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Yes Blacks, Minorities are most affected by abortion. By design - Pop Pop another boy is dead

By Ayesha Kreutz

A speech from 2012

Planned Parenthood Accomplishing what the KKK Could not

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and without life, nothing else is possible."

I have no doubt whatsoever that God never intended us to violate this fundamental truth. It is the 6th Commandment after all "that thou shall not take innocent life."

Today we are always hearing the term Social Justice. It’s become this social buzzword that means “I care” or that some group cares... But typically this form of Social Justice is a fraud. At is essence in regards to abortion, it claims women aren’t equal in society unless they have the right to kill their unborn. It never addresses the ills that fall upon a society in which many women silently suffer the regret of having done so.

How can we call ourselves a civilized people as we create a culture of Death and Rejection? How can we continue to replace absolute Biblical truths with a hodgepodge of morally relative codes of conduct issued by everyone’s own personal Jesus? We’re casting aside the most basic and essential premise of civilization- the respect for life and innocent life at that.

Society depends upon people living by the same code of conduct. In the past, that code was learned in church, but today, a smaller percentage of the population attends church, and some churches have even sold their souls by adopting the social justice movement and its post-modern moral relativity to replace the laws of God. They might do this to attract those that, for whatever reason, can’t live by the laws of God, but this just seeks to increase the percentage of the population that has cast off the yolk of moral uprightness that God has called on us to wear. True, that yolk is very uncomfortable at times, but it is necessary to keep us civilized.

Man without restraint is an animal capable of many God-awful things, and this can be seen whenever socialists adopt their own rules and kick God out of their cultures. Nearly 150 million people were killed, slaughtered and starved to death by the godless Communists and the godless Nazis in just the last century. So, as we slouch towards Gomorrah, as Judge Robert H. Bork described it in his book, appropriately titled Slouching Towards Gomorrah, I will argue that, in order to understand abortion and its effects on society, we must go back and look at those that brought it to us and at their motivations for doing so.

We all know that Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, but we need to look at what happened before 1973 to understand what would make a society turn on itself and despise itself so much that it would allow its government to legalize the killing of its unborn. Directly before the decision, we had the 1960’s. In the 60’s, the huge Baby Boomer generation mixed hormones with psychedelic drugs, rock and roll, rebellion and a healthy dose of boredom. As Judge Bork writes:

Boredom is a much-underrated emotion. The young, especially the very intelligent and vigorous, who have not yet found a path in life are particularly susceptible to boredom’s relentless ache. It is an emotion that is dangerous for individuals and for society because a lot of the cures are anti-social: alcohol, narcotics, cruelty, pornography, violence, zealotry in a political cause. Many of the Sixties generation shopped that list. Gerald Howard wrote: “Rock ‘n’ roll, a raw and powerful new form of music, crystallized all the youthfulness, dynamism and hypersexuality on the loose- the Pied Piper’s tune of the new freedoms. An apt metaphor: I have read that the historical Pied Piper led the children into the forest, where he massacred and dismembered them. Todd Gitlin, once a leader in SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), stresses many of these factors as shaping his generation, and adds another: the “rock bottom fact that life ends.” To adolescents without religious belief, that realization can be devastating. Radical politics can then become a substitute for a religion, a way to seek meaning in life, and even, one can hope, a form of immorality. To lead or to be part of a movement that changes the world is, perhaps, to be remembered forever. For many, modern liberalism is a religion.

Judge Robert Bork was previously famous for being denied his appointed seat on the Supreme Court for the simple reason that he was unashamedly pro-life. I know that excerpt is long, but I think we have to look at what happened to society in the 60s to

understand how society got to the point where we’ve killed 50 million unborn babies, and we call it “choice.” The Baby Boomer generation was quite affluent compared to their parents who’d lived through the depression. With affluence comes boredom and with boredom come all the temptations and the consequences of those temptations that would necessitate a need for a law to decriminalize the killing of inconvenient unborn children.

It’s funny, I very often run into baby boomers who find themselves curiously inquisitive as to how I could be so conservative. I remind them that I was born into a more conservative generation. I saw firsthand the social derangement that the 60s generation unleashed on our society. The widespread family breakdown was an inevitable consequence of their generation’s efforts to create a world without consequence. When your personal Jesus continuously tells you to relax about any violation of the Biblical code that your parents had taught you to follow, then eventually, there are no violations worth worrying about. Not even killing an unborn child in the womb.

That right there is a consequence of a huge generation of youngsters seeking to cure their boredom without allowing the trip to end with inconvenient occurrences that might have, in another generation, signaled the end of youth. It’s true, while many of the Baby boomers did grow up, many still haven’t. Some of those that haven’t run our country. The quest for a consequence-free life has lead them to adopt radical politics that are based upon a code of conduct that finds itself fully in disagreement with the Biblical code our Creator left us with.

The sad thing is, many have had abortions themselves. Personally, having had more than one myself, I can attest that having an abortion changes you. Too often, it changes you in ways you don’t expect. Also in ways you don’t want it to. Without God and the forgiveness that Jesus Christ gives us, these changes can be devastating.

We very often see the radical feminists spewing hatred at pro-lifers as if they’re speaking in tongues from the devil himself, but that is how having had an abortion changes you. If you can’t come to any peace within by accepting the grace of God and His forgiveness, you are stuck inside a body whose womb is a place where a horrendous act has taken place. The baby is gone, but the death womb isn’t. It’s right there with you every minute of your life.

Post-abortive syndrome is not a pleasant experience for those who haven’t accepted God’s forgiveness.

There’s a need to lash out at those who remind you of the horrible thing that has happened in your womb. There is sometimes a need to give the experience you’ve had to others by encouraging them to do the same thing that you’ve done. Misery loves company.

We, as pro-lifers, must be aware of this. We must be sympathetic to this fact. It’s easy to despise those that push and encourage abortion, but it’s also easy to ignore the fact that you don’t know what is going on in their heads. As a chaplain, I try to keep this in mind. It’s easier to reach out to those in need by reminding them that I was once someone in need- like they are now.

What they hate more than anything is judgment. But really, they’re not trying to escape

your judgment as much as they are trying to escape their own self-judgment. This is hard to explain to someone who can’t figure out how to deal with the emotions they have coming out of them due to an abortion. Before they had it, they were assured it was nothing more than a blob. But afterwards, they realize there’s something missing. They were lied to. And then they struggle with their conscience that is trying to convince them that they actually killed a baby.

I fully believe that the reason we have a conscience is because the Word of God was imprinted on our souls at conception, and without one, we’d all be psychopaths. A psychopath, without a functioning conscience, has been fully reprogrammed. Most of us fit in the middle. We have a conscience, but we occasionally fight it with rationalizations of our sins.

In any case, there are many, many women walking around our country dealing with this metaphorical bloody stake in their conscience. There are many ways to deal with it, as you can imagine. But we too often think that abortion only affects the child that dies. It also affects the mother that let that child die. She goes in thinking she’ll come out a woman without a child, but, as I write in my essay in the book Life at All Costs, edited by Dr. Alveda King and Dr. La Verne Tolbert, this woman eventually realizes that she is really a mother with a dead child. At least that was my realization. Those that run from this realization too often try to convince others to do as they have. But for people like me, I try to help others avoid this fate.

Furthermore, we very often neglect the effects of abortion on the father of the child. While he might not experience the physical disconnect of losing the connection between the mother and her child, men, who very often experience emotions quietly, suffer post-abortive syndrome as well. With that in mind, we must be sensitive to this as we try to help society cure itself of this self-destructive social plague that has left over 50 million Americans without life.

Now, I don’t in anyway want to insinuate that I believe that abortion was created by the baby boomer generation. It was a bubbling poison in the American culture before it actually became illegal to make abortion illegal due to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

In fact, abortion and baby killing existed before America was even conceived. In 2nd Kings, we read about the King of Moab offering his son to the demon-god Chemosh by burning him. In Leviticus chapter 20, we read about how God denounces the demon-god Molech by name. As Dr. La Verne Tolbert writes in Life at All Costs, “God further warns that he will cut off from the people of God not only the one who practiced such sacrifice but also all who ‘at all close their eyes to that man when he gives one of his children to Molech’- Lev. 20:4.”

But we as humans too often ignore the Bible and create our own morality to suit our purposes here on earth. In the 19th Century, the Eugenics movement was begun by Francis Galton, who is considered the father of eugenics. He made his family fortune from the slave trade. Incidentally, he was Charles Darwin’s cousin, and, while Darwin’s theories are taught to our children as fact by order of a government that has chased God from all curricula, Darwin’s motivation to develop part of his theory is left out of these government-mandated teachings. Darwin contended that man evolved from apes in order to argue that the black man is inferior because he is somehow closer in genetic evolution to the ape. And for that reason, there was no reason to grant the black man equal rights in society, even though he was no longer a slave.

That’s right, I said it. Darwin was a racist making arguments that his slave trading cousin was using to justify his efforts to eliminate the black man from society. One must remember, during the time of slavery, the slaves were considered property. Once they were freed, they became liabilities, and for those with money and wealth, that meant that part of their incomes would be used to take care of the freed blacks who weren’t capable of functioning economically in a society that discriminated against them. Upon being freed from slavery, they didn’t all suddenly know how to read. Frederick Douglass was taught to read by his slave master’s wife, against the will of that slave master. Those that owned slaves kept them illiterate in order to keep them from seeking freedom.

Therefore, those that had wealth to protect needed to fund something that would help keep the costs of civilization down by getting rid of black people. Along came Margaret Sanger, her Birth Control Review and The American Birth Control League, which later changed its name to Planned Parenthood in order to further hide its original intents.

You see, Margaret Sanger didn’t want to say outright that we eugenists want to kill blacks. They stated that their goals were to improve society by improving the genetics of the population without describing their methods in detail. She used euphemisms for blacks. She called them the feeble minded, the shiftless and the poor. Planned Parenthood emphasized the quality of life in its argument for sterilization of the poor and their elimination. This was her solution for the poor. And today we hear that same mantra more and more.

Planned Parenthood was the front group for the American Eugenics Society, to which Sanger belonged. As well, T. Lothrop Stoddard and Eugene Fischer were members. They were supporters of the Nazis. In fact Stoddard met with Hitler and Himmler, who consulted him in their efforts to eliminate what they considered the weak links in the German population. And this was all funded by big money foundations, including the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations. The Nazis were natural allies with the American Eugenics movement.

Incidentally, the company that made the Nazi Death Camp gas Zyklon B was IG Farben. It later became Hoechst AG. Hoechst AG then bought Roussel Uclaf, the French Pharmaceutical Company that makes RU-486, the chemical abortion pill. And again, there is a Rockefeller connection to IG Farben.

Furthermore, it’s not spoken of much, but Margaret Sanger actually called for the US government to set aside camps for the illiterate, the paupers, the unemployed and those the state labeled feebleminded. This is probably just a little more evidence of the well-known mutual admiration between the Nazis and the Eugenics movement.

While these Sanger efforts weren’t ultimately realized, the mass sterilization of black women continued. One 13-year-old girl named Elaine Riddick was raped and impregnated. The government told her grandmother that Elaine would have to have an abortion and be sterilized or her grandmother would lose her benefits. She was torn, but out of fear of starving, she agreed to have her 13-year-old granddaughter sterilized without the little girl’s knowledge. The government, guided by the eugenics arguments, told the grandmother that this girl was feebleminded because she had never done a day’s work. She was 13. In the movie Maafa 21, a movie we often show, Elaine Riddick talks about her experience. “They cut me open like I was a hog. I didn’t even know nothing about this stuff.” Incidentally, the NC eugenics wing that did this to her was financed by Clarence James Gamble, an heir to the Procter and Gamble fortune.

One would think that if you’re selling soup, it would be profitable to hope for more folks to be alive that need feeding. But no, too many of our wealthy elites put their money towards programs that fund the culling of the black population. Even today, consider the fact that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Ted Turner all donate millions and millions to population control programs.

But it didn’t stop with Elaine Riddick. Many poor black folks were told that if they didn’t get sterilized and have their children sterilized as well, they’d lose their welfare.

Then came the Birth Control Pill. They originally hoped that it would be used by blacks, but, to the Eugenics movement’s unpleasant surprise, it was embraced by whites. The blacks didn’t want to reduce their population and give up what little control they had. There were then calls to put birth control into the water in urban neighborhoods and require black folks to apply to the government for the right to get pregnant. I’m not making this up. This is what they were calling for in America.

And I know, some of you may be wondering why I’m talking about this. I’m getting to my point. The next level of extermination of the inconvenients is, as we all know, abortion. This is what they considered the Final Solution. Yes, I’m sure you’re familiar with that term. If they weren’t going to get away with killing blacks, they were going to do it while they were in the womb.

Did you know that before Roe vs. Wade, there were 5 whites having abortions to every one black having an abortion? Before 1973, the black family was as in tact as the white family in America. Keep that in mind. After 1973, this all changed. Now, I just want to read to you a few statistics from an article called “Why I Can’t Wait” by a Frederick Douglass Foundation of California leader and my friend Reverend Walter Hoye. I love this man. He is truly amazing.

Since 1973, over 14.5 million black babies have been killed by abortion. That’s 1,200 black babies a day. Blacks account for 13 percent of the population, but 30% of total abortions since 1973. Today, 37% of all abortions in the country are performed on Black American women and their preborn children.” “Abortion alone accounts for 3 times more deaths in our community than HIV/AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease combined.” I cannot wait, my people are dying… “According to Alan Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, black women are nearly five times as likely as non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion.” My people are dying… Also according the Guttmacher Institute, since 1973, more black babies have been killed by abortion than the total number of black American deaths from all other causes combined.

Our people are dying…

These numbers are no surprise considering that 60% of Planned Parenthoods are strategically located in black communities.

My Our are dying…

Today, for every 100 black babies born alive, there are another 77 black babies killed by abortion.

I cannot wait, people are dying…

According to the Tuskegee Institute, between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Negroes were lynched by the KKK in the US. Today, abortion in the black community kills more black Americans in less than 3 days than the Ku Klux Klan could kill in 86 years.

Did you hear that last stat? Planned parenthood kills more blacks in 3 days than the KKK did in 86 years.

In New York City, for every 1000 black babies born to teens, 1,684 are aborted. And for blacks of all ages, for every 1000 live births, there are 1,288 aborted. In other words,


And to paraphrase Rev. Johnny Hunter and many other black pro-life leaders, “The most dangerous place for a black baby is in his mother’s womb.”

This overt racism behind the drive to cull black people in the womb didn’t just disappear when Bill Clinton became president and black liberals loved him because he plays saxophone, loves fried foods and cheats on his wife. Nope. One of his Supreme Court appointments, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in a 2009 New York Times interview: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in population that we don’t want to have too many of.” Our Supreme Court Justice’s sober description of abortion as a tool to eliminate people society doesn’t want is eerily similar to Margaret Sanger’s description of it as tool used to “pull the weeds,” meaning black people, from society.

So Sanger went to the pastors in the black church and convinced them to be front men for eugenics. Soon, you’d hear them give pro-eugenics sermons. With Rockafeller money, they formed the RCAR (Religious Coalition of Abortion Rights). The name was changed in 1993 to Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice (RCRC.org). The dean of historical black college Howard University’s Divinity School is the Chairman of the Board. If you go to their website, they’ve got articles demanding that FDF member and niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Alveda King cease calling abortion genocide. They have another article calling it a “racist campaign against women of color.” Think about that. If you say something like “black women shouldn’t kill their babies,” they call you a racist.

How does Satan whip up logic like that with a straight face?

Did you know that in the early days of abortion, back before blacks were killing themselves in brown buildings with tinted glass that prevents the outside world from seeing what’s going on, famous so-called civil rights people like Jesse Jackson were pro-life. The Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers, they were all pro-life.

But then that Rockefeller money started to flow like the oil that made it and these leaders committed treason to their own people. They sold us out, and look at the shape of the black family in America now.

But it’s not just here in America. The United Nations actually refuses to contribute aid and help to nations in need after natural disasters unless these nations approve birth control and abortion. When doctors go to clinics set up in these nations, the supply rooms have tons of medicine and equipment for birth control and abortion, but nothing that will help deliver a baby. This is what our international aid dollars are funding. It’s easier to feed the needy when there are a lot fewer needy mouths to feed.

Listen, I could go on and on regarding this, but I just wanted to give you a taste of some of the educational truths that we at the Frederick Douglass Foundation use as an educational foundation in our efforts to help America realize the real history and real motivations behind the genocidal plague that has killed 50 million people, HERE IN AMERICA, in the last 40 years. 50 million people are a lot. Those are dictator numbers. Hitler killed 13 million in his Death Camps. Lenin notched 7 to 8 million, Stalin was up in the mid 40 millions. Mao might have gotten near 50 million kills, but who can say? The important part is: not even the worst genocidal maniacs in the world’s history have beaten the kill numbers of the abortion mills in America.

So, What does this do to society?

We have to ask ourselves, what did the titans of industry from yesteryear get for their money? Has the money of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Ted Turner used to cover the abortions of those they don’t want to feed really been worth the investment?

Consider this. What does the treatment of abortion as civil right do to the developing mind of the young man?

He suddenly feels entitled to being able to coax his girlfriend into getting an abortion when she gets pregnant because the consequences of the life change that would entail fatherhood are too great. There is very little pressure on these boys to man up and accept the role of father, and this pressure pales into comparison to the pressure on the pregnant black women to get the abortion.

This is the case now, even more than it was before abortion was turned into a rite of passage especially in the minority community. Back then, the black family was as in tact as the white family. Now, however, over 70% of the black children in America are born out of wedlock. Over 70% of black children in America grow up without their fathers in their home. Over 70% of all men in prison in America are black. Over 70% of those black prisoners grew up without a father. Are you seeing a pattern?

Boys are taught early that they don’t have to be responsible for the children he creates- especially by the fact that, chances are, his own father isn’t even around.

With teenage black unemployment over 44% right now, chances are he doesn’t have a father keeping him straight, he doesn’t have a job to keep his hands busy, he doesn’t have a child who expects him at night, he doesn’t have a girlfriend or wife who expects him to be there, and he’s well aware of how to talk a girl into getting an abortion if he slips one past the goalie. His hands are idle, idle hands do the devil’s work, and the prisons are filled with boys just like this one. It’s very easy to live up to expectations when expectations are that low. And this is how too many in America suffer from the soft bigotry of low expectations.

And what does it teach him about life when society teaches him that it’s all right to take the life of an unborn child? This is the same society that’s run by a government that gives his mother and many of the mothers he knows benefits. He’s not so dumb as to conclude that that child was guilty and deserved to die. However, in a world full of angst, hormones, and drugs and alcohol to help soothe the boredom that Judge Robert Bork wrote of, he might find it even easier to kill someone else who isn’t so innocent as to have never sinned out of free will like an unborn baby. Pop,Pop,Pop, another boy is dead, and it might be over a pair of nice sneakers. That’s where this ideology of the being pro-death leads- a society filled with bored and unemployed boys with idle hands and a reprogrammed sense of morality. And I could mention lack of education, but ultimately, the mass lack of interest in getting an education is a result of a society that has such low expectations to begin with.

Why bother learning to read when the government will clean up all your messes?

We are all imprinted with the Biblical knowledge of right and wrong. I can’t prove that, but that is what faith is for.

The welfare state, built around the ceremony of abortion, seeks to reprogram that knowledge in very unbiblical ways. Think about a single mother who has so many kids that she doesn’t have time to go to work. It’s a simple fact that, many of the fathers of those children don’t step up because they’ve been convinced that, if she didn’t get the abortion he thought she should have gotten, then that kid is her responsibility. She then takes that responsibility and too often doesn’t have the money to afford the family she has. In other words, she needs benefits.

And those government checks are the most solid source of income she’s ever had. But, if she meets a nice man that wants to marry her, ultimately, she will have to choose between a sure thing in the form of benefits and a man who may not always have a job to take care of her.

In other words, the system that has ensnared my people is not a safety net. It’s a spider web. It might keep her from falling, but it also works to keep her from getting up.

It’s a system that takes away her benefits if she does something right- like getting married. It’s also a system that pays her more if she has another out-of-wedlock child. The system rewards wrong behavior and punishes right behavior. And those definitions of wrong and right are in the Bible, and that is why this welfare state is so unbiblical. It rots from top to bottom, and abortion is the holy communion of ceremonial rites inside this rotten system.

Sacrifice your baby on the alter of Planned Parenthood, and we’ll give you everything you need.

And I don’t care what color you are, how wealthy you are or how religious you are. This affects us all. Society will cave in upon itself without the foundation of marriage and of family holding it up. The abortion numbers for blacks in America are extremely high, but the numbers whites are high too and Hispanics are getting up there as well. The Hispanic family, as it becomes Americanized, is becoming more and more disjointed, just like the black family had done before. As the spider web of the welfare state sucks them in, it will just get worse.

And as part of this misguided form of social Justice, we have white woman leading the charge dressing up in Vagina outfits and demanding free on-demand abortions.

However, should we just resign ourselves to this social black hole that will ultimately swallow everything that’s good about America, or should we fight like the future of the world depends upon us? For me, it’s the latter.

I’ve had two abortions. I no longer seek to justify and rationalize it. I was lied to by many, but it was my seeking of forgiveness that has brought me to this place with all of you fine people. And that’s the message we must carry. It’s not one of judgment. It’s one of salvation. Salvation is there for those who seek it.

But how do you convince your atheist friends who have no faith in anything other than that the world needs to shed some mouths to feed and that abortion’s an efficient way to do it?

Well, you need to know their weakness. Here is one:

They don’t normally want to be thought of as racist. Enlighten them with some of the statistics I listed earlier. And then remind them that Planned Parenthood kills more blacks in three normal days in America than the KKK killed in 86 years.

Then you say, “If you support that, you’re not only racist, but you’re a genocidal racist.” Then they’ll say that we can’t afford to feed all those black children, and blah, blah, blah.

You can follow up with a last thought, “So you agree with the KKK that those black babies should be killed.” Leave it at that. You won’t convince them, but you’ll have planted a seed. Chances are, that fact alone might help them rethink their social programming. We’re not going to fix the soul of America in 3 days, but if we don’t look for new ways to attack this plague, we will never fix it.

It was once said, "If Slavery is not wrong, then nothing is." Well today I want to leave you with this. Using this idea of Social Justice, "If abortion, the Killing of an innocent, helpless and voiceless child, is not wrong, then nothing is."

It is up to you in this room to pick up the mantel and the fight. The country needs you to fight for what is right in the biblical sense- but not as determined by man corrupted by the pleasures of flesh seeking a life that’s free of consequence. Life is precious, and anyone who rationalizes the extinguishing of the life of an unborn child should realize that he’s doing so with the arguments of Satan.

There’s nothing in the Bible that justifies killing a baby.

Thank you. Have a wonderful night and May God’s Holy fire reign Down upon you tonight, consume you and motivate you to fill your Kingdom with Purpose.

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