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We need your support: prayers, financial, volunteer

Give to the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY today HERE Pro-God, Pro-life, Pro-Constitution

Find our more about what we do or how you can get involved HERE and HERE

Did you know our team is already working overtime to plan out 2023:

We are working on our Citizen Heroes Awards Dinner, Helping our Wayne county chapter get up and running, of course our Am I not a child projects (; getting another county up and running continuing to recruit and equip Black pastors to help and stand up for mothers and babies.

This is in addition to:

  • deciding which organizations we are going to partner and strengthen Leadership training

  • Committeeman education and training,

  • Researching which bills we will need to lobby against

  • Fighting CRT and Comprehensive sex ed in our grade and high-schools

  • A Black History Month educational series

  • Our Forward Justice, a criminal justice initiative

and so much more... Oh or who can we bring in this year? Will Ford and Matt Locket again? Ben Shapiro? Thomas Sowell, Allen West? As you can see, we have a lot we're setting out to do. will only be possible because of you and your prayers and financial support. Friend, I think we all know just how critical 2023 is going to be for our nation for New York State and our communities. We will need to stand for our rights as Christians to have a say in the education of our children, to protect innocent unborn children, and to advocate for common-sense prison reform and for marriage the way God designed it. There's much we must do. See How you can get involved


Here is a little bit more information from a post we made.... Our organization(s) is now active in 25 states with more than 7,500 leaders and 2,500 connected churches. We have official chapters in 15 States with 4 more waiting to come online. In NY alone we knocked on almost 200,000 doors. Had members work on 11 campaigns, 6 that won. We worked with, trained up and strengthened dozens of new and seasoned groups and leaders over the last year. To name just a few things. Help us continue our work. Training, proper messaging, seminars, events, lobbying, position papers, writing campaigns, literature distribution, get out the vote and more. Can you give $5? $20? $100? $1 To date, we've distributed more than 3.5 MILLION voter guides before this midterm elections, organized over 300 community events & roundtables, virtual and in person leadership events, with community leaders, pastors, politicians and candidates that have reached thousands, and trained hundreds of individuals and pastors. We have trained up dozens of new and existing leaders across the county. That is right we not only train up leaders in our organization but help strengthen other people, groups and organizations many would call our "rivals" or "competitors" - but not us. This is just ONE of the things that make us so unique. Please consider donating to us as we begin to look at 2023 and decide what we can and cannot do. Biblically Correct and Politically Direct We are also looking for officers on the board, county volunteers: leaders, speakers, trainers, researchers and more. Join the leadership team today contact Ayesha at akreutz @ fdfny . org - take out the spaces

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