so they can smear Republicans by blaming her monstrous thinking on her being a Republican. She's willingly posing as their Republican boogeyman.

Here's a bit of what she said:

It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them because if there are survivors — if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again...

My advice for Jennifer Rubin is to cool it with the facelifts. If she pulls that face any tighter, the slow suffocation of her brain will quickly become a full suffocation. Out of my love of Jesus Christ, I hope you get some help lady. And for the love of history, why is it that a descendant of the Jews saved in Nazi Germany has to be the one calling for the liquidation of the Christians in America by fire. It was the American Christians, after all, whose ancestors were the ones who closed down the camps?

If her only response to that question is: "I didn't mean it literally," then lay off our hilarious president when he jokes at your expense. For example, when he asked Putin to find Hillary's emails after our own Federal Bureau of Incontinence refused to do anything about all the crimes she committed. That was funny, and if you couldn't laugh at it, you need help. Your inability to laugh is not a knock at us. It's a knock at you for having allowed the Democrat Party to remove your sense of humor through your rectum. That night you secretly thought you were abducted by aliens and butt probed, that was the Democrats removing your sense of humor and adding you to their Borg collective.

And don't bother calling me an anti-Semite you Borgian simpletons. Just because she's a Jew doesn't mean I have to like her or that she's exempt from criticism. I support Israel more than anyone who voted for Hillary or Obama the Israel haters. A desire to prevent the next holocaust involves voting for Trump and not the party that tries to give Iran the nuclear bomb so the world can be rid of the Holy Land for good. That's right Yenta, I said it. A vote against Trump, after whom Israel named a settlement, is a vote to liquidate the Jews of Israel. Yet this Yenta believes my ilk and I are the ones that need to be "leveled" until there are no "survivors." The world's upside down.

Now for a quick liberal-white-guilt check. If you are still inclined to think I'm an anti-Semite, unable to counter your social programming, think about this. Brain-damaged yenta said I, along with all Christian supporters of Donald Trump, should be leveled and burned to death upon a field where there's no survivors. All I said was that her facelifts were depriving her brain of oxygen and that she shouldn't be so quick to support candidates who are actively hastening the destruction of Israel.

Wake up "Woke" people. You're the suckers.

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