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By Kevin McGary

Progressives started a campaign, “Say Their Names,” ostensibly to honor the lives and legacies of those who lost their lives at the hands of police due to violence or brutality. This plan helps ensure the stories of victims are maintained and integrated into demands for change and justice. Progressives hope the campaign will help spotlight instances of violence and brutality and fight for justice. Notably, this campaign has been effective in bringing persistent attention to past cases of purported injustices.

Since “say their name” campaigns effectively arouse constant attention to past injustices, let’s also keep watch on the evil racists who precipitated slavery! Progressives should be delighted to fight for justice by a “say their name” campaign that distinctly confirms White supremacist factions wholly responsible for hateful, bigoted violence and the brutalities of slavery. Since slavery was the ultimate injustice and principal evil in American history, we should be pretty motivated to “say the name” of the principals behind it.

So, let’s “say the name” of those the diabolical proud slave owners (in the 1800s) whose like-minded judges ruled for segregation and against Black rights in cases like Dred Scott,” Plessy v. Ferguson, and those affirming “Jim Crow” like Meade v. Dennistone (Md. 1938). Let’s “say the name” of those who loathed Blacks so much, they started the KKK as a militia to rape, maim, set aflame and lynch newly emancipated Blacks. Let’s “say the name” of those who hated Blacks so much they pledged to life-long “segregate” away from Blacks. Let’s “say the name” of those who hated Blacks so much they quickly joined forces with eugenicists and conspired to “exterminate” Blacks to maximize the Aryan race…

Let’s finally and emphatically “SAY THEIR NAME!”: D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T!

Please note: Contrary to the assertions from race hustlers and CRT propagandists, there were more abolitionist Whites than there were slave owners, so it is a grievous lie to assert all “Whites” were complicit in White supremacy and slavery. Notwithstanding propagandist prevaricators, historical facts confirm the Democrat faction alone supplied the evil culprits complicit with White supremacy and grotesque acts of racism.

The primary offender, slavery, is not the only notable gross injustice that needs to be clearly spelled out. “Mass incarceration” is another gross injustice often mentioned by Progressives, and yet, just as with slavery, the primary instigator of mass incarceration is somehow never mentioned! Why not? As mass incarceration is a horrible injustice, we can borrow from the Progressive playbook to identify the instigator(s) and “say their name!”

  • We should “say the name” of the ones who proudly beat their chests while insinuating urban Blacks as being wholly characteristic of “urban jungles.”

  • We should “say the name” of the one(s) who with great pomp and ceremony wrote the legislative terms in the 1994 crime bill and proudly ran for all higher offices (including the White House) on the backs of Black urban poor who are now incarcerated 25 years to life (for what today we call “minor offenses”) because of that abhorrent crime bill.

  • We should “say the name” of the one who has not lifted a finger to correct one iota of the wretched crime bill in order to fix the legislation or correct the wrongs of wrecked lives of those (and/or of their respective families) who have suffered greatly as a result.

In the spirit of the Progressive’s campaign for justice, let’s “SAY THE NAME” of the truly abhorrent person who has mercilessly encouraged and then duplicitously preyed on Black plight via mass incarceration:

J-O-E B-I-D-E-N!

The Progressive “say their name” campaign has already demonstrated it can be used as a powerful tool for reminding us of violent and brutal past incidents, keeping us vigilant about redoubling our effort to pursue justice now and in the future! We at EBLM say, okay! In the same vein, let’s stay consistent about reminding ourselves of the violent and brutal history of White supremacy and racist hate using the “say their name” campaign – it can indeed be a powerful tool for never forgetting who the actual culprits were (instead of generalizing blame on all “Whites”) and allowing us to ask for appropriate levels of reparations (if any) from the exact culprits!

Additionally, our “say their name” campaign (in relation to mass incarceration) allows us to demand an immediate apology and correction from the one highly placed person who currently has the power and authority to correct his evil deeds caused by his 1994 mass incarceration bill. He is the culprit, and he can correct it.

So, yes, let’s all agree to “SAY THEIR NAME!!”

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About Kevin

Co-Founder, Every Black Life Matters

Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation of California

Executive, Douglass Leadership Institute (in CA)

Kevin's latest books include: The War On Women From “The Root” to “The Fruit!”: Which Side Are You On? and Justly Justice: Social Justice, Racial Justice, Human Rights…Done!


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